Episode 181: Aladdin Theater, Las Vegas, NV – 11/30/1993

Let’s kill two birds with one stone here as May’s Vault series continues and we start to get prepping for the upcoming Vegas show! We’re going back to 1993 on the Vs. tour to talk about one of the most recognizable shows that year from the Aladdin Theater on 11/30. This show is know for being the reunion for Stone and Jeff’s former pioneering Seattle grunge band, Green River. Along with former Green River members Mark Arm and Steve Turner from Mudhoney, the reunion is much more than getting a band back together and more so a group of friends being reunited after six years. We’ll also get a crooning Eddie with a very special Vegas-related guest. We’ll hear some stories from two different parties in this show. First, Patrick and Brian from Hallucinogenic Recipe stop by to go over the history of why this was such a highly circulated boot before becoming a Vault show. Then we’ll play a byte from Given To Live’s Tom Pugh who sat with young Reece Jones to chat about his experience at the Oakland show, a story you do not want to miss! That and plenty of Vs. tracks including a phenomenal version of Go, and most importantly, the live debut of Tremor Christ.

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Pearl Jam Fan Josh Arroyo Shares Experience Drumming with the Band

The band was in a tough spot in Oakland after finding out that their Lamborghini, machine gun drummer Matt Cameron tested positive for Covid-19. They had some friends help them out such as Josh Klinghoffer and Richard Stuverud, but the big moment of the night came when Ed asked a simple question: “is there anybody out there who can play drums?” We get to speak with fan fill-in drummer Josh Arroyo about his entire experience living out a dream that would send any Pearl Jam fan to heaven. Josh’s story to get to that moment is nothing sort of amazing. From his father taking him to the Oakland Arena for the first time to see Rush on the Moving Pictures tour, the story comes full circle when he steps into the building with his 12-year old daughter to see her first Pearl Jam show. But that wasn’t the only special thing to happen that night. From his fandom way back to the Cow Palace in San Francisco all the way up to where he’s at today, less than a week from playing and he’s one of the most admired and celebrated fans around. Get to hear the amazing story and more in this special episode!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 5 – Oakland, CA, Night 2

Oakland will forever live on as an extremely important city in Pearl Jam history. These back to back nights are already going down in history as one of those pinpoint moments that are part of the band’s continued evolution. Unlike night 1’s surprises and spontaneity, night 2 felt like a polished night full of surprises. They got the first show jitters out of the way, and now that both Josh and Stuv have a good feel for what they were doing, the band was able to feel comfortable going a little bit out of their comfort zone. The stretch from Throw Your Hatred Down until Brain Of J is something that you’ll maybe never hear from the band again. Dissident! W.M.A.! We’re gonna talk about how this might be the best set we’ve seen on this tour so far and how Richard Stuverud was the star of the show. And also, Rearviewmirror and Crazy Mary make their tour debuts! Hot damn! There’s so much, so just listen in and enjoy. Wait until the end to hear from Given To Live beneficiary Reece, who it took two years for him to get to his dream concert.

Episode 180: Lollapalooza – Irvine, CA – 9/13/1992

**Warning** This episode touches up on the topic of depression and suicide. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, don’t be afraid to call for help. For immediate assistance, dial 1800-273-8255, or dial 988 to reach the suicide prevention hotline. Please, take care of yourselves.

It’s been five years since we’ve lost Chris Cornell, a death that has shook up this community and a life that is dearly missed to this day. To celebrate his memory, we’ll be talking about one of the most memorable moments where he and Pearl Jam linked up at a show, the Lollapalooza tour closer in 1992. It came at a time where Temple of the Dog was discovered a year after the release of the album due to the collaboration between Pearl Jam and Soundgarden members. Performances of Hunger Strike at that time almost never happened, so looking back on it now and what we know, the moment is that much more special.

We talk a lot about Cornell’s life, his talent and the impact he made. This episode pays tribute to everything he provided for music, art, and the fans who cherish it.

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Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 4 – Oakland, CA, Night 1

This was originally supposed to be one episode combining both nights in Oakland, but given everything that happened, there is no way that we can wait this long to react to it! Obviously, this is the story of the tour right here, and potentially the story of the year when the final chapter is written. With Covid-19 cases still rampant in California, there was actually a bit of a super spreader at the LA show, many fans returned home with the disease that’s been ruining our lives for over two years. And sadly, it got to Matt Cameron too. When the band opens up with Rockin In The Free World, it’s a total shocker. But then we get a glimpse of Josh behind the kit instead of Matt. That is clearly the biggest storyline of the show and we’ll dig down deep into all of it including Richard Stuverud’s role and the wonderful moment with Josh Arroyo.

Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged Revisited: An Unlikely Journey to the Show

On the date of the 30th anniversary of MTV Unplugged, we released an episode breaking down every moment from that show and telling every story. Two months later and there’s still more to tell! You may remember going back to the earliest episodes this year that at the end, we asked our listeners if they knew anyone who was at this show to get in touch with us. We were waiting for that email, but unfortunately it never happened. Flash forward to the date that our episode is release, we get a comment on Twitter from someone who tells us that he was indeed there that night. One thing led to another, and here we are sharing the story of Ken Lesnik and what it was like to be in the building that night. As an employee of MTV, Ken was always invited to network events, but Unplugged took place just months after he left. A wild story about him being in the right place at the right time got him in the building that night. He’ll talk about the amazing experience that he had being very close to the front and how this night solidified his fandom. This episode is being released 30 years to the day of the first airing of this on television. There is never a bad time to talk about this legendary show, but there’s no more perfect time than right now. Enjoy Ken’s stories!

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Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 3 – Phoenix, AZ

Every time that there’s a show, you can count on us to react to it! We focus on the Phoenix show from Monday here, show number 4 of 9 and of course there are things to talk about. We’ll get into the Wash opener setting the tone, all of the great speeches about freedom, voting and an introduction to his niece Molly, some of the changes and cuts that impacted the set and what the strongest performances were. And like last episode, we’ll lament the lack of Gigaton usage and plead for an appearance of Rearviewmirror. Enjoy, see you after Oakland!

Episode 179: Mt. Baker Theatre – 5/10/2000

We’re opening up the Vault again for the second of four times in this series! This episode focuses on Vault release #4 that took place in the intimate Mt. Baker Theatre up in Bellingham, Washington. Coming two days before the record came out, this show that amassed no more than 1,500 fans was meant as a preview for the Binaural record with seven songs being played live for the first time. We’ll gets to talk about all of the song debuts – Of The Girl, Breakerfall, Light Years, God’s Dice, Evacuation, Insignificance and even a few from the record that had already been played in some capacity on television or a Bridge School show. How did these songs sound on first listen? Did we get a sense for what they’d become right away, or did they need time to figure out the right comfort zone for playing these songs? All that, and a story about how Binaural may have been considered a dirty word to some fans back in the early 2000s, specifically someone who may host a Pearl Jam podcast you’re currently listening to!

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Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 2 – Los Angeles, CA

We had some great shows this weekend! Lot’s of good conversation here to break everything down. Is Gigaton lacking more representation? Where’s Rearviewmirror? How great was the Taylor Hawkins tribute? We discuss everything and get into what may be in store for Phoenix! Enjoy! http://patreon.com/liveon4legs – sign up to listen!

Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 1 – San Diego, CA

It’s finally happened! We’ve waited for two years to see what the 2020 Gigaton tour was going to be like and we have finally had our first taste. Randy and John dig through the tour opener in San Diego and dissect the most important stories coming out of it. The biggest discussion here is the thematic way that this set was structured, taken elements from ocean related songs and putting them together with their connection to the city and Pearl Jam’s history. Which meant opening with Oceans and closing with the Reverse Mamasan Trilogy! We’ll also get to talk about which out of the Gigaton songs impressed us the most, digging into Retrograde, Dance Of The Clairvoyants and River Cross. And there were no lack of tributes at this show. We’ll take a minute to discuss Ed’s emotional dedication to his brother Chris that led to Long Road as well as a wonderful tribute to Taylor Hawkins. This will be the only tour reaction episode available on all podcast platforms. If you want more instant reaction episodes, the easiest thing to do is become a Patron. Right now we are raising funds for our documentary project and expenses needed for that and touring across country. All help is welcomed. You can join up for as low as $1 a month, or $10 for the year under the bonus leg tier, or for other perks such as episode requests and fan profile episodes, you can join up for $5 a month through the Gigaleg Tier, or $10 a month on the Horizon Leg. Sign up on liveon4legs.com by clicking the become a Patron button, or go to patreon.com/liveon4legs to join!

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Episode 178: Great Western Forum – 7/13/1998

Lots of things happening in this episode! Not only is it the beginning of tour week, our entire month of May we’ll be tackling a new series focusing on Pearl Jam’s Vault show releases. This happened to fall into our laps perfectly as one of the Vaults happens to be the Great Western Forum show from 1998, which is exactly where Pearl Jam will be playing shortly after this episode airs. We’ll get everybody prepped and hyped for tour time and go over some of the great features that will be available to follow along with on liveon4legs.com and Patreon. This show was a fantastic choice for the Vault collection. It can be considered one of the best shows of the first US leg in 1998 and there are many reasons to back that up. For one, The Forum is a massive, historic venue in Los Angeles where hundreds of legendary music acts have performed as well as many Lakers championships won. Ed and the guys are juiced to be playing there and right off the bat it shows. The bulk of these performances could be considered some of the very best renditions. The Yield songs especially. Brain Of J, In Hiding and Live On 2 Legs compilation addition Do The Evolution are major highlights along with excellent versions of Given To Fly, Present Tense, Rearviewmirror and Corduroy.

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Pearl Jam Song Tier Lists: Ep. 11 – Gigaton

We’ve finally hit the last and most recent studio album as in part 11 of our Tier List series will focus on Gigaton! Sure the songs are still pretty fresh, we haven’t YET (but hey, it’s May we’re basically there) gotten a sense of what these songs will truly turn into live, but the album has been in rotation for 2 years so that’s more than enough time to rank it. What will end up as S Tier? Who ever said it was going to be alright? You’ll have to take the long way to find the answer. My takes are my own, yours are for you. We’re going to have different ones, how about that? If you disagree with me, maybe it’s not worth being triggered and upset by how someone else feels. It isn’t worth it, I promise!

Pearl Jam Deprogrammed: Live Compilation Albums

In this episode, we’re going to do something a little different. Back in December of 2020, we put together a little crossover podcast with a show called Deprogrammed. Deprogrammed is a show where every episode they take a different band and attempt to put together a top 10 starter kit as an introduction to get people into the band. What we did was take that concept and inject it with steroids. We took six passionate and well studied fans of the band and had them delve into the entire band’s discography in order to pick what they considered to be the 10 songs that define Pearl Jam fandom. The crew, dubbed the trashy six, is now back and ready to get you hyped for the live shows.

In this episode, we take five live compilations: Live On 2 Legs, Live On 10 Legs, Let’s Play Two, live renditions on the PJ20 Soundtrack and Touring Band 2000 and make an attempt to come up with 10 live tracks from these releases intended either to get people excited about the upcoming live shows, tell a story about their live history, or introduce first timers to what it’s like to see the band. Once again, it’s another struggle in order to come up with compromises, but isn’t that where the entertainment lies?

Thanks to Deprogrammed Podcast host Justin Wilson for yet again dealing with us insane Pearl Jam people. The six names you’ll get to hear in this episode are Live On 4 Legs hosts Randy Sobel and John Farrar, Curtis Hames, Patrick Boegel, Bradley Piasecki and Joey Goodsir.

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Episode 177: Sacramento, CA – 6/22/1995

We’re another week closer to the start of the tour, which means that we’re continuing to build up the hype to highlight some of the cities they’ll be dropping in. This week features the Sacramento show from 1995, a show sandwiched between a fan favorite (Red Rocks) and an infamous (Polo Fields) show, inadvertently making this one overlooked. As far as 1995 shows go, this one is right in that wheelhouse where the Vitalogy era shows thrived in. Ed’s voice is at its peak, Jack is a madman at the kit, and the crowd as rowdy as you can imagine. We have not one, but two guests joining us for this episode. We welcome in our Patron Dylan Sumpter to tell his story about being at his first show, and we get to hear from Branden Palomo of the Better Band Podcast who talks about his experience at the show. There’s three historically notable moments that happen at this show – we get the second performance of the alternate version of Jeremy dubbed “No Jeremy” which was debuted two nights earlier in Red Rocks, we get a performance of Lukin over a year from the release of No Code as well as Habit being played for only the second time. You get to see the evolution of the band throughout the duration of this show. Considering what would happen two days later, this show could be seen as the end of an era. Things wouldn’t quite be the same afterward.

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Pearl Jam Song Tier Lists: Ep. 10 – Lightning Bolt

Well well well, we’re almost done with studio albums. This episode takes us to the album that lasted for the longest time as their “newest” record in Lightning Bolt. This one right now may feel as though it may be falling out of favor with crowds due to a lengthy tour backing the record and a shiny new Gigaton to attach to. But the album has it’s share of moments that can be celebrated off a Pearl Jam record. Within the Swallowed Wholes and My Father’s Sons of the world, there are some underrated ones in here including Yellow Moon and even Pendulum for how much it’s been played. What will make it to Super Tier?

Devo Series: “2022 Tour By The Numbers”

I have a gut feeling this is gonna be good… We haven’t done a DEVO episode in a long time, many of you who have joined recently have possibly never listened to one. Essentially the premise is that we devolve a bit and talk about things that we don’t usually cover anywhere else. A week before the tour starts, we want to hype you up and get excited for this. So we originally brought five songs each to the table where we’d ask the question how many times they’ll be played on this west coast run. However, the numbers got way too interesting and got us thinking a little bigger. Maybe some milestones? Enjoy the nice and lighthearted episode!

Episode 176: Phoenix, AZ – 10/21/2000

Continuing our preparation for the upcoming May tour dates, we’re looking back at a show from Phoenix during the Binaural era. The show is placed during a very strong stretch for the band as the following night would become an all-time classic – their 10th anniversary in Las Vegas. But Phoenix has been a rather quiet stop for Pearl Jam over the years. A lot of people remember the Open Road improv that they did back in 1995, but there were shows that happened there during every album tour from 1998 til 2003, although they’d wait 10 years before they showed up again during Lightning Bolt. Is Phoenix an undervalued Pearl Jam city? Should the shows from there be discussed more often. We do our best to answer those questions with the hope that this year’s show can change the impression of the city. A lot of great performances here including a few that were extremely rare during the Binaural era. Timeless Melody shows up in the middle of the main set, a song by the La’s that was covered thanks to Matt Cameron’s suggestion. We will also get the rarely heard Romanza intro heading into Better Man. Get ready for great versions of Grievance, State Of Love And Trust, Given To Fly, Insignificance, Do The Evolution and I Got Shit scattered throughout the episode!

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Pearl Jam Song Tier Lists: Ep. 9 – Backspacer

This week I’m doing a Tier List for Pearl Jam’s Backspacer album! I know a lot of people who love Backspacer, I definitely liked it more when it came out than I do now, but that’s not to say that there aren’t good songs to discuss here. Sure, Johnny Guitar won’t have much of my backing, but Amongst The Waves will. I do my best not to shit on this album way too much, but sometimes these songs just don’t age as well as others and that’s what I’m attempting to prove here. Share your opinions, I welcome them. But as I write in every description, no one has any business being angry over any of this. They are just songs.

Episode 175: San Diego, CA – 11/21/2013

The theme of this show is the importance of family. This being a hometown show for both Ed and Matt, there are a lot of band member relatives taking in the performance – Ed’s mother and three brothers are in attendance, Matt’s mother, siblings and son Ray are all there, and Mike’s dad Roy is in attendance as well. As much as this is a family show for the band, it was a bonding moment for those who witnessed this on the rail. We invite our long-time friends Debra McMurtrey and Dukes Wooters onto the show to talk about how their friendship developed on this night and to discuss the special bonds that we share with each other through our connection to the band that makes it all so special. This is our first show in the next handful of weeks that’s going to zero in on some of the locations that Pearl Jam will stop at on the upcoming tour in May. This night was the last time they were in San Diego and the purpose of the show was to create a hometown party type atmosphere. They played a 34-song, 3 hour and 20 minute set on this night that’s memorable for a lot of reasons. Not just because we get to see Ed’s mother Karen take down a bottle of wine in the same way her son is known to do, but this set was filled with so many audibles and surprises that would make for special moments in any Pearl Jam show. Some of those surprises include Tremor Christ, Army Reserve, Speed Of Sound, In My Tree and the live debut of Sleeping By Myself. We’ll get into all that and more good stuff from Deb and Dukes, including a breakdown of Ray Cameron’s lackluster Rockin’ In The Free World performance.

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Hallucinogenic Recipe: Ep. 4 – Orpheum Theater ’94

Welcome to another edition of Hallucinogenic Recipe! Patrick and Brian are back and invite guest and Patreon Dan Leehr into the conversation to talk about the background of the Orpheum Theater’s release on both bootleg and video. This is a fascinating conversation, Dan was vital in the digitizing process of the video you’ve mostly likely seen on YouTube. He’ll talk about how he got access to this show and the whole process of putting it together. If you ever wanted to know how the sausage was made in the bootlegging world, this is fantastic insight!

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