Pearl Jam Deprogrammed: Live Compilation Albums

In this episode, we’re going to do something a little different. Back in December of 2020, we put together a little crossover podcast with a show called Deprogrammed. Deprogrammed is a show where every episode they take a different band and attempt to put together a top 10 starter kit as an introduction to get people into the band. What we did was take that concept and inject it with steroids. We took six passionate and well studied fans of the band and had them delve into the entire band’s discography in order to pick what they considered to be the 10 songs that define Pearl Jam fandom. The crew, dubbed the trashy six, is now back and ready to get you hyped for the live shows.

In this episode, we take five live compilations: Live On 2 Legs, Live On 10 Legs, Let’s Play Two, live renditions on the PJ20 Soundtrack and Touring Band 2000 and make an attempt to come up with 10 live tracks from these releases intended either to get people excited about the upcoming live shows, tell a story about their live history, or introduce first timers to what it’s like to see the band. Once again, it’s another struggle in order to come up with compromises, but isn’t that where the entertainment lies?

Thanks to Deprogrammed Podcast host Justin Wilson for yet again dealing with us insane Pearl Jam people. The six names you’ll get to hear in this episode are Live On 4 Legs hosts Randy Sobel and John Farrar, Curtis Hames, Patrick Boegel, Bradley Piasecki and Joey Goodsir.

Listen to the Episode: