Episode 264: Chicago, IL – 9/7/2023

It’s our final episode for the 2023 season, and what better way to close out than finishing with a show from this tour year. In the last episode, we covered the night one show from Chicago, and this episode will take us to the second night at the United Center. This show had a lot to live up to in many people’s eyes as night one was considered, at least by our panelists, as an instant classic show. The second night had to follow up on all of the stories, rarities and energy that made night one so special. And in ways it certainly did live up to it, but perhaps did it fail to capture the same magic as the show on September 5th did? We polled our social media followers and asked them what they thought the more impactful show was, and we’ll share the result on the episode.

There are a couple of big takeaways from this show. They involved the local sports teams into the night a little more and featured a version of Present Tense coming off the popularity of The Last Dance, and they also made an announcement that the Blackhawks would be retiring Chris Chelios’ number. The rarities were once again in the mix as this crowd was treated to some of the more difficult songs to catch at a Pearl Jam show nowadays – Tremor Christ, Green Disease and Marker In The Sand. But there is a big elephant in the room to address that took a stranglehold over the second half of the show, and that is the contingent of Ten songs played. Compared to night one where Gigaton led the clubhouse with 4 songs off the album played, there were a whopping 8 songs from the Ten record on this night. Of course the majority of your crowd is going to love Ten, in this scenario the question needs to be asked – how much is enough?

We’re joined in this episode by our Gear Guru Javier Hervas, not just for a few sprinkled in segments, but for the entire episode! Javier and Randy sat with each other at this show and will share all of the stories of hanging out with friends, finding good records, taking shots of Malort, and of course, the performances. This includes a story about a nickname given to Randy by another fan at this show that a few people out there would probably not want to stick. All the answers will be found in the episode that we have made.

Episode 263: Chicago, IL – 9/5/2023

Let’s finish off the year strong by covering the two night stay from this year’s Chicago shows! We’ll talk extensively about night 1 in this episode and discuss why this was in fact a true instant classic in the Pearl Jam catalog. It had a perfect mix of everything you want from a Pearl Jam show – electric performances, great crowd connection, incredible storytelling and of course ones for the serious collectors. Randy was at this show, which means he’ll do his own fair share of storytelling about the moments that made a profound impact on him, and a little of the journey that took him from Connecticut to Chicago. Including one horrifying story about a bathroom in a Chicago dive bar…

Being in Chicago, the show is of course a homecoming party for Ed. But this was the first instance where they played a show outside of Wrigley Field since 2009. So now you have a much more intimate crowd, how does the night go down? Well for starters, Release is going to end up being your opener, because that’s always what happens there. Then you’ll get a Bulls or Cubs reference, a few stories about his days living there as a child and maybe some shout outs to friends. Those things happened, but the night wasn’t about any of that. It was a night to pay homage to family. Having attended his Aunt Sandy’s funeral the day prior, Ed was feeling nostalgic for going back on some of the memories he had of his grandmother’s apartment growing up. The story that unfolded from revisiting the old stomping grounds was an emotional high point on a night where there were many. We also got a Rearviewmirror dedication for beloved community member Frans Von Franquemont who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year.

The Gear Guru warms up for his big full episode appearance next week by gushing over a rare type of pedal that Mike McCready used for Retrograde that was heard in the song Higher Ground, and talking about the bag of tricks Mike doled out in this edition of Even Flow.

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 8 – Austin Night 2

Ladies and gentlemen, Pearl Jam fans, listeners of the podcast – It’s finally come down to this. An 8-show tour was never going to last forever, but the memories that this band has created throughout this stretch of shows has created a lifelong imprint in our minds and hearts. We’ve talked all tour about the band mixing up their setlists busting out songs from bygone eras and albums that never get the respect they deserve. That setlist management set the bar extremely high for the final night of the tour in Austin. But since so much has already been played, what was left for them to do?

Wash opener? Check.

One last ride with Gigaton? Perhaps Never Destination’s swan song. Check.

2000s album representation? Riot Act, 1/2 Full. Check. Avocado, Unemployable. Check.

More deep cuts, No Code? Habit, check. Who You Are, good lord… Check.

A semi-deep cut with local ties? Pelicans, check.

A new cover? Imagine, bleh.

Okay, how about Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Throwns? Land of 1,000 checks.

There were no lack of unforgettable moments that happened on this night. Once again, we invite Hallucinogenic Recipe co-host Patrick Boegel along with Patron Eddie Quintana to share their instant reaction analysis. We’ll talk about the tone that was set with Ed doing Throw Your Arms Around Me in the pre-set, the power of songs like Black and Rearviewmirror, the many surprises as mentioned above and most importantly, the end of the Gigaton tour with a new album on the horizon.

We’ll also pay tribute to a dear friend who couldn’t get a fair shake this tour. We must seek justice.

Thank you all for tuning into these reaction episodes. We wanted them to feel like you were getting the best and most detailed analysis of what was happening right before our eyes and the only way to do that was to involve the folks who lived it all to share it all. Thank you for the many of you who signed up to Patreon for this very reason. We hope you all can stay around for a while!

This was a legendary tour. I’m just glad that we all got to be a part of it!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 7 – Austin Night 1

Our last stop of the tour is for two nights down in Austin, and night 1 had no lack of memorable moments. We talk to Patrick Boegel and friends from site only minutes after the show ended to get their take on how it all went down. From a Vitalogy heavy night, to two Riot Act tour debuts, to the inconceivable Out Of My Mind making it’s return for the 5th time, this conversation will cover everything from top to bottom.

And once again our saga continues with our friends Will and Jo… is the third time a charm? Did they get to enjoy Outback Steakhouse yet? The suspense must be killing you! Tune in to find out the answers to all of the tough questions.

One more show tomorrow. If only this could last forever…

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 6 – Ft. Worth Night 2

With Matt back on the team tonight, the moment was ripe for there to be a memorable night 2 show in North Texas. We got another bevy of tour debuts from songs that some people maybe NEVER expected to be played again, and plenty of amazing moments involving fan interactions. Anthony from Touring Fan Live was on site yet again to help us break it all down with a cast of characters that had a blast. Including our returning New Zealand friends. Have they tried Outback yet?! You best bet they get asked about that!

I promise that there will not be a lot of complaining from yours truly. Yes, most of you that are in the know understand that the reason why I had planned to go to these shows circled around one singular song that was played this evening. Covid can seriously go fuck itself. When this band goes out on tour next year, we all need to write a letter to the 10 Club to ask if they can make Brain Of J happen at a show we’re all at together. For real, I need to hear this song before this all goes away. Just once. But yeah, not a lot of complaining, I promise!

There are a few audio issues sprinkled throughout, they are manageable, but I just wanted to make you all aware that this was unfortunately the hand we were dealt with. And of course, it was all on my end. What a fucking night, right? Enjoy the coverage.

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 5 – Ft. Worth Night 1

A newsworthy show took place down in Ft. Worth, Texas last night as for the second year in a row, Matt Cameron is sidelined by Covid and Josh Klinghoffer jumps in to replace him. Randy joins John from the Live On 4 Legs headquarters as he also sat out Ft. Worth due to his own Covid diagnosis, but we have Anthony Krysiewicz from Touring Fan Live joined by friends of the community direct from site to share their full reaction to the show. They’ll rundown the set, shared where Josh excelled and struggled, talk heavy Yield and no Gigaton songs, and a random appearance from Cat Woman.

We’ll also discuss some of Ed’s cryptic phrasing at the end of the show that may cast doubt on a second show happening Friday night.

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 4 – Chicago Night 2

Randy (again live from the United Center) and John break down everything that happened on night 2 in Chicago right after the show ended. An emotional Come Back, Present Tense, the returns of Tremor Christ, Green Disease, and Marker in the Sand, Chris Chelios getting his jersey in the rafters, and a hell of a lot of songs from Ten! Lots of guests on this one, thanks everybody!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 3 – Chicago Night 1

Randy (live from the United Center) and John go live immediately after the show to discuss an epic night in Chicago, from Release to Corduroy, Light Years to In My Tree, RVM for Frans, and all the stories and sounds from one that will be hard to top. Thanks to all our special guests for joining in!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 2 – St. Paul Night 2

Our first double show run is complete! Let’s look at night 2 from St. Paul and see what the LO4L Faithfull thought. A bold statement was made from our own Patrick Boegel – this was the best main set that he’s seen since 2006. There’s a lot of weight to that statement, and we asked some of our friends on site if they agreed. The answers and the story of the experiences shared here are very interesting to break down.

We have a ton of stories from the GA and rail, and yet again our good friend Mar got to connect with a band member for the second night in a row. From big moments such as the Brain Damage intro into I Am Mine, Purple Rain to close the show and a song from every album played, we’ll learn what everyone’s favorite moments were here. See you in Chicago!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Reaction: Ep. 1 – St. Paul Night 1

Well now, we’ve got one show under our belt and plenty to discuss here! Randy and John are joined by correspondent and Patron Kirk Walton and friends live on site in the Twin Cities to react to everything that went down on a very memorable night one. We’ll get the reaction to the improbable opener of Indifference, the stories and emotion that Ed displayed during powerful performances of Wildflowers and Love Boat Captain (dedicated to Maui) and big moments such as the return of Insignificance after 7 years of absence! We’ll also get to hear how two fans with sequin jackets got to be a part of the show, and how Ed recognized a sign held by our Patron, Mar Vigil. Enjoy the first episode! 1 down, 8 to go!

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Announcement Reaction Episode

It’s that time again! After a big come back year in 2022 with many highs and even a few lows, Pearl Jam has just announced their tour plans for 2023. It’s a nine-date run in the midwest from north to south featuring shows in St. Paul, Chicago, Indianapolis, Dallas/Forth Worth and Austin. On this special episode we breakdown all of the tour dates and what people may expect night in and night out, the length of the tour and why they may have gone this route, the accessibility of the locations, potential financial concerns and so much more. If you need all of your pre-tour information before the you win the Ten Club lottery, we touch up on everything!