Fan Profiles: Mike Packard

Hey everybody now! Welcome to another episode of our Horizon Leg Profiles! We have a doozy of a profile for ya today that was recorded back in June with good friend Mike Packard. Matt Helbig joins us for the conversation. We’ll talk a lot about how we met Mike at Fenway back in 2018 by trying to help him get an original copy of Ten on vinyl signed by Mike McCready. We’ll also talk about his father’s influence on his music taste and re-tell the Bonnaroo 2008 story with his experience hearing Release. And we bullshit a lot, so this is a good episode for those who love bullshit.

The Story of Five Horizons with Caryn Rose

Back in the early days of the internet, communities were starting to evolve and develop all over the world wide web. Some people found them in public chat rooms, some found them on message boards, Pearl Jam fans found a special one in Five Horizons. 5H was the original Pearl Jam archival concert chronology that did remarkable research on the band’s history, cataloging details from every show that was available to them. Joining us today is Caryn Rose who helped put this project together. We’ll get to learn some of the ins and outs of running the website and the adversity they went through. Caryn doesn’t hold back on her stories regarding PJ stalker fans, people’s perception of her and Jean, and trying to stay away from the spotlight that came along with the site.

Listen to the Episode:

Patreon Exclusive: Munich, Germany – 3/13/1992

Happy 30th anniversary to Ten! Since we can never have enough content on the seminal record that kickstarted it all, we’ve decided to follow up on the Philadelphia Ten show by going back and covering the original full album show from 1992 in Munich, Germany. It was the end of a pretty important early tour for the band. They were finishing up their first ever run of Europe which featured a lengthy set of shows in the UK, Italy, The Netherlands and then finally ended with 5 dates in Germany. The crowds were intimate and responsive to the new record, and since the band was basically playing it every night anyway, they ended the tour by playing it start to finish. Which means with fewer songs in their arsenal and not wanting this tour to end, what could they possibly have played to extend this night? We’ll also talk about the record and how some of the song placements were weird even for 1992.

Fan Profiles: Bradley Piasecki

Hey everybody now! Welcome to another episode of our Horizon Leg Profiles! We got to talk to Bradley Piasecki about his fandom going back to 1998 and some cool stories he’s endured along the way, including a crazy story about a radio contest. Check it out to learn much more about Bradley, a staple of the LO4L and PJ pod community since its inception!

Fan Profiles: Chris Davis

This episode is the Horizon Profile for patron Chris Davis! He’ll go into full depth about his fandom in this, enjoy!

Evolution Series: “Hard To Imagine”

It’s Evolution Baaaaaybaaaaay! We’re excited to bring to you our 14th installment of the Evolution series as voted on by you the Patrons. This episode we’ll cover Hard To Imagine. The song has such a unique and humble beginning starting out as just a little Stone teaser noodle evolving into an improv that would later become a more polished version of the song. Over the years Hard to Imagine had gone long spurts without being played, but it was also one of those ultimate chaser songs. We’ll get into the song’s elusiveness and why the band were reluctant to put it on 3 different albums, but also why they were finally able to accept it as being an incredible, euphoric track that elicits such a powerful emotional response.

Bridge School Series: #18 – October 26, 2014

It has finally come to this. The Bridge School Series finale is here as we tackle the last Bridge show in the band’s history that took place back in 2014. This show is a mixture of many things that have made these shows great to cover for the last year and a half – staple songs, a few rarer tracks for serious collectors and many special guests on this one including a returning Chris Cornell and for the last time, Uncle Neil Young. Thanks to everyone for tuning into this series for the past 18 months, they were fun little pivots through their history that in some points were the beginning of an era or end of one. There have been songs featured in these shows that we may possibly never cover again, and that was one of the biggest reasons as to why we wanted to do this. If you’ve missed any episodes in the series, they are all available within our Patreon archive. If you’re reading this, let us know what your favorite Bridge episode or show has been!

Exclusive Episode: Red Rocks Night 1 6/19/1995

You’re getting two for the price of one this week! Just like we did for the Piss Bottle Men shows, we are double dipping by releasing both Red Rocks episodes at the same exact time. Here you’ll listen to the 21-set night one show that we thought was way too important not to cover. The live debuts of Habit and Leaving Here as well as a blistering first 13 songs befitting of a 1995 setlist. If you like listening in chronological order, check this one out first before checking out the Night 2 episode on our main feed!

Devo Series: “Creating More Trilogies”

Hey we haven’t DEVO’d in a while. I’m sure some of you new people don’t even know what a DEVO is. It’s nothing. It’s practically useless 90% of the time. This is useless, but if you ever need to create a setlist full of trilogies, I guess we have you covered. We create a definitive list of trilogies. I don’t think we missed anything, but if we did, leave your comment down below and tell us how horrible of a job we did for not thinking of three similar songs that can be grouped together. Or comment to say hi. Yeah, say hi…

Bridge School Series: #17 – October 25, 2014

Welcome the the penultimate episode in our Bridge School series! As the finish line is up on the horizon, we tackle the first of the most recent set of shows that took place at the end of the 2014 Lightning Bolt run. There aren’t too many surprises in this one. Only one song from the new record that sounds exactly like every other performance of it, a shocking Bridge debut of a hit, an inappropriate but approved cover for the setting, and a guest appearance from Chris Cornell which we’ll have strong opinions on. Enjoy the show, and if you ride a pony, make sure you fuck that pony!

Setlist Draft April 2021: Binaural Tour Edition

Hey everybody now! Brand new setlist draft ready for April. A few months back we drafted sets based off of the Yield tour and in this month’s edition we’re gonna give the Binaural tour a try. Competing for the first time are Dani King, Michael Jonsson and Nick Smith.

Bridge School Series: #16 – October 16, 2010

A brand new Bridge School episode for you all this month! We are getting down to the last of them and to finish up the 2010 year, we’re covering a live debut of an extremely rare side. Riot Act b-side Other Side is played for the first of its three times on this night. Most other highlights from this show mirror what they did on the first night – Neil Young appears, we get a weird orchestra version of Black, they play Just Breathe and a few other things. Night 1 is the superior setlist, but this show has its moments as well, including the last time to date that they’ve ever played Drifting.  Comment below if you enjoyed the show!

Exclusive Episode: Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH – 3/30/1992

Hello everyone! As promised, this week’s Patreon exclusive episode is here where we’ll talk about the Bogart’s show from the rediscovered bootleg that just resurfaced this week! If you haven’t had a chance to download it, check out yesterday’s post to find it! Please let us know if you need the boot in FLAC and we will accommodate. In this episode we’ll talk about a show that wasn’t too far off from The Metro show we just covered on the main feed. Setlists are pretty close to the same, but we’ll also talk about some video that’s available on YouTube of Dave’s overhead drum cam. Enjoy the show!

Fan Profiles: David Ritter

Welcome to another Profile episode where we take an in-depth look at the fandom of our Horizon Leg Patrons! This episode is about David Ritter who joined us for this week’s Cincinnati episode. We’ll talk to him about the earliest moments hearing the band and the 2003 Lexington song, as well as a lot of talk about The Replacements.

Exclusive Episode: Piss Bottle Men at Moore Theatre – 2/5/1995

Hello one and all and welcome to the first episode of a two part mini-series where we break down both shows from the Moore Theatre in 1995 where the band took on the moniker of the Piss Bottle Men. If you have selected to listen here first, good! These are meant to be listened to linearly. This night one show we’ll talk a lot about how Jack Irons’ influence was starting to grow on the band and that these shows, considered a warm up before heading to Asia and Australia, would be Jack’s introduction to the hometown Seattle crowd. This show gets off to a hot start and almost never lets up. Get ready for incredible versions of Last Exit, Not For You, a full W.M.A., the debut of Lukin and Let My Love Open the Door, and a version of Rearviewmirror that maybe got caught speeding on the highway. Check this one out and then hit up the regular feeds to listen to our night 2 episode where we get a little guest appearance from a certain Uncle.

Bridge School Series: #15 – October 23, 2010

Check out this month’s brand new Bridge School show from the first night of 2010! While 2003 and 2006 were stuck in a little bit of the Bridge rut, this show brings us back to classic performances that make the benefit what it is. We get three songs that are live debuts (one an original), a guest appearance from Neil Young and an alternate version of a song in the same vein as Corduroy from 1996. One of the better Bridge shows in their catalog, take a listen and enjoy!

Setlist Draft March 2021

This month’s draft we go back to a format we used in the beginning of the year, but we add a little twist to it. We’re back to best available song where instead of drafting in setlist order, we draft more conventionally in the way fantasy football is set up. Best songs are gonna be gobbled up first, and then it’s picking the b-sides and deep cuts for the end. The twist in this draft is that our competitors are tasked to create a pre-set in their setlist in the same fashion that Mansfield, The Gorge, Red Rocks and Telluride were all performed. It will be 8 pre-set songs, 16 main set, 6 in encore 1 and 4 in encore 2. Let us know who you think has the best set!

Fan Profiles: Elie Honig

This episode is a special Pearl Jam Fan Profile featuring former New Jersey assistant Attorney General and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig! Elie joins us to talk about where his fandom all started and what it was like to be at his first show at Constitution Hall in 1995. We’ll get to learn many great stories about his fandom and he’ll ask us a few questions as well such as if Pearl Jam are the most athletic band and what our takes are on Hunger Strike and Release.

Fan Profiles: Gabe Spece

We’re back with another Horizon Profile spotlight and today’s episode will feature the man who joined us on this week’s St. Petersburg episode, Gabe Spece! Listen in to hear Gabe’s connection to the city of Pittsburgh, what a version of Better Man from Philadelphia means to him and what he considers to be the defining Pearl Jam song that he should be connected to.

Evolution Series: “Present Tense”

It’s Evolution BAYBAY! It’s that time again to go fully in depth with a song’s live history and talk about the versions that make a song stand out over time. This episode we’ll evolve with Present Tense! You guys voted for it, and we’ve been wanting to do this one for a while so get ready as we get into every crevice of the song there is. We’ll start by talking about No Code’s impact, or lack thereof, and how potentially the #10 track off a record that didn’t really land could get overlooked. But it’s one that the band seemed to always feel, even to the point that Ed was using it as a healing process for himself. We’ll work through the years to find out the exact moment, and boy is there ever one, where Present Tense finally broke through and became that crowd favorite it was always meant to be. So now we sit here in need for a 14th episode for this series. What do we do? Well, this time we’d like to cover something a little more uncommon so we can talk about that. Why they wouldn’t play a certain song over a long stretch and what it’s like to be in the crowd hearing something that you’d thought you’d never hear. Got a good example of that? The floor is open! Let us know what uncommon track you’d like to hear us cover in our next episode!