Setlist Draft April 2021: Binaural Tour Edition

Hey everybody now! Brand new setlist draft ready for April. A few months back we drafted sets based off of the Yield tour and in this month’s edition we’re gonna give the Binaural tour a try. Competing for the first time are Dani King, Michael Jonsson and Nick Smith.

Setlist Draft March 2021

This month’s draft we go back to a format we used in the beginning of the year, but we add a little twist to it. We’re back to best available song where instead of drafting in setlist order, we draft more conventionally in the way fantasy football is set up. Best songs are gonna be gobbled up first, and then it’s picking the b-sides and deep cuts for the end. The twist in this draft is that our competitors are tasked to create a pre-set in their setlist in the same fashion that Mansfield, The Gorge, Red Rocks and Telluride were all performed. It will be 8 pre-set songs, 16 main set, 6 in encore 1 and 4 in encore 2. Let us know who you think has the best set!

Setlist Draft February 2021

Oh boy, we’ve done it this time. We’ve been experimenting around with the setlist draft lately and now we’ve hit peak entertainment. February’s draft is what we’ll call a Yankee Swap draft. The difference here is that everyone created their setlist ahead of time, which means that people are gonna likely pick the same songs. If a song gets picked, that means it is off the board entirely, which means who ever had it in their set but didn’t get a chance to pick it will not be allowed to take it. That’s the basis of the episode, there are more rules so tune in to find out how this crazy chaos went down. Participating in this one is myself after tying the other Randy for the win in the January draft, Anita Stelmashuk of Grunge Magzine, Matt Behan and former LO4L host and pioneer Matt Helbig. It’s lengthy, but definitely worth your listen!

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Setlist Draft January 2021

The monthly tradition lives on! This month we drafted in a brand new format that might be the most exciting we’ve done thus far. Instead of drafting from start to finish (or if you listened to December’s show, from finish to start) we drafted this month based on fantasy football rules, so best song available. After everyone picks they’ll create a 30 song setlist in any order that they please. The results are interesting, the drama is prominent. Check this one out if you love the these drafts!

Setlist Draft December 2020: Drafting Backwards

olleh dna emoclew ot rehtona noitide fo eht tsiltes tfard! Does that look weird to you? Well it should! Because in December’s setlist draft we took a backwards ass approach to coming up with sets.. literally! Instead of opening at number 1 like every normal draft, we begin at the absolute bottom. Song #30, the closer song is the first pick as the drafters work their way upwards through the 2nd encore, the 1st and then all the way through the main set finish up on the song they open with! Competing in this upside down version of the draft from the host side will be John, and then joining him is Ryan Morden who pitched the backwards draft idea, Randy Morgan drafting for the first time and our reigning champion Tom Gregory looking to defend his title. Check out the contest, tomorrow there will be a poll up where you can vote for your favorite setlist and the winner will go on to compete in next month’s draft! Enjoy, and if you want to participate, please let us know and we’ll put you on the list for a future episode!

Setlist Draft November 2020

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our monthly traditional where we take 4 uber Pearl Jam fans and make them fight to the death over songs they like. This was a good one as we had a returning champion, 2 newcomers and a host duke it out to create the best of what would be a Gigaton era set. But of course to keep it interesting, we had some new challenges and rules to adhere to. In this episode, everyone had 2 of these 4 albums blocked – Binaural, Riot Act, Avocado and Backspacer making it more like what a recent show may look like and avoiding using some popular deep cuts as crutches. We also were limited to a maximum of 1 No Code song per set. The challenges you give man… Joining us for this episode will be champion from the 1998 setlist draft Gabe Spece, Kevin Murray, Tom Gregory and some dude who types these blurbs. Check out the episode! Obrigado!

Setlist Draft October 2020: Bridge School Edition

Hello patrons! This month’s setlist draft is a little different, we’re drafting an acoustic show that the band would have played at the Bridge School in 2020. John is joined by Matt Thompson, Deb McMurtrey, Drew Vipond, and Patrick Boegel for a draft full of surprises…listen and let us know who you think had the best one!

Setlist Draft September 2020: Yield Tour Edition

Listen as Randy, Gabe, Matt, and Sean attempt to craft the perfect 1998 Yield tour setlist. Remember to vote for your favorite over the next few days! Will anyone take Last Kiss? Will Randy’s plans fall apart after his laptop almost did? Listen and find out!

Setlist Draft August 2020: Wrigley Edition

A little surprise for you all today. We usually post these setlist drafts over at our Patreon page, but for this month we decided to do something different. Since we had such a good month of Wrigley content in July, we wanted to follow that up by tailoring our setlist draft to be specific to Wrigley. So there are sets being drafted, however there are caveats. They MUST add a rain delay into their setlist. How will that all play out?

Setlist Draft July 2020: European Tour Edition

This month’s setlist draft features a few new voices that we’ve yet to hear from on a draft yet, and that’s because this is the battle for Europe! Four patrons representing four European countries will duke it out in the month that the band was supposed to play in some of their home countries (sorry Marty..) Our competitors this month are: Longtime LO4L patron Aurelien Moureaux will represent his home country of France, Luke Dalley will battle for the Brits and represent England, call it Holland or call it The Netherlands, either way Tom van Hemert will be representing that territory, and creating the only setlist that Scotland has seen in 20 years Marty Higgins will make his plea for the band to return. Setlist poll will be posted tomorrow so let us know who you think has the best chance to win one for their country!

Setlist Draft May 2020

It’s that time again! Every month we get a couple of patrons together to do a little project we like to call a setlist draft. The rules will pretty much be explained in the episode, but the objective is to draft songs in order of how you want your set to flow. Outside of Gigaton, once the song is taken, it’s off the board. Host Randy took the crown for April by the slimmest of margins and was challenged by three brand new competitors. Debra McMurtrey, a past guest of the show known for her journals of personal band stats, Brian Anderson a first timer and patron and Joey Goodsir who was featured on our Gigaton panel. Check out the show to see who you thought drafted the best setlist!

Setlist Draft April 2020: Gigaton Edition

We’re back with this month’s edition of our Set List draft series. Last time we drafted, it was prior to the release of Gigaton so we only had Dance, Superblood and River Cross to choose from. Now we have a full album arsenal of songs to use and we’ve changed up the game a little bit. The rules are as follows – Gigaton songs are available to be drafted by anyone and you must have a minimum of 7 songs from the album in your set and a max of 9. Alive is still a communal song, but we no longer have Black or the wildcard pick available to all of our contestants. There is still a minimum of one song per album that must be drafted, but you can only pick a max of 4 songs from any non-Gigaton album. Here are the four competitors this week: Our returning champion Chris Everett is back to defend his title. since John lost in March, Randy has returned to compete. And competing for the first time are founder Dave JanTausch and long-time patron Bradley Piasecki.

Setlist Draft March 2020

Round 2! We’re back with our second set list draft as John defends his championship against 3 hungry patron challengers! Up first, straight out of Florida but ain’t no Florida man – Eddie Quintana! From Las Vegas, he’s ready to make a few gambles in order to win – Dylan Sumpter! And finally, from John’s home state of Georgia competing in the competition of the most desperate attempt to get the band back to Atlanta – Chris Everett! Check out the episode and the set lists and let us know who you think won this battle! We’ll be putting up a poll for vote later today, the winner will be crowned champion and will be back to compete in April!

Setlist Draft December 2019

Have you ever tried to create your dream Pearl Jam set list that you’d love to hear some day? Have you ever tried to create it while 3 of your friends are battling with you to come up with the perfect set list? Well we did that in this episode! Randy and John are joined by Patron Patrick Boegel and host of the Better Band Podcast Branden Palomo as they draft their ultimate Pearl Jam set. The rules are as follows – every pick is a choice for that spot in the setlist, so unlike in fantasy sports where you pick the top player #1 overall, here you are selecting your opener as your first pick, so on and so forth. Once a song is taken, its off the board (outside for one free pass pick) For 18 songs in the first set, 7 in Encore 1 and 5 in Encore, we do our best to get in our favorite songs and a set list that flows together and is something we crave to see live. This week on our social media pages you’ll be able to vote for your favorite setlist, the winning setlist will get to pick a charity where the fans can donate in order to get an opportunity to win an original vinyl press of No Code! Stay tuned for that!