Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 13 – Manchester, UK

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Episode Release Date: June 26th, 2024

Welp, it wouldn’t be a European tour without some bumps in the road. We all know the recent history. In 2018, Ed has to go on vocal rest after night one of what was originally slated to be a two night stay. They postpone night two and had to make it up at the end of the tour. Two years ago in Paris, Ed states that the smoke from the wildfires is affecting his vocal chords. This led to the band having to cancel three shows in Europe, and for setlists to be restructured for him to save his voice.

It looks like we’re on that road again as Ed showed up to tonight’s show in Manchester far from being in top shape. We had reported that he was getting winded during songs in Dublin, but it seemed to have escalated last night. Regardless, the band came out to play the fan favorites on this night – Of The Girl, Present Tense, Immortality, I Got Shit, Inside Job, State Of Love And Trust and Fuckin’ Up were all included on the set. We invite back John Cooney who interviews friends out on site after the show. We’ll also hear from Alex Hoggard, Brad Arundale, Rob Darcy and Aurelien Moureaux talk about what they witnessed from their points of view.

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