Episode 291: Berlin, DEU – 6/26/2014

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Episode Release Date: July 3rd, 2024

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

Well. Originally this episode was slated to get you guys excited for the shows taking place in Berlin this week, but while the band was forced to cancel their plans, we’ve decided to stick with ours. Berlin is one of Pearl Jam’s best cities to play in that perhaps nobody ever talks about. This crowd comes into every show ready to bring their a-game, and at this show in 2014, nothing was spared. From waving their arms in the air to clapping in rhythm, bouncing up and down and singing every lyric and guitar melody, the fans in Germany absolutely know how to give this band the best they got.

This Lightning Bolt era show went for nearly 3 hours and featured 34 songs from every variety of rarities to the radio hits. This show will have plenty of great crowd moments, including on songs like Do The Evolution and Sirens where the band is greeted with post-performance melodies. Checklist songs galore here that include God’s Dice, Sleight Of Hand, You Are, Who You Are, All Those Yesterdays, Bee Girl and one of the rarest songs in the Pearl Jam catalog, Hold On played for only the fourth of a total of five times. But that’s not all! Find out why this crowd needed to hear the dulcet tones of the voice of their favorite guitar player, and the hilarious ensuing result.

We’ll of course start the show reacting once again to the news of cancelations, and once again bring more context to the situation.

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