Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 18 – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 2013

This episode is a biggie! Back in 2013 around the release of the Lightning Bolt record, Late Night with Fallon decided to put together not just one performance to promote the record, but a full week featuring Pearl Jam and artists paying tribute to them. We’ll talk about all 5 performances from that week, including Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers doing Footsteps, Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes doing his take on Corduroy, Dirks Bentley accompanied by McCready and The Roots for Alive, and then to finish out the week, Pearl Jam stepped in to play both Sirens and Lightning Bolt. We’ll go through each performance and talk about the good, the bad, and the downright historic.

Gear Garage: Ep. 4 – Black Magic

Javier is back at it again and took on the daunting task of tackling Pearl Jam’s most vulnerable song. This episode is centered around Black. What Javier does is present where Mike and Stone connect and will talk a lot about the push and pull factor, where Mike let’s Stone’s guitar do the work until it’s time for him to find a heavy balance. Replicating the tone for this song was incredibly challenging, but our Guru will share with you how he was able to make that happen, which features an appearance of a guitar from the 1950’s. He nailed this guys. Check it out, and take in the deconstruction of this powerful song!

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 17 – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 2011

We have a bit of a jam packed episode for this Late Night show from Fallon in 2011. This is coming off the heels of a widely successful PJ20 festival and soon to be celebration of a 20-year anniversary movie, book and soundtrack. It was a good time to be a fan and the band was finally telling the story that we had all heard bits and pieces of in the past two decades prior.

So they go on Fallon to promote everything and decided as a gift to the fans, a new song was going to debut on television. But that song just so happened to be…. Ole. This is not necessarily a new topic around these parts, so we’ll clearly get into the conversation that needs to be had, plus how special it was that the band wanted to bring out something new here.

But that’s not all! They filmed three songs during that taping including All Night that would air the following night with The Roots accompanying them on backing vocals, and the first ever performance of Mother during the Pink Floyd tribute week.

But come on now… that’s not all. Because you see, there was a little problem in the Gulf Coast around that time where the BP oil spill caused major damage to the ocean. And that happened to create these little balls of tar that would bobble around in the water. So as a public service announcement, Eddie collaborated with Fallon to present a very special message to those who had planned to go swimming in the ocean. Find out more at 11.

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 16 – Saturday Night Live 2010

This is the fourth and final time to date that Pearl Jam has been the guest performers on Saturday Night Live. We all know that there are some legendary performances from Porch to Rearviewmirror and Not For You which have made their history at SNL so special, but midway through the Backspacer era it felt as though some of that magic couldn’t be replicated again. But with that being said, we have two performances of Just Breathe and Unthought Known here that will get to having a few good conversations about.

Also, Pearl Jam made an acting cameo in this show! In a skit that parodies a famous Twilight Zone episode, Pearl Jam makes an appearance with Bobby Moynihan. Find out what their bit role was as we’ll dig into it in this episode!

Evolution Series: #24 “Out Of My Mind”

Every year during our holiday party, we give you guys a special little treat and do an evolution on a lesser played song that had some significance on the tour this year. Enter: Out Of My Mind. Getting played for the 5th time overall and the first since Fenway in 2018, we thought it would be a cool tie in to get this as your holiday present. Of course the song starts out as an off the cuff improv in Atlanta 1994 which then has a life of it’s own when they put it as a b-side on the Not For You single. it went for 15 years without being played until the big night at the closing of the Spectrum in 2009. We’ll get into conversations on whether this song could’ve or should’ve been something more than it was, and how it might have worked on Vitalogy.

Evolution Series: #23 “Indifference”

Welcome to another Evolution episode! We’re gonna spend some time with Indifference for this one. We’ll trace the steps from the early days for a song that maybe wasn’t a stereotypical Pearl Jam 90s track, but happened to make an impact with crowds as a closer from the very beginning. But then a little song called Yellow Ledbetter comes to town and basically makes sure that Indifference is barely another option over the next handful of years. But the resurgence for this song comes within a little help from friend of the band Ben Harper! We’ll evolve through and discuss how his impact seemed to change the trajectory of the song to where it would turn from being a rival to Ledbetter, into co-op usage. It’s a good one! Enjoy!

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 15 – The Tonight Show 2009

In this Late Night Series episode, we’re talking about the pilot episode of the short lived time that Conan O’Brien hosted The Tonight Show. Conan had personally pegged Pearl Jam to be his first musical guest on the show, and to return the favor, the band gave his audience a taste of a brand new song that was set to be on Backspacer. We’ll talk a little bit about how that all came to be, and how Conan was robbed of his show by Jay Leno.

Gear Garage: Ep. 3 – Further Evolving Do The Evolution

Javier is back with a brand new Gear Garage episode! If you listened to the last Evolution Series episode on Do The Evolution, Javier will be using that to springboard different conversations about both Stone and Mike’s approach on the recording and live. Much credit to Javier who took his time on this carefully researching the right guitars to recreate the precise tone you hear the boys play. That’s why he is our Guru! It’s fascinating stuff, if you have a half hour to spend, do yourself a favor and tune in!

Evolution Series: #22 “Do The Evolution”

It’s back everyone! We have completed another thesis paper on the research of the entire live history of a song, and now it’s time to Do The Evolution’s Evolution…. BABY! To evolve Evolution is no easy task. Out of percentage of times a song has been played at a show since it’s debut, Evolution is actually in the highest percentile. 549 versions and so many stories to tell. So where do we start?

As always, songs have growing pains as they debut and Evolution certainly had some as well. When it can evolve into this incredibly intense driving anthem, it also has a tendency of taking the personality of a fun drunk guy at a party. Any way you slice it, this song elicits something from the crowd whenever it’s played. Singing, chanting and raising hands in the air – that’s always been it’s calling card and even those things will evolve into something more over time.

We’ll get into one of the most important versions at The Garden in 2003 when the stage shook, but we can’t do this episode without a heavy time allotment focusing on that special South American crowd. Especially Buenos Aires. The evolution of the crowd participation alone is worth the listen!

Check it out, and share your favorite version of Do The Evolution down in the comments!

Gear Garage: Ep. 2 – Deconstructing an Anthem (Pt. 1)

In episode 2 of the Gear Garage, our Guru breaks down three of Pearl Jam’s most anthemic songs – Alive, Corduroy and Given To Fly, and talks about how the band is able to translate very powerful studio album tracks into cathartic live anthems. It’s another fascinating example of Javier’s ability to read and recognize the sum of a song’s parts and narrowly focus on the different elements that make it special. Give this a listen!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 8 – Austin Night 2

Ladies and gentlemen, Pearl Jam fans, listeners of the podcast – It’s finally come down to this. An 8-show tour was never going to last forever, but the memories that this band has created throughout this stretch of shows has created a lifelong imprint in our minds and hearts. We’ve talked all tour about the band mixing up their setlists busting out songs from bygone eras and albums that never get the respect they deserve. That setlist management set the bar extremely high for the final night of the tour in Austin. But since so much has already been played, what was left for them to do?

Wash opener? Check.

One last ride with Gigaton? Perhaps Never Destination’s swan song. Check.

2000s album representation? Riot Act, 1/2 Full. Check. Avocado, Unemployable. Check.

More deep cuts, No Code? Habit, check. Who You Are, good lord… Check.

A semi-deep cut with local ties? Pelicans, check.

A new cover? Imagine, bleh.

Okay, how about Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Throwns? Land of 1,000 checks.

There were no lack of unforgettable moments that happened on this night. Once again, we invite Hallucinogenic Recipe co-host Patrick Boegel along with Patron Eddie Quintana to share their instant reaction analysis. We’ll talk about the tone that was set with Ed doing Throw Your Arms Around Me in the pre-set, the power of songs like Black and Rearviewmirror, the many surprises as mentioned above and most importantly, the end of the Gigaton tour with a new album on the horizon.

We’ll also pay tribute to a dear friend who couldn’t get a fair shake this tour. We must seek justice.

Thank you all for tuning into these reaction episodes. We wanted them to feel like you were getting the best and most detailed analysis of what was happening right before our eyes and the only way to do that was to involve the folks who lived it all to share it all. Thank you for the many of you who signed up to Patreon for this very reason. We hope you all can stay around for a while!

This was a legendary tour. I’m just glad that we all got to be a part of it!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 7 – Austin Night 1

Our last stop of the tour is for two nights down in Austin, and night 1 had no lack of memorable moments. We talk to Patrick Boegel and friends from site only minutes after the show ended to get their take on how it all went down. From a Vitalogy heavy night, to two Riot Act tour debuts, to the inconceivable Out Of My Mind making it’s return for the 5th time, this conversation will cover everything from top to bottom.

And once again our saga continues with our friends Will and Jo… is the third time a charm? Did they get to enjoy Outback Steakhouse yet? The suspense must be killing you! Tune in to find out the answers to all of the tough questions.

One more show tomorrow. If only this could last forever…

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 6 – Ft. Worth Night 2

With Matt back on the team tonight, the moment was ripe for there to be a memorable night 2 show in North Texas. We got another bevy of tour debuts from songs that some people maybe NEVER expected to be played again, and plenty of amazing moments involving fan interactions. Anthony from Touring Fan Live was on site yet again to help us break it all down with a cast of characters that had a blast. Including our returning New Zealand friends. Have they tried Outback yet?! You best bet they get asked about that!

I promise that there will not be a lot of complaining from yours truly. Yes, most of you that are in the know understand that the reason why I had planned to go to these shows circled around one singular song that was played this evening. Covid can seriously go fuck itself. When this band goes out on tour next year, we all need to write a letter to the 10 Club to ask if they can make Brain Of J happen at a show we’re all at together. For real, I need to hear this song before this all goes away. Just once. But yeah, not a lot of complaining, I promise!

There are a few audio issues sprinkled throughout, they are manageable, but I just wanted to make you all aware that this was unfortunately the hand we were dealt with. And of course, it was all on my end. What a fucking night, right? Enjoy the coverage.

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 5 – Ft. Worth Night 1

A newsworthy show took place down in Ft. Worth, Texas last night as for the second year in a row, Matt Cameron is sidelined by Covid and Josh Klinghoffer jumps in to replace him. Randy joins John from the Live On 4 Legs headquarters as he also sat out Ft. Worth due to his own Covid diagnosis, but we have Anthony Krysiewicz from Touring Fan Live joined by friends of the community direct from site to share their full reaction to the show. They’ll rundown the set, shared where Josh excelled and struggled, talk heavy Yield and no Gigaton songs, and a random appearance from Cat Woman.

We’ll also discuss some of Ed’s cryptic phrasing at the end of the show that may cast doubt on a second show happening Friday night.

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 14 – Rock Of Honors 2008

In this episode of the Late Night Series we’ll dig into two performances honoring the band the Ed grew up idolizing as a teenager, The Who. For a brief time in the early 2000s, VH1 put together a concert honoring some of the best rock bands in history. Influenced artists would be invited to play their favorite songs, in which this case Pearl Jam broke out two Quadrophenia favorites – Love Reign O’er Me and The Real Me. In this episode we’ll talk about Dwight Schrute, Boom not being invited, a brass section and the most perfect guitar smash of all time.

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 4 – Chicago Night 2

Randy (again live from the United Center) and John break down everything that happened on night 2 in Chicago right after the show ended. An emotional Come Back, Present Tense, the returns of Tremor Christ, Green Disease, and Marker in the Sand, Chris Chelios getting his jersey in the rafters, and a hell of a lot of songs from Ten! Lots of guests on this one, thanks everybody!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 3 – Chicago Night 1

Randy (live from the United Center) and John go live immediately after the show to discuss an epic night in Chicago, from Release to Corduroy, Light Years to In My Tree, RVM for Frans, and all the stories and sounds from one that will be hard to top. Thanks to all our special guests for joining in!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 2 – St. Paul Night 2

Our first double show run is complete! Let’s look at night 2 from St. Paul and see what the LO4L Faithfull thought. A bold statement was made from our own Patrick Boegel – this was the best main set that he’s seen since 2006. There’s a lot of weight to that statement, and we asked some of our friends on site if they agreed. The answers and the story of the experiences shared here are very interesting to break down.

We have a ton of stories from the GA and rail, and yet again our good friend Mar got to connect with a band member for the second night in a row. From big moments such as the Brain Damage intro into I Am Mine, Purple Rain to close the show and a song from every album played, we’ll learn what everyone’s favorite moments were here. See you in Chicago!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 1 – St. Paul Night 1

Well now, we’ve got one show under our belt and plenty to discuss here! Randy and John are joined by correspondent and Patron Kirk Walton and friends live on site in the Twin Cities to react to everything that went down on a very memorable night one. We’ll get the reaction to the improbable opener of Indifference, the stories and emotion that Ed displayed during powerful performances of Wildflowers and Love Boat Captain (dedicated to Maui) and big moments such as the return of Insignificance after 7 years of absence! We’ll also get to hear how two fans with sequin jackets got to be a part of the show, and how Ed recognized a sign held by our Patron, Mar Vigil. Enjoy the first episode! 1 down, 8 to go!

Gear Garage: Ep. 1 – Deconstructing Avocado (Pt. 1)

LO4L Patrons, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the first episode in a brand new series featuring the Gear Guru Javier Hervas’ very own show! He’ll take you inside his Gear Garage and go through some of his favorite aspects of songs and break down how the band created the recognizable tones you’ve grown to love.

In the Pilate episode, Javier will be deconstructing the Avocado record, or as we like to say around here – the JAVocado record! Join him as he’ll isolate the guitars on Life Wasted, Army Reserve and Come Back to show you guys some of the band’s thought processes on the record. Give us a holler, if you enjoyed this and would like to see more, shoot Javier a comment down below!