Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 11 – Seattle Night 2

The west coast leg of the Dark Matter tour has been completed, and we went out with a bang! The hometown crowd experienced something special tonight with all eyes on the band thanks to a streaming performance on Sirius. And they came out HOT! Black as an opener for the first time since CBGB’s in 1991! Immortality early on. Come Back, Pilate and In My Tree holding down the fort. HURT?!?!? Yeah. Kitchen sink kind of shit.

Coming into this show we were presented with some news that will change the landscape of this country, if not this world. Knowing the band and what they stand for, they were not going to leave home without addressing it, and boy did they ever. Ed makes an impassioned speech about unity and ending division without mentioning anyone by name, and the message received is that we are all humans who have the same basic needs, and we need to recognize that and get back to standing up for one another instead of standing up for politicians. Love Boat Captain was the message sent this night, because all you need is love.

The entire crew is back to express their thoughts and share their happiness after a wonderful week in Seattle.

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 10 – Seattle Night 1

Live directly from the Climate Pledge Arena in the very city that birthed a little band called Mookie Blaylock, the Live On 4 Legs community got together to talk about what was an amazing first night of a hometown stay! So many surprises happened on this night and everything impressed the masses. For starters, seemingly hands down the most emotional moment of the night came within a tribute to Bill Walton that followed with a heartbreaking performance of Man Of The Hour. If that was it, that would be a pretty solid show. Buttttt…

What else is there to say? Thin Air, I Am Mine tour debut, an absolutely mind blowing version of Waiting For Stevie, Satan’s Bed, Rearviewmirror, River Cross, Deep, and then of course the grand finale featuring a version of All Along The Watchtower with Deep Sea Diver and a massive surprise mixing in Little Wing with Ledbetter. This was absolutely to die for.

We’ll speak with our friends including 9-year old Coda Capps who had a TWICE in a lifetime experience this night, our buddy McRib gives us an exciting update on his Felicity’s Surprise sign, we get possibly the greatest combo in this podcast’s history where Javier talks gear with Josh Arroyo, and thoughts and reactions from our friends from all around the world. If there’s anything this night proved, it’s that it would be nearly impossible to top!

Thursday? Can’t wait!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 9 – Bottlerock Festival

Last night the band played their lone festival show of this west coast run in wine country out in Napa, California! with stricter time restraints, we only got a 2 hour set, but there were still some notable moments to make note of. For the first time in the band’s history, Lukin was used as the opener! We got a throw back to the Bridge School shows when Ed dedicated Last Kiss to Marikor, and a surprise guest appeared as Bradley Cooper joined Ed on stage to play Maybe It’s Time.

We chat with Amy, Mar and friends out on site to get their first hand experience of this one. See you in a few days where we’ll be coming to you LIVE from Seattle!!!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 8 – Los Angeles Night 2

Tuesday’s night 1 show featured a fun setlist alongside an energetic crowd. How could night 2 live up to that? How about having a fun setlist alongside an energetic crowd? Last night’s show kicked off with an audible as Footsteps was cut from the set in favor of a highly emotional Long Road. How often have we seen Ed stop the band to share something on his mind mid-song in the opener? He pauses for a second to pay tribute to his Uncle John who had passed away 10 years ago yesterday.

Speaking of yesterdays, one of the big talking points of the night are three songs played in the middle of the main set representing Yield – Untitled, MFC and All Those Yesterdays. What was the level of excitement for those songs in a bit of a shock moment? Mike Mcrib, Lori and Becky join us from outside of the Forum to give their insight on everything that happened here, including an update on the Felicity’s Surprise sign. Also, hear the outcome from a Twitter comment gone wrong in reference to Go. See you back for the wine festival on Saturday! And then, it’s off to the motherland!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 7 – Los Angeles Night 1

As the tour keeps moving forward, the band keeps finding a groove here and start to add more songs to the mix. This night brought us 10 tour debuts, including more Vs. songs! Rearviewmirror featured Andrew Watt on guitar and Leash in the encore was a very welcome addition. But also we were greeted with the first two Backspacer songs of the tour, an Oceans opener, In My Tree, Save You and for some reason they waited until the seventh show to play State Of Love And Trust!

Mcrib is back to assess all of what he saw from this night where we’ll talk about sign confiscation, and how some signs that weren’t confiscated became very important plot points of the show. Of course there was more Harrison Butker trolling, but an emotional dedication to a fan named Michele who passed away a week ago was a headlining moment as Faithfull had a redemption from the last time played in Sacramento. Enjoy this one, and we’ll see you tomorrow night!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 6 – Las Vegas Night 2

Pearl Jam threw us some curveballs during their second and final night in Vegas. We have been talking so much about how those first four album songs in the set had been such a staple so far that we wondered if they’d end up breaking from that. We got a hint of it at night 1 swapping Daughter with Dark Matter, but tonight showed that they are more than comfortable maneuvering things around in the set. No Scared Of Fear, no Upper Hand and no Waiting For Stevie, but Won’t Tell and Something Special get tossed back into the fold.

This was also a good night for rarities, and that was apparent when the began the night with Of The Girl. Adding Severed Hand, Out Of My Mind, Spin The Black Circle and for the first time in 59 shows, You Are returned to a set. This setlist has a little bit of everything, and the interactions at this show are some great talking points too. We’ll hear from our crew out on site led by Joey Goodsir and get their reaction to everything they witnessed!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 5 – Las Vegas Night 1

After the Sacramento show we were all wondering if the band was ready to take the next step within their setlist curation and add some old favorites into the fold. While Vs. still hasn’t seen more than two songs get played (Binaural now at three), a lot of crowd favorites were brought into the fold. Hard To Imagine, Hail, Hail, Tremor Christ, Breakerfall on the Binaural birthday, Inside Job. Even Eddie breaking out a cover of Maybe It’s Time from the Star Is Born soundtrack. As Joey will say in the episode, this had the feeling of a set that Ed would write at 4 am.

We’ll speak to our crew on site featuring Joey Goodsir, Mike Cribier, Ned Lally and Jeff Tracy to get their instant reaction takes, and we’ll be back Sunday morning to cap off a crazy weekend in Sin City!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 4 – Sacramento

We’re in the thick of it! The tour continues onward through Northern California with this stop in Sacramento. We’ll hear from our friends from site today led by Ned Lally, and we’ll get into a lot about the energy in the building that made this a great experience. We’ll touch up on the Light Years dedication, Picture In A Frame, the confounding lack of Vs. songs, the Faithfull debacle and much more!

It’ll be a beautiful weekend in Vegas, so let’s play two!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 3 – Portland

Last night we rocked Portland! Show #3 of the Dark Matter tour is in the books, and we got a fun Friday night out of it. The big question on everyone’s mind was when will they debut Waiting For Stevie, and even though it’s the namesake’s birthday on Monday where they’ll be in Sacramento, it seems like they didn’t want to wait at all. How about a little left turn at the end of the set? A mixed up Mamasan with Footsteps FOLLOWING Alive can certainly be considered at the first true ‘holy shit’ moment so far.

We got our friends that stuck around after the show here to recap everything – Mike, Lori, Amy, Mar and Jennifer, and they’ll zip up and down the setlist to talk about what they loved from this one. Until Sacramento!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 2 – Vancouver Night 2

The first two nights in Vancouver have been completed and now we have an idea of the structure moving forward on this Dark Matter tour. Jason from Edmonton will join us from site to talk about his vantage point as well as some of the moments that stuck out to him, maybe even a few on his wishlist that he didn’t get. But here’s how we stand right now – ten of the eleven Dark Matter songs have now been featured with the only one left very shockingly is Waiting For Stevie. We’ll tap into that and compare this with the first show while looking forward to Friday’s show in Portland.

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 1 – Vancouver Night 1

Wellllll we finally have our first Pearl Jam show of the Dark Matter era! Lot’s to talk about here. We heard NINE of the eleven tracks from the album, and spoiler alert, but they absolutely delivered. We also got to see the usage of a brand new screen that presented a cool experience unseen in 30+ years of Pearl Jam.

We’ll talk about all of the new songs, including the major tease of the full album being played, holding out until the 5th song til play anything from it, a brand new show closer and a surprise appearance of Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns. Mar, Margaret and Kiley join us to discuss what they heard from this show!

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Gear Garage: Ep. 5 – In All Of This Dark Matter

With new music set to come out very soon, Javier is eager to dig into all of the songs and find out what makes them whole. First up is the first single. Javier goes to lengths to piece together Dark Matter. He’ll go through the stark differences between the ER-1 and Mobius Tremolo and how each counteract with one another during the song.

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 20 – Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Ladies and Gentlemen, after two and a half years we have finally made it across the finish line with this damn series! Our final episode may be considered one of the most important as it features the entire portion of Pearl Jam getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. From the incredible David Letterman introduction that wraps a bow around our series and some of the most important stories, to the band’s speeches and performances. Say what you want about the idea of the Rock Hall, but this was in fact a very special moment for this group of guys.

While this may be the final episode, for now, we’re hoping that Dark Matter can soon be represented on a late night show, whether it be Fallon, Colbert, SNL or otherwise. If or when they do, we’ll add another one to the list!

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 19 – Late Show With Stephen Colbert 2015

It’s our penultimate episode in our series that has focused on every single television performance the Pearl Jam has been a part of. For this one we go back to 2015, a bit of a slow year outside of South America shows, but the one show played in the states was the Global Citizen’s Festival. Pearl Jam headlined the event featuring a list of artists a bit unusual for them to play with (Beyonce, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran) and in promotion of that, they were guests on Stephen Colbert’s new gig on the Late Show that he’d only been doing for two weeks to that point.

We’ll talk about the choice to play Mind Your Manners at a time where maybe they could have been doing something fresher (I make a great suggestion and I’ll stick by it), the weird interview with the band where they didn’t even have to answer most of the questions, and then a really fun performance of Rockin’ In The Free World where Colbert offers up his chops and is the happiest man on the planet in that moment.

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 18 – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 2013

This episode is a biggie! Back in 2013 around the release of the Lightning Bolt record, Late Night with Fallon decided to put together not just one performance to promote the record, but a full week featuring Pearl Jam and artists paying tribute to them. We’ll talk about all 5 performances from that week, including Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers doing Footsteps, Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes doing his take on Corduroy, Dirks Bentley accompanied by McCready and The Roots for Alive, and then to finish out the week, Pearl Jam stepped in to play both Sirens and Lightning Bolt. We’ll go through each performance and talk about the good, the bad, and the downright historic.

Gear Garage: Ep. 4 – Black Magic

Javier is back at it again and took on the daunting task of tackling Pearl Jam’s most vulnerable song. This episode is centered around Black. What Javier does is present where Mike and Stone connect and will talk a lot about the push and pull factor, where Mike let’s Stone’s guitar do the work until it’s time for him to find a heavy balance. Replicating the tone for this song was incredibly challenging, but our Guru will share with you how he was able to make that happen, which features an appearance of a guitar from the 1950’s. He nailed this guys. Check it out, and take in the deconstruction of this powerful song!

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 17 – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 2011

We have a bit of a jam packed episode for this Late Night show from Fallon in 2011. This is coming off the heels of a widely successful PJ20 festival and soon to be celebration of a 20-year anniversary movie, book and soundtrack. It was a good time to be a fan and the band was finally telling the story that we had all heard bits and pieces of in the past two decades prior.

So they go on Fallon to promote everything and decided as a gift to the fans, a new song was going to debut on television. But that song just so happened to be…. Ole. This is not necessarily a new topic around these parts, so we’ll clearly get into the conversation that needs to be had, plus how special it was that the band wanted to bring out something new here.

But that’s not all! They filmed three songs during that taping including All Night that would air the following night with The Roots accompanying them on backing vocals, and the first ever performance of Mother during the Pink Floyd tribute week.

But come on now… that’s not all. Because you see, there was a little problem in the Gulf Coast around that time where the BP oil spill caused major damage to the ocean. And that happened to create these little balls of tar that would bobble around in the water. So as a public service announcement, Eddie collaborated with Fallon to present a very special message to those who had planned to go swimming in the ocean. Find out more at 11.

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 16 – Saturday Night Live 2010

This is the fourth and final time to date that Pearl Jam has been the guest performers on Saturday Night Live. We all know that there are some legendary performances from Porch to Rearviewmirror and Not For You which have made their history at SNL so special, but midway through the Backspacer era it felt as though some of that magic couldn’t be replicated again. But with that being said, we have two performances of Just Breathe and Unthought Known here that will get to having a few good conversations about.

Also, Pearl Jam made an acting cameo in this show! In a skit that parodies a famous Twilight Zone episode, Pearl Jam makes an appearance with Bobby Moynihan. Find out what their bit role was as we’ll dig into it in this episode!

Evolution Series: #24 “Out Of My Mind”

Every year during our holiday party, we give you guys a special little treat and do an evolution on a lesser played song that had some significance on the tour this year. Enter: Out Of My Mind. Getting played for the 5th time overall and the first since Fenway in 2018, we thought it would be a cool tie in to get this as your holiday present. Of course the song starts out as an off the cuff improv in Atlanta 1994 which then has a life of it’s own when they put it as a b-side on the Not For You single. it went for 15 years without being played until the big night at the closing of the Spectrum in 2009. We’ll get into conversations on whether this song could’ve or should’ve been something more than it was, and how it might have worked on Vitalogy.

Evolution Series: #23 “Indifference”

Welcome to another Evolution episode! We’re gonna spend some time with Indifference for this one. We’ll trace the steps from the early days for a song that maybe wasn’t a stereotypical Pearl Jam 90s track, but happened to make an impact with crowds as a closer from the very beginning. But then a little song called Yellow Ledbetter comes to town and basically makes sure that Indifference is barely another option over the next handful of years. But the resurgence for this song comes within a little help from friend of the band Ben Harper! We’ll evolve through and discuss how his impact seemed to change the trajectory of the song to where it would turn from being a rival to Ledbetter, into co-op usage. It’s a good one! Enjoy!