Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 6 – Las Vegas Night 2

Pearl Jam threw us some curveballs during their second and final night in Vegas. We have been talking so much about how those first four album songs in the set had been such a staple so far that we wondered if they’d end up breaking from that. We got a hint of it at night 1 swapping Daughter with Dark Matter, but tonight showed that they are more than comfortable maneuvering things around in the set. No Scared Of Fear, no Upper Hand and no Waiting For Stevie, but Won’t Tell and Something Special get tossed back into the fold.

This was also a good night for rarities, and that was apparent when the began the night with Of The Girl. Adding Severed Hand, Out Of My Mind, Spin The Black Circle and for the first time in 59 shows, You Are returned to a set. This setlist has a little bit of everything, and the interactions at this show are some great talking points too. We’ll hear from our crew out on site led by Joey Goodsir and get their reaction to everything they witnessed!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 5 – Las Vegas Night 1

After the Sacramento show we were all wondering if the band was ready to take the next step within their setlist curation and add some old favorites into the fold. While Vs. still hasn’t seen more than two songs get played (Binaural now at three), a lot of crowd favorites were brought into the fold. Hard To Imagine, Hail, Hail, Tremor Christ, Breakerfall on the Binaural birthday, Inside Job. Even Eddie breaking out a cover of Maybe It’s Time from the Star Is Born soundtrack. As Joey will say in the episode, this had the feeling of a set that Ed would write at 4 am.

We’ll speak to our crew on site featuring Joey Goodsir, Mike Cribier, Ned Lally and Jeff Tracy to get their instant reaction takes, and we’ll be back Sunday morning to cap off a crazy weekend in Sin City!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 4 – Sacramento

We’re in the thick of it! The tour continues onward through Northern California with this stop in Sacramento. We’ll hear from our friends from site today led by Ned Lally, and we’ll get into a lot about the energy in the building that made this a great experience. We’ll touch up on the Light Years dedication, Picture In A Frame, the confounding lack of Vs. songs, the Faithfull debacle and much more!

It’ll be a beautiful weekend in Vegas, so let’s play two!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 3 – Portland

Last night we rocked Portland! Show #3 of the Dark Matter tour is in the books, and we got a fun Friday night out of it. The big question on everyone’s mind was when will they debut Waiting For Stevie, and even though it’s the namesake’s birthday on Monday where they’ll be in Sacramento, it seems like they didn’t want to wait at all. How about a little left turn at the end of the set? A mixed up Mamasan with Footsteps FOLLOWING Alive can certainly be considered at the first true ‘holy shit’ moment so far.

We got our friends that stuck around after the show here to recap everything – Mike, Lori, Amy, Mar and Jennifer, and they’ll zip up and down the setlist to talk about what they loved from this one. Until Sacramento!

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 2 – Vancouver Night 2

The first two nights in Vancouver have been completed and now we have an idea of the structure moving forward on this Dark Matter tour. Jason from Edmonton will join us from site to talk about his vantage point as well as some of the moments that stuck out to him, maybe even a few on his wishlist that he didn’t get. But here’s how we stand right now – ten of the eleven Dark Matter songs have now been featured with the only one left very shockingly is Waiting For Stevie. We’ll tap into that and compare this with the first show while looking forward to Friday’s show in Portland.

Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 1 – Vancouver Night 1

Wellllll we finally have our first Pearl Jam show of the Dark Matter era! Lot’s to talk about here. We heard NINE of the eleven tracks from the album, and spoiler alert, but they absolutely delivered. We also got to see the usage of a brand new screen that presented a cool experience unseen in 30+ years of Pearl Jam.

We’ll talk about all of the new songs, including the major tease of the full album being played, holding out until the 5th song til play anything from it, a brand new show closer and a surprise appearance of Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns. Mar, Margaret and Kiley join us to discuss what they heard from this show!

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