Episode 147: Key Arena – Seattle, WA – 12/8/2002

In this episode, we continue our year long 30th anniversary Seattle hometown series with a tune up show from 2002 that took place shortly before the long Riot Act tour in the proceeding year. The band was slowly returning to the public eye for the first time since the end of the tumultuous Binaural tour, and in the two years since that run, the world had completely changed. In the wake of 9/11 was an impending war with Afghanistan that would transition into a war with Iraq that the band vehemently opposed, and would express their opposition to on the Riot Act record. The Riot Act songs are in their infancy of live performances with most of them only being played in between two and five times. We’ll spend some time talking about the crowd’s reaction to these songs and why some of them took a lot quicker to attach themselves to (I Am Mine, Save You, Love Boat Captain) while others maybe didn’t click as much at first (Ghost, Thumbing My Way). But we’ll also get an early appearance of the George W. Bush mask routine during Bu$hleaguer. Another big talking point of the episode is about The Ramones and their presence in the music world at the time. Earlier that year, Eddie, donning a newly buzzed mohawk, inducted The Ramones into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. It came a year after the passing of Joey, and two months later, Dee Dee would die from a heroin overdose. With Johnny’s health in decline, artists at the time were eager to share how The Ramones had influenced them over the years with Ed at the forefront of all of it. We’ll talk about their impact on the music world and how many artists were looking to keep their legacy alive after losing two original members in such a short amount of time.

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Fan Profiles: Mike Packard

Hey everybody now! Welcome to another episode of our Horizon Leg Profiles! We have a doozy of a profile for ya today that was recorded back in June with good friend Mike Packard. Matt Helbig joins us for the conversation. We’ll talk a lot about how we met Mike at Fenway back in 2018 by trying to help him get an original copy of Ten on vinyl signed by Mike McCready. We’ll also talk about his father’s influence on his music taste and re-tell the Bonnaroo 2008 story with his experience hearing Release. And we bullshit a lot, so this is a good episode for those who love bullshit.

Episode 146: PJ20 Night 2 – 9/4/2011

This first night of PJ20 weekend was stricken with bad weather that put a bit of a damper on the show, but they followed up with a Sunday night performance that was one for the ages. While the first night had some song inclusions from the deep cuts in their catalog, it was missing a familiar flow that give Pearl Jam setlists balance. Night 2 has more of those setlist staples intertwined while giving you more of the uncommon tracks that you can cross off your checklist. But just like the night prior, the band invited a handful of guests from the opening acts to join them, including Chris Cornell, who reprised his role in the Temple Of The Dog reunion. We’ll talk about how this show is a true celebration of Pearl Jam and their anniversary, calling back to important moments that shaped the band such as Roskilde 2000, the San Francisco 1995 incident and the Bob Dylan tribute show where they met Neil Young for the first time. This was all about embracing their history with the inclusion of their friends who helped them get to where they were.

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PJ20 Fan Forum

This episode features a forum of Pearl Jam fans talking about their unique experiences from the PJ20 weekend back in September of 2011! Join us to hear everyone’s individual stories on the rain, merch, the Temple reunion, why there’s no bootleg and more!

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Episode 145: PJ20 Night 1 – 9/3/2011

We’re sitting here in year 30 of Pearl Jam about to look back at when they celebrated their 20th anniversary, which happened to be 10 years ago. Whatever equation you want to make of it, the massive weekend event at Alpine Valley was one of the biggest events to that point in Pearl Jam’s history. It was set to be a celebration of the band’s longevity featuring the most loyal group of fans. Friends such as Glen Hansard, Mudhoney, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Strokes all flew up to rural Wisconsin just to be there for this moment. A weekend that would forever be etched in… nope. The rain came pouring down and any prestige that was to come from that night was heavily tainted. However, the show went on as promised and was extended due to the nature of the evening. Pearl Jam went through the gauntlet of their entire catalog through songs that had never been played, In The Moonlight and Setting Forth, to songs that had almost never been played, Education and Help, Help, while trying to scatter the fan favorites such as Breath and Not For You (feat. Julian Casablancas) throughout. But the night will forever be known for the surprise appearance of Chris Cornell for a Temple Of The Dog reunion. As a crowd member on this night, Randy will have a lot to say, probably a lot more than you’d expect him to. But he had been dying to do a podcast on this for just about a decade, cut him some slack. It’s like one of the old school episodes of LO4L, so strap on in and prepare yourself for a long one!

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The Story of Five Horizons with Caryn Rose

Back in the early days of the internet, communities were starting to evolve and develop all over the world wide web. Some people found them in public chat rooms, some found them on message boards, Pearl Jam fans found a special one in Five Horizons. 5H was the original Pearl Jam archival concert chronology that did remarkable research on the band’s history, cataloging details from every show that was available to them. Joining us today is Caryn Rose who helped put this project together. We’ll get to learn some of the ins and outs of running the website and the adversity they went through. Caryn doesn’t hold back on her stories regarding PJ stalker fans, people’s perception of her and Jean, and trying to stay away from the spotlight that came along with the site.

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Patreon Exclusive: Munich, Germany – 3/13/1992

Happy 30th anniversary to Ten! Since we can never have enough content on the seminal record that kickstarted it all, we’ve decided to follow up on the Philadelphia Ten show by going back and covering the original full album show from 1992 in Munich, Germany. It was the end of a pretty important early tour for the band. They were finishing up their first ever run of Europe which featured a lengthy set of shows in the UK, Italy, The Netherlands and then finally ended with 5 dates in Germany. The crowds were intimate and responsive to the new record, and since the band was basically playing it every night anyway, they ended the tour by playing it start to finish. Which means with fewer songs in their arsenal and not wanting this tour to end, what could they possibly have played to extend this night? We’ll also talk about the record and how some of the song placements were weird even for 1992.

Episode 144: Philadelphia, PA – 4/29/2016

It’s the 30th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s debut, and most important album, Ten. So we’re celebrating by taking a look back at one of the most treasured shows of the past decade, the night where they played the entire album in front of a frenzied Philadelphia crowd. It was the fourth of five full album shows in a two-year span that was fueled by a banner raised to the rafters of the Wells Fargo Center honoring the band’s 10 consecutive sellout shows in South Philly. From the time that you hear the iconic opening riff of Alive as the third song in the set, you can tell that the crowd was astounded that they were there to witness history. We’ll go in full depth on the entire album’s recreation from this night and some oddities that came with it that made the setlist flow so unique in itself. Moments such as getting songs like Even Flow, Alive, Porch and Release all happening outside of their positioning’s that we’ve grown so accustomed to. Oh, and we’ll also talk about the consolation prize set, which wasn’t so bad itself, but could never reach the same height that the album’s presence provided.

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Episode 143: Boston, MA – 5/17/2010

Batting second in our Murderer’s Row lineup is this tremendous show out of Boston from 2010. Shows in the Boston or Massachusetts area are usually notable in this band’s lineage, but what made this stop on the Backspacer tour important was the myriad of rarities they brought to the table that night. With every album accounted for, the band dug deep into their catalog to pull out songs that some may have thought they’d never play again. And some they haven’t! A song like Undone that hasn’t been played since that date has only five performances, songs like Rival, Push Me, Pull Me and Bee Girl also find their way into the setlist. We’ll spend time on these as well as the Backspacer tracks that might be a little stuck in that area. Is it weird eleven years later to see tracks like The Fixer and Got Some in highlighted roles? We’ll answer that question!

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Episode 142: Seattle, WA – 11/6/2000

This hometown show is the culmination of a turbulent year for the band where after the Roskilde tragedy, they had to find ways to grieve whilst touring from city to city for 47 dates in the matter of 3 months. During this timeframe they held off on playing Alive, one of the most crucial songs in the band’s catalog, due to it not being appropriate following the incident at hand. On this night in Seattle, to the surprise of many Alive makes it’s triumphant return as part of the healing process. In this episode, we’ll talk about how much weight this performance had and how important it was for them to play in order to move on to the next chapter.

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Episode 141: Los Angeles, CA – 11/24/2013

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Episode 140: Alpine Valley, WI – Lollapalooza 8/29/1992

This episode we head back to summer 1992 for a Lollapalooza afternoon set at Alpine Valley. Two of our Patrons join us to break it all down, Patrick Boegel and Dani King. Dani was there and gives us the inside story, and, for the second episode in a row, we have an EPIC post-show story that you’ll want to stick around for! We’ll talk about some classic Ten songs that were hitting their peak, an early tease of a fan-favorite Lost Dog, why the studio recording of Baba O’Riley is still in the vault, and one of the craziest Porch climbs Ed’s ever done!

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Episode 139: Springfield, MA – 4/6/1994

In this episode we’re going back to those eventful few weeks back in 1994 to cover the show AFTER the iconic Fox Theatre Atlanta show. How would the band follow up that momentous performance? We’ll talk about some early versions of Vitalogy classics, and a wild encore that comes out of nowhere! We’ll cover it all with guest co-host Anthony Krysiewicz (Touring Fan Live), and we’re also joined by Patreon donor Matt Behan, who attended this show as a college student and shares a story at the end that you won’t want to miss! All this plus Ohana Encore news and talk of possible new music?!

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Fan Profiles: Bradley Piasecki

Hey everybody now! Welcome to another episode of our Horizon Leg Profiles! We got to talk to Bradley Piasecki about his fandom going back to 1998 and some cool stories he’s endured along the way, including a crazy story about a radio contest. Check it out to learn much more about Bradley, a staple of the LO4L and PJ pod community since its inception!

Fan Profiles: Chris Davis

This episode is the Horizon Profile for patron Chris Davis! He’ll go into full depth about his fandom in this, enjoy!

Episode 138: Pittsburgh, PA – 10/11/2013

In this episode we cover a tour leg opener from the first show of the Lightning Bolt tour, Pittsburgh 2013. John is joined by OG pod co-host Matt to cover lots of Lightning Bolt debuts, some curious setlist choices, a loud and exuberant crowd, one very excited Pittsburgh Pirate, and one song that hasn’t resurfaced since this show. Will they disagree on everything? Or will they find some common ground? This episode was requested by our patron Chris Davis, the “Pearl Jam Dude,” and we talk to him about his experience at the show, his first.

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Episode 137: Seattle, WA – 7/22/1998

We continue our year-long Seattle Series of shows with this West Coast leg-ender from 1998. While Randy is out on paternity leave, John is joined this episode by Branden from the Better Band Podcast. Along with the usual end of tour shenanigans, we’ll talk a lot about No Code, as 7 songs from the album are played on this night. Fantastic versions of Brain of J., Not For You, and Do The Evolution are highlighted, and we’ll also talk about some versions of songs from Ten that were maybe not at their height (with one exception, 1..2..3..4…). Was Matt Cameron still getting his feet wet as PJ’s drummer after less than 3 months on the job? Who is Mister Pickles? All that and Ultimate Frisbee, Funko Pops, and more on this episode!

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Evolution Series: “Hard To Imagine”

It’s Evolution Baaaaaybaaaaay! We’re excited to bring to you our 14th installment of the Evolution series as voted on by you the Patrons. This episode we’ll cover Hard To Imagine. The song has such a unique and humble beginning starting out as just a little Stone teaser noodle evolving into an improv that would later become a more polished version of the song. Over the years Hard to Imagine had gone long spurts without being played, but it was also one of those ultimate chaser songs. We’ll get into the song’s elusiveness and why the band were reluctant to put it on 3 different albums, but also why they were finally able to accept it as being an incredible, euphoric track that elicits such a powerful emotional response.

Episode 136: Rome, IT – 6/26/2018

Pearl Jam has a rich history of playing shows in Italy. Many of their Italian shows have been among some of their best such as Verona 2006 and the entire Immagine In Cornice run. They’ve also had some not so memorable moments opening up for U2 on the 1993 Zooropa tour where they were not well received. Out of the 21 shows they’ve played there, there might not be one that beats the last time they’ve played there to date at the famous Stadio Olimpico in Rome. In front of 70,000 fans, the band returned to the ancient city for the first time since the 1996 tour. That Rome show is relevant because it was on that tour that Ed wrote the lyrics to what would become Yield song MFC and would play it at his first ever solo show in Rome after the tour ended. Ed tells the story of how MFC was written during this show as the song is clearly an obvious choice to play due to the environment.Speaking of obvious songs, since this is a massive crowd, the band comes out firing with all of their hits. Some of the best moments from this show are the songs that you might be able to hear at any Pearl Jam show, but remember this isn’t in front of a mere 15,000 people in a hockey arena. This is in front of one of the largest stadiums in the world. After Ed had to deal with throat issues that postponed a London show a week prior to this night, they bounced back with a 35-song performance and an instant classic. Release, Elderly Woman, Corduroy, Daughter, Black, Rearviewmirror, Alive, and Rockin’ In The Free World are all major highlights from this show. Thanks to our Patron Craig Peterson for requesting this episode!

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Bridge School Series: #18 – October 26, 2014

It has finally come to this. The Bridge School Series finale is here as we tackle the last Bridge show in the band’s history that took place back in 2014. This show is a mixture of many things that have made these shows great to cover for the last year and a half – staple songs, a few rarer tracks for serious collectors and many special guests on this one including a returning Chris Cornell and for the last time, Uncle Neil Young. Thanks to everyone for tuning into this series for the past 18 months, they were fun little pivots through their history that in some points were the beginning of an era or end of one. There have been songs featured in these shows that we may possibly never cover again, and that was one of the biggest reasons as to why we wanted to do this. If you’ve missed any episodes in the series, they are all available within our Patreon archive. If you’re reading this, let us know what your favorite Bridge episode or show has been!