Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 11 – Seattle Night 2

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Episode Release Date: May 31st, 2024

The west coast leg of the Dark Matter tour has been completed, and we went out with a bang! The hometown crowd experienced something special tonight with all eyes on the band thanks to a streaming performance on Sirius. And they came out HOT! Black as an opener for the first time since CBGB’s in 1991! Immortality early on. Come Back, Pilate and In My Tree holding down the fort. HURT?!?!? Yeah. Kitchen sink kind of shit.

Coming into this show we were presented with some news that will change the landscape of this country, if not this world. Knowing the band and what they stand for, they were not going to leave home without addressing it, and boy did they ever. Ed makes an impassioned speech about unity and ending division without mentioning anyone by name, and the message received is that we are all humans who have the same basic needs, and we need to recognize that and get back to standing up for one another instead of standing up for politicians. Love Boat Captain was the message sent this night, because all you need is love.

The entire crew is back to express their thoughts and share their happiness after a wonderful week in Seattle.

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