Devo Series: “2022 Tour By The Numbers”

I have a gut feeling this is gonna be good… We haven’t done a DEVO episode in a long time, many of you who have joined recently have possibly never listened to one. Essentially the premise is that we devolve a bit and talk about things that we don’t usually cover anywhere else. A week before the tour starts, we want to hype you up and get excited for this. So we originally brought five songs each to the table where we’d ask the question how many times they’ll be played on this west coast run. However, the numbers got way too interesting and got us thinking a little bigger. Maybe some milestones? Enjoy the nice and lighthearted episode!

Devo Series: “Creating More Trilogies”

Hey we haven’t DEVO’d in a while. I’m sure some of you new people don’t even know what a DEVO is. It’s nothing. It’s practically useless 90% of the time. This is useless, but if you ever need to create a setlist full of trilogies, I guess we have you covered. We create a definitive list of trilogies. I don’t think we missed anything, but if we did, leave your comment down below and tell us how horrible of a job we did for not thinking of three similar songs that can be grouped together. Or comment to say hi. Yeah, say hi…

Devo Series: “Studio Production”

We devolve here to talk about the studio recordings of songs that we enjoy and what makes them so unique, The sound, the mixes, the recording process. Everything is up for discussion here. Matt is here too so we have the professional musicians opinion. Also, stay until the end of the episode for some hot takes if you want to hear some clips that were left off the Hawaii episode this week! Keep your eye out for more episodes to drop! Looking to record 1-2 a month just for the Patreon people. We thank you for your dedication to this podcast, you help throughout the last year has kept this podcast going.

Devo Series: “Re…Deprogrammed?”

Have you had your fill of Deprogrammed episodes yet? Because apparently we haven’t! Because it’s time to do another version of our insane Deprogrammed series and this is to determine the Top 10 songs of the forgotten songs… not the trash, they weren’t even good enough to go into the dumpster. So out of 47 songs, John andI pick 15 a piece to see where songs will fit into our ultra scientific top 173 list… From positions 127-136… yes, it’s come to this. No… it did not have to. So enjoy that maybe, but definitely stick around to check out clips of our interview with Jason Leung that didn’t make the Saskatoon episode at the end! Also, if you want to contribute some options to our next DEVO that we’ll do, we’re looking to score a film solely with Pearl Jam music. So pick a popular movie that everyone has seen and we’ll see if we can properly select the right songs for it! That’s what the comment section is for folks, have at it!

Devo Series: “Best Episodes Of 2020”

So I know we released kind of a clip show/best of episode a week or so ago, but we thought it would be a great idea to release this idea as a Devo ep. We’re gonna talk about some of our favorite episodes this year from the regular show selection. If you’ve been a fan of this podcast for a short amount of time and are looking to go back and find the best of the past episodes to listen to, this is a really good start. And for some of you, an episodes you were featured on may have been mentioned! What was your favorite Live On 4 Legs episode in 2020? Comment down below, show some love!

Devo Series: “Binaural Retracking + Bonus Clips”

Hello fellow human friends. We had some time to record a new DEVO episode this week before you are crushed with Deprogrammed episodes and holiday stuff, so since we covered Toronto and the Binaural album show, we decided to take a shot at retracking the Binaural record to our best ability. Who did the better job at retracking the album? comment below! Also, a little bonus because it’s the holiday and everything, we had some clips that were left off the last month and a half of episodes that were sitting around collecting dust so we figured this would be a good time to share some bonus clips with you all. Enjoy, and hope to see you at the holiday party tomorrow!

Devo Series: “What if PJ had made an album in 1995 [BONUS AUDIO]”

As promised, here is the complete audio of the album we put together on today’s DEVO episode. If you haven’t heard it, go listen to that first then come back to this. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

1. Open Road (Phoenix 9/13/95)

2. All Night (Lost Dogs)

3. Brain of J (Salt Lake City 11/2/95)

4. Words Seem Out Of Place (Melbourne 3/17/95)

5. I Got Id (Merkinball)

6. The Price of Everything (Seattle 2/6/95)

7. Habit (No Code)

8. Falling Down (Red Rocks 6/20/95)

9. Lukin (No Code)

10. Hard to Imagine (Lost Dogs)

11. Sunburn (Rarities/Unreleased Cuts)

12. False Delivery/I Don’t Know About the Future (Tokyo 2/20/95)

13. Long Road (Merkinball)

Devo Series: “What if PJ had made an album in 1995?”

In this bonus episode, we talk about what would have happened, hypothetically, if the band had been inspired to put out an album in 1995 in between Vitalogy and No Code…new material was coming fast and furious, some of it never saw the light of day, others maybe only played once and then forgotten. John collected all of this into a 13-song album and reveals it to Randy one song at a time; some songs you’ll definitely recognize, others you might never have heard before! Plus, we also kind of write a movie script along with it? This one goes deep and gets super nerdy, give it a listen and let us know what you think! We’ll post the entire album audio later today, so be on the lookout for that as well! Thanks everyone!

Devo Series: “Fantasy Compilation Album”

Hi, new edition of Devo here where we basically get to fuck around and not be so serious about the band. This week we’ve decided to put together a compilation album featuring incredibly random artists, current and past, and what they would cover if included on a Pearl Jam tribute album. What would artists from all over the spectrum such as R.E.M, Taylor Swift, Tool and even Limp Bizkit cover if they got a chance to do a Pearl Jam song? 14 bands, 14 choices. Check out what we decided and feel free to make arguments for your choices below!

Devo Series: “Randy & John’s Top 25-16 Favorite Songs”

Everyone likes lists. For some reason we’ve never gotten to what might be one of the most important personal lists to us and that’s our favorite songs of all time. We decided to keep it to the Top 25 and since this needs to be suspenseful, we’ll release these episodes in 3 pieces. So we kick it off counting down from 25-16 and we’ll do it again next week from 15-6 and then finally our Top 5. If you’d like to share your Top 5 with us, let us know down in the comments and we’ll share it on our episode.
Also – extra clips left off the Marseille episode. We get pissed at Matt because his opinion on Fuckin Up is absolutely awful, and even more Dirty Frank discussion. If you listen to this episode, give this post a like to let us know!

Devo Series: “Creating Pearl Jam’s Rock Band Songs”

Back in the late 2000’s, one of the biggest crazes in the video game world were the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. You may not have known this, but at the tail end of the game’s popularity they were set to release a Pearl Jam version of Rock Band in the same way they did one for The Beatles, Aerosmith, Metallica, etc. Since interest in the game died down, the idea was shelved and never came to fruition. In this little experiment, we try to create what our own personal game’s set list would look like and how to tell the story of Pearl Jam throughout it. Also! For those of you who liked the Berlin episode, we have lots of extra clips that were left off that we feature at the end of this show. Enjoy it all!

Devo Series: “Gigaton Hopes”

A little extra episode since we haven’t had one in a few weeks. In this show we take all of the information out there about the Gigaton record and pick our Top 3 we’re most excited for based off of that. And we share some extra clips that just missed this week’s Budapest episode.

Devo Series: “Mock Fantasy Draft”

Hello all! This episode of Devo is for all of you who are participating in the fantasy league. John and I do a mock draft of how the first 3 rounds should normally go, what picks make sense where, and other dos and don’ts. For those of you who drafted already, we pick our early favorites in some of the leagues! That, and one or two extra clips from this week’s episode. Stay tuned until the end of the episode for a preview of what’s coming on next week’s show!

Devo Series: “Choosing a Covers Album”

Hey! time for some extra content! in this episode John and Randy create their own album track listings featuring their favorite covers that the band has performed in the past. Check out what they picked for their list and comment below on what some of your favorite covers to make your album are! Stay tuned until the end where we’ll have extra content from this week’s Sydney show that just missed the cut!

Devo Series: “Creating a Set List from Ten Songs”

Randy and John take 13 minutes of your time that you’ll never get back by arguing about the set lists they’ve created by using songs from Ten with one additional Ten-era option to select. There are no winners and losers, only participants!