Pearl Jam Fan Josh Arroyo Shares Experience Drumming with the Band

The band was in a tough spot in Oakland after finding out that their Lamborghini, machine gun drummer Matt Cameron tested positive for Covid-19. They had some friends help them out such as Josh Klinghoffer and Richard Stuverud, but the big moment of the night came when Ed asked a simple question: “is there anybody out there who can play drums?” We get to speak with fan fill-in drummer Josh Arroyo about his entire experience living out a dream that would send any Pearl Jam fan to heaven. Josh’s story to get to that moment is nothing sort of amazing. From his father taking him to the Oakland Arena for the first time to see Rush on the Moving Pictures tour, the story comes full circle when he steps into the building with his 12-year old daughter to see her first Pearl Jam show. But that wasn’t the only special thing to happen that night. From his fandom way back to the Cow Palace in San Francisco all the way up to where he’s at today, less than a week from playing and he’s one of the most admired and celebrated fans around. Get to hear the amazing story and more in this special episode!

Fan Profiles: Nick Smith

Welcome to another edition of the Horizon Profiles! In this one we speak to Nick Smith, long-time Patron and staff writer. He’ll talk about his Pearl Jam origins happening on a bus during a ride home from an amusement park. We’ll discuss his love for No Code, his travels all over the place to see the band, and some of his all time favorite songs and moments. Tune in!

Fan Profiles: Sean Rashkis

Welcome on back for another edition of the Horizon profile episodes! This episode is the profile of Sean Rashkis, a long-time Patron and contributor. We spend a lot of time talking about his early 90s show run hitting everything up in Northern California, including many of the early Bridge School shows. Hear some of Sean’s stories of his travels and favorite moments of the band’s, and of course the expected rapid fire questions that we present on every episode.

Fan Profiles: Greg Schwab

Welcome to another edition of the profile episodes! In this one we’re talking with Horizon Leg member Greg Schwab who requested this week’s East Troy 2003 episode. We’re gonna get into a bunch of different topics and show stories with him, but the one to look out for is the Eddie Vedder Chicago show from the mid-2000s. The show he had to quit the Ten Club after. Find out why, check out the show! If you subscribe to the Horizon Leg and haven’t done an episode yet, please reach out! We are close to having them all finished until we get more leg subscribers. PS to the Chicago show: Greg at the last minute bought a ticket (two, actually) to Ed’s solo Chicago show last week to bring that story around full circle.

Fan Profiles: Clay Davis

Hi everyone, before you check out this profile episode that’s an insight on Clay’s life as a Pearl Jam fan, we regret to inform you that due to technical difficulties, we lost the first chunk of the episode and did not re-record. Never fear, because Clay provides us with many good stories to keep you guys entertained for the hour. Get to hear about his ventures on the 2005 Canadian tour, what rare song he can’t seem to escape from and check out his song choice at the end of the episode. Once again, sorry for the mishap! You’ll be caught up once listening.

Fan Profiles: Ryan Morden

Hello Patrons! Here is a brand new profile episode that we kept in the can for a few months featuring fellow Horizon Leg Patron Ryan Morden. You can hear Ryan’s episode request, Mountain View, CA 2003, on our main platforms this week, but in this episode he’ll talk a little about his history of going to see the band, which includes a miraculous story on how he got into Benaroya! Check it out and enjoy!

Fan Profiles: Mike Packard

Hey everybody now! Welcome to another episode of our Horizon Leg Profiles! We have a doozy of a profile for ya today that was recorded back in June with good friend Mike Packard. Matt Helbig joins us for the conversation. We’ll talk a lot about how we met Mike at Fenway back in 2018 by trying to help him get an original copy of Ten on vinyl signed by Mike McCready. We’ll also talk about his father’s influence on his music taste and re-tell the Bonnaroo 2008 story with his experience hearing Release. And we bullshit a lot, so this is a good episode for those who love bullshit.

The Story of Five Horizons with Caryn Rose

Back in the early days of the internet, communities were starting to evolve and develop all over the world wide web. Some people found them in public chat rooms, some found them on message boards, Pearl Jam fans found a special one in Five Horizons. 5H was the original Pearl Jam archival concert chronology that did remarkable research on the band’s history, cataloging details from every show that was available to them. Joining us today is Caryn Rose who helped put this project together. We’ll get to learn some of the ins and outs of running the website and the adversity they went through. Caryn doesn’t hold back on her stories regarding PJ stalker fans, people’s perception of her and Jean, and trying to stay away from the spotlight that came along with the site.

Listen to the Episode:

Fan Profiles: Bradley Piasecki

Hey everybody now! Welcome to another episode of our Horizon Leg Profiles! We got to talk to Bradley Piasecki about his fandom going back to 1998 and some cool stories he’s endured along the way, including a crazy story about a radio contest. Check it out to learn much more about Bradley, a staple of the LO4L and PJ pod community since its inception!

Fan Profiles: Chris Davis

This episode is the Horizon Profile for patron Chris Davis! He’ll go into full depth about his fandom in this, enjoy!

Fan Profiles: David Ritter

Welcome to another Profile episode where we take an in-depth look at the fandom of our Horizon Leg Patrons! This episode is about David Ritter who joined us for this week’s Cincinnati episode. We’ll talk to him about the earliest moments hearing the band and the 2003 Lexington song, as well as a lot of talk about The Replacements.

Fan Profiles: Elie Honig

This episode is a special Pearl Jam Fan Profile featuring former New Jersey assistant Attorney General and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig! Elie joins us to talk about where his fandom all started and what it was like to be at his first show at Constitution Hall in 1995. We’ll get to learn many great stories about his fandom and he’ll ask us a few questions as well such as if Pearl Jam are the most athletic band and what our takes are on Hunger Strike and Release.

Fan Profiles: Gabe Spece

We’re back with another Horizon Profile spotlight and today’s episode will feature the man who joined us on this week’s St. Petersburg episode, Gabe Spece! Listen in to hear Gabe’s connection to the city of Pittsburgh, what a version of Better Man from Philadelphia means to him and what he considers to be the defining Pearl Jam song that he should be connected to.

Fan Profiles: Debra McMurtrey

Hey everybody now, welcome to another edition of the Horizon Leg Profile episodes! Today we’re chatting with long time friend of the show Debra McMurtrey who most of you know from her incredibly popular San Diego 95 show last year. She’s a great storyteller and she joins us today to talk about how Pearl Jam has impacted her life, relationships and her passions. From being inspired by Maricor at the Bridge School shows to talking about her connection with her biological father, Deb leaves it all on the table with an inspiring tale of how life works in the craziest of ways when you surround yourself with your people.

Fan Profiles: Curtis Hames

Hello all, Patrons and non-patrons alike! This is a special free edition of our Horizon Leg Profile series. If you haven’t joined up to Patreon, let this be a nice little sample for you to wet your appetite! Today’s episode will focus on the fandom of our Horizon Leg Patron Curtis Hames. He’ll go through some of the stories of how he got to his first show in Counsel Bluffs, Iowa and what being a fan growing up meant to him. We’ll talk a little about his show history and why he almost retired from following the band. Stay tuned til the end of the episode as we’ll provide some bonus clips that we’re left off our recent Lincoln, NE episode!

Fan Profiles: Kirk Walton

This episode highlights one of our Horizon Leg Patrons Kirk Walton. You may have heard him on the Ice Bowl episode this week, now you’ll get to hear his story of how he became a Pearl Jam fan, what some of his favorite shows of all time are and how he and a bunch of friends did a Pearl Jam fantasy draft before we made it cool!

Fan Profiles: Chris Everett

Welcome to a brand new series that puts the spotlight squarely on you and your Pearl Jam fandom! As one of the perks for the brand new Horizon Leg tier, we’re giving those who donate to that leg the opportunity to talk about their story of becoming a Pearl Jam fan. This episode profile’s Chris Everett who was featured on our Jacksonville episode this week. He’ll talk about how he was converted from Dave Matthews traveler into one of Pearl Jam’s. In these episodes we’ll ask everyone for their live track that means the most to them so you’ll get to hear Chris’s favorite live cut from the Night 1 Fenway Park show in 2018.