Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 13 – Werchter

We’d all circled this one when the tour was announced…June 30th. How would the band acknowledge what happened 22 years ago at Roskilde? They took the stage late in the evening and opened with back-to-back covers for the first time in nearly 30 years. John is joined by Dave JanTausch from to break down everything that happened at Rock Werchter 2022. We’ll talk about the politics of playing Whipping and Daughter, Ed’s speech before Long Road and the moment of silence that preceded it, and continue to put up missing notices for some Gigaton songs that seem to have disappeared. Plenty of stat talk for you stat nerds out there as well. Enjoy, and onward to Stockholm!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 12 – Frankfurt

Well that’s more like it! We’ve been doing these reaction episodes for the last week hoping that we would get some type of differentiation in setlists on this run. Memorable and surprising moments. In Frankfurt last night, all of our patience was rewarded! The opening song set the tone for the night, a massive surprise in Inside Job that hadn’t been opened with since touring for the self-titled record in 2006. We’ll talk about all of the build up that the moment had and how it opened up the gate for other songs that had yet to be played this year such as Last Exit, Fatal and In My Tree. We’ll take a deep dive on some of the rarities in this one and discuss their impact on the set. We’ll also chat about a relevant line in Corduroy, Mike McCready’s spotlight, Josh Klinghoffer soloing and the backend of Gigaton getting representation. Especially River Cross which finally escaped the cut (thank you organ wranglers for your service). It’s the first massive show of this tour, you won’t want to miss this discussion!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 11 – Imola

We’re starting to get used to this show thing happening every other day again, yeah? The fourth show of the European leg transpired in Imola, Italy, home of the Formula 1 racing event Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The show was off to the races from the start. A lot of topics to be discussed from the appreciation of no covers happening in this set, Even Flow’s consistent placement outside of the “Even Flow spot”, the first appearances of songs from Avocado and Riot Act in 2022 and Mike McCready’s psychopathic performance of Black. We’ll also spend time discussing the current state of America and the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Ed, never shy about his opinion on pro-choice, brought the topic into the set and made it one of the themes for the night. The two things that stood out from him expressing frustration were his aggression during the ‘sitting bullshit’ verse, and the W.M.A. tag off of Daughter. Challenging, but important topics needed to be brought up as our country spins into turmoil.

No John for this one, so Randy is joined by Hallucinogenic Recipe co-host Patrick Boegel! Enjoy the ramblings!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 10 – Zurich

We’re back to react! The tour moves ahead to day number 3 as they plant their non-carbon footprint on Zurich, Switzerland. Follow up on a Berlin show that had it’s moments, but certainly some causes for concern, the band came back with 20 songs here and a little bit more of a blend of deeper fan favorites in their catalog. Animal, Present Tense, In Hiding and Smile all represented a nice change, and the deeper Vs. cuts in the Daughter tag were a nice surprise. But there are still discussions to be has. There’s still a lack of Gigaton, there’s still an entire chunk of 2000s records that haven’t been represented, and while some fans may be getting antsy, we try to figure out a reason why this may be the case. We’ll also spend a little time discussing the fan situation that happened during Animal, the opener streak being broken, a handful of songs getting cut for the set,  and the tremendously large amount of Ten songs mixed in. Enjoy this, because we do!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 9 – Berlin

We’re now two shows down on this European leg! Yesterday we saw the band take the stage on the longest day of the year in one of the most beautiful venues in existence – Wahlbuhne in Berlin. There is a good amount to talk about here – the opener streak extending to 15, crowd surfers, medleys, aging voices, four Gigaton songs played but is there enough variety? Seeing as though 2-hour 23 song sets are going to be what to expect, we try and make some sense of what later sets could end up looking like. Also, a big win for fan campaigns as Roland, a fan stricken with ALS, got a standing ovation ahead of Porch. It’s all right here! Leave your questions, comments, rebuttals down in the comment section below!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 8 – Pinkpop Festival

Aaaaand we’re back! It was only a month, but there were so many questions that were left unanswered after they left California. We’ll never know what would’ve happened in Sacramento and Vegas, so our attention drifts over to Europe to focus on the second leg of the 2022 touring circuit. They head back to one of their old stomping grounds, the festival made home to one of the most popular Pearl Jam shows of all time – Pinkpop. It had been 30 years since Ed jumped off the camera rig, and right off the bat there is an homage to that night, opening up with the Even Flow/Why Go combo. We’ll get to talk more about Gigaton, a crazy 14-show streak, a song that hadn’t been played in 737 shows and the return of Matt and Jeff. We’re back, enjoy it folks!

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 7 – Letterman 1998

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with another installment of the Late Night series! This month we’re looking into the Letterman performance of Wishlist from 1998. This one isn’t necessarily memorable for the performance, but it’s the official passing of the guard for the next era in Pearl Jam to complete the fivesome (minus Boom, Josh, Stuvered, etc) who have been playing together for almost 25 years. It’s Matt Cameron’s first live appearance for Pearl Jam only a year or so after Soundgarden split up. This goes hand in hand with our weekly episode as well emanating out of Rapid City from 1998, which happens to be Matt’s 6th full show with the band. We’ll discuss the transition from Jack, Matt’s overwhelming workload before going out on tour and his unaverred confidence on the first time out. See you next month for the Letterman 2000 performance of Grievance!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 7 – Sacramento and Vegas Cancellations

You never want to see it happen, but in the world we live in now the scenarios make it increasingly more likely to happen. Was it inevitable in Oakland when Matt Cameron was not seen donning the black Yamaha drum kit? The possibility sure could have been discussed, but what were supposed to be the final two dates on this 9-show run never came to fruition. It’s sad and disappointing whenever the band is forced to cancel everything, but even after 2020 where the worst should be anticipated, it stings. However, there are bright spots in the cloud of darkness with drops of lemonade falling from the sky. We’ll talk about the cancellation and what could possibly happen when they approach Europe in less than a month, and we’ll also talk about Randy’s weekend and turning a negative into a positive (positive!). Enjoy the last Tour Reax episode of the west coast leg!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 6 – Fresno, CA

John and guest co-host Joey Goodsir break down all the Krusen-tastic action from last night’s show in Fresno. Purple Rain! The Deep backstory! Also, when do we think Matt Cameron will be back behind the kit? Enjoy this and look out next week for a super-sized Sacramento/Vegas reaction with all of Randy’s firsthand stories!

Pearl Jam Fan Josh Arroyo Shares Experience Drumming with the Band

The band was in a tough spot in Oakland after finding out that their Lamborghini, machine gun drummer Matt Cameron tested positive for Covid-19. They had some friends help them out such as Josh Klinghoffer and Richard Stuverud, but the big moment of the night came when Ed asked a simple question: “is there anybody out there who can play drums?” We get to speak with fan fill-in drummer Josh Arroyo about his entire experience living out a dream that would send any Pearl Jam fan to heaven. Josh’s story to get to that moment is nothing sort of amazing. From his father taking him to the Oakland Arena for the first time to see Rush on the Moving Pictures tour, the story comes full circle when he steps into the building with his 12-year old daughter to see her first Pearl Jam show. But that wasn’t the only special thing to happen that night. From his fandom way back to the Cow Palace in San Francisco all the way up to where he’s at today, less than a week from playing and he’s one of the most admired and celebrated fans around. Get to hear the amazing story and more in this special episode!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 5 – Oakland, CA, Night 2

Oakland will forever live on as an extremely important city in Pearl Jam history. These back to back nights are already going down in history as one of those pinpoint moments that are part of the band’s continued evolution. Unlike night 1’s surprises and spontaneity, night 2 felt like a polished night full of surprises. They got the first show jitters out of the way, and now that both Josh and Stuv have a good feel for what they were doing, the band was able to feel comfortable going a little bit out of their comfort zone. The stretch from Throw Your Hatred Down until Brain Of J is something that you’ll maybe never hear from the band again. Dissident! W.M.A.! We’re gonna talk about how this might be the best set we’ve seen on this tour so far and how Richard Stuverud was the star of the show. And also, Rearviewmirror and Crazy Mary make their tour debuts! Hot damn! There’s so much, so just listen in and enjoy. Wait until the end to hear from Given To Live beneficiary Reece, who it took two years for him to get to his dream concert.

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 4 – Oakland, CA, Night 1

This was originally supposed to be one episode combining both nights in Oakland, but given everything that happened, there is no way that we can wait this long to react to it! Obviously, this is the story of the tour right here, and potentially the story of the year when the final chapter is written. With Covid-19 cases still rampant in California, there was actually a bit of a super spreader at the LA show, many fans returned home with the disease that’s been ruining our lives for over two years. And sadly, it got to Matt Cameron too. When the band opens up with Rockin In The Free World, it’s a total shocker. But then we get a glimpse of Josh behind the kit instead of Matt. That is clearly the biggest storyline of the show and we’ll dig down deep into all of it including Richard Stuverud’s role and the wonderful moment with Josh Arroyo.

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 3 – Phoenix, AZ

Every time that there’s a show, you can count on us to react to it! We focus on the Phoenix show from Monday here, show number 4 of 9 and of course there are things to talk about. We’ll get into the Wash opener setting the tone, all of the great speeches about freedom, voting and an introduction to his niece Molly, some of the changes and cuts that impacted the set and what the strongest performances were. And like last episode, we’ll lament the lack of Gigaton usage and plead for an appearance of Rearviewmirror. Enjoy, see you after Oakland!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 2 – Los Angeles, CA

We had some great shows this weekend! Lot’s of good conversation here to break everything down. Is Gigaton lacking more representation? Where’s Rearviewmirror? How great was the Taylor Hawkins tribute? We discuss everything and get into what may be in store for Phoenix! Enjoy! – sign up to listen!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 1 – San Diego, CA

It’s finally happened! We’ve waited for two years to see what the 2020 Gigaton tour was going to be like and we have finally had our first taste. Randy and John dig through the tour opener in San Diego and dissect the most important stories coming out of it. The biggest discussion here is the thematic way that this set was structured, taken elements from ocean related songs and putting them together with their connection to the city and Pearl Jam’s history. Which meant opening with Oceans and closing with the Reverse Mamasan Trilogy! We’ll also get to talk about which out of the Gigaton songs impressed us the most, digging into Retrograde, Dance Of The Clairvoyants and River Cross. And there were no lack of tributes at this show. We’ll take a minute to discuss Ed’s emotional dedication to his brother Chris that led to Long Road as well as a wonderful tribute to Taylor Hawkins. This will be the only tour reaction episode available on all podcast platforms. If you want more instant reaction episodes, the easiest thing to do is become a Patron. Right now we are raising funds for our documentary project and expenses needed for that and touring across country. All help is welcomed. You can join up for as low as $1 a month, or $10 for the year under the bonus leg tier, or for other perks such as episode requests and fan profile episodes, you can join up for $5 a month through the Gigaleg Tier, or $10 a month on the Horizon Leg. Sign up on by clicking the become a Patron button, or go to to join!

Listen to the Episode:

Devo Series: “2022 Tour By The Numbers”

I have a gut feeling this is gonna be good… We haven’t done a DEVO episode in a long time, many of you who have joined recently have possibly never listened to one. Essentially the premise is that we devolve a bit and talk about things that we don’t usually cover anywhere else. A week before the tour starts, we want to hype you up and get excited for this. So we originally brought five songs each to the table where we’d ask the question how many times they’ll be played on this west coast run. However, the numbers got way too interesting and got us thinking a little bigger. Maybe some milestones? Enjoy the nice and lighthearted episode!

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 6 – Letterman 1996

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with another installment of the Late Night series! This is the first of many episodes in a row where we’ll cover the band playing The Late Show with David Letterman. This is the first one, and it’s interesting because it’s not solely focused on the just the one performance. Obviously everyone knows the friendship that Letterman has built with the band from all of these appearances to the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of fame induction, but it all started because Letterman couldn’t get a specific song out of his head – Black. For weeks and weeks in early 1996, he begged Paul Schaffer every night for the band to play Black. Then he started to beg for Eddie to swing by and sing it. These went on for weeks and weeks until Ed finally showed up and did it. We’ll run through the entire timeline of that story and why it’s never good to watch people talk about you on TV while you’re high. Of course we’ll end up getting into the Hail, Hail performance as well, mostly to discuss Stone the traffic cone, but also a ripper of a performance that may go down as one of the best versions of the song of all-time.

Fan Profiles: Nick Smith

Welcome to another edition of the Horizon Profiles! In this one we speak to Nick Smith, long-time Patron and staff writer. He’ll talk about his Pearl Jam origins happening on a bus during a ride home from an amusement park. We’ll discuss his love for No Code, his travels all over the place to see the band, and some of his all time favorite songs and moments. Tune in!

Fan Profiles: Sean Rashkis

Welcome on back for another edition of the Horizon profile episodes! This episode is the profile of Sean Rashkis, a long-time Patron and contributor. We spend a lot of time talking about his early 90s show run hitting everything up in Northern California, including many of the early Bridge School shows. Hear some of Sean’s stories of his travels and favorite moments of the band’s, and of course the expected rapid fire questions that we present on every episode.

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 5 – Saturday Night Live 1994

In our fifth installment of the Late Night Series, we’ve approached possibly their most important moment on television and maybe one of the most important ever. SNL 1994 happened at a pivotal time and a turning point in the band’s history. Only a week after the passing of Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam was thrust into the spotlight and seen as part of the healing process from Kurt’s death. For that, they were given the extremely rare opportunity to play three songs that night. Something that acts like the Rolling Stones and U2 have done before, but not many others. The result? All three performances are mind blowing. Especially Rearviewmirror, which is one of the best overall Pearl Jam live cuts ever. This also came at a time where, unbeknownst to them, Dave Abbruzzese’s time with the band was coming to an end. There’s a lot to discuss in this one including some rehearsal moments that we have access to. All you need to know is that Pearl Jam is fabulouso!