Pearl Jam’s Yield: A 25th Anniversary Retrospective

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Yield, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane to take a look into the album’s great impact that it’s had on fans for the last quarter decade. We’ll discuss how the album has impacted us personally, what it meant for Pearl Jam during that time period, how the absence of Jack Irons impacted the chances that some of these songs had to get played live and the master studio production work led by the best in the game, Brendan O’Brien. Enjoy the anniversary!

Patreon Exclusive: Tibetan Freedom Concert – Washington D.C. – 6/14/1998

As we celebrate the silver anniversary of one of Pearl Jam’s masterpieces in Yield, we wanted to present you with an episode focusing on a show smack dab in the middle of that era. You may remember the Tibetan Freedom Concert’s coverage on MTV in the summers of the late ’90s and that’s exactly where we’re taking this episode. It’s an important one because you can say that this is  Cameron’s first big show since joining in the interim that spring. We’ll talk about Jack’s exit, how Cameron developed along with the songs, the reason behind why this festival took place and an 8-song setlist during a fantastic tour year. Happy Yield Day! Enjoy!

Episode 218: Mexico City, MX – 11/28/2015

It’s been two years since we’ve covered a show in Mexico City, and there is absolutely no excuse for that. Just like every other Latin American country, the fans from Mexico are some of the loudest and most passionate of any Pearl Jam fans around the world. As the band is now potentially looking at eight full years since playing down there, its as good a time as any to to put focus on them.

There’s no question that this crowd is going to take up the majority of the story for this show. As the band was ending the nine-show run, the fans had been waiting four long years for them to return to the 62,000 person capacity soccer stadium. All of that energy bottled up was exploded from the first note of Pendulum. This crowd was especially prominent on songs such as Small Town, Do The Evolution, Corduroy, Daughter, Rearviewmirror and Black which we’ll talk about at length. There’s also an obscure cover from the Eagles Of Death Metal played here that had only been played on three nights as a tribute to the band who were in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Our question of the week – Have you ever been featured as part of the show? Whether it be a dedication, banter with Ed, a sign you held up or even high fiving Ed or Mike? There’s that, and we’ll hear from our Gear Guru Javier again this week talking about the cross play between Stone and Mike’s guitar’s during this version of You Are.

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Episode 217: Columbia, MD – 9/24/1996

I’ve been to hell I spell it… spell it DMV. We head down to the mid-Atlantic for this episode to cover a show from the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland that took place in the heart of the No Code era in 1996. It’s the perfect year for those great stories that revolve around ordering tickets from non-Ticketmaster venues and the budding collectables scene in the Pearl Jam community now featuring nightly posters. To bring us back to that point in time, we invite our Patron Brian Tuchalski on to the episode to retrace his memory of his first show and some of his favorite moments from that day.

1996 isn’t widely known as an era where Ed connects with the crowd often, but this show has a moment that may set it apart from others. During the bridge of Not For You, Ed stops to address the crowd to apologize if he’s missed any lyrics, and informs them that although the song may be called Not For You, it isn’t them that the song isn’t about. This kickstarted a great night for the crowd as they took over on songs such as Jeremy, Better Man, Blood and Yellow Ledbetter.

Tune in to check out everything, including the question of the week – what Pearl Jam era would you travel back to if you had a time machine? Plus, we invite our Gear Guru Javier back on to talk about Jeff’s cello sounding bassline on Who You Are.

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Pearl Jam Song Tier Lists: Ep. 14 – Lost Dogs Disc 2


All opinions are subjective, but my purpose in these videos has always been to dig as deep into an album as humanly possible and rank each song based off of three things. 1) It’s overall popularity. 2) How it’s utilized live. 3) My personal interests. Those ingredients together make up a tier list ranking that I attempt to be as fair and balanced in order to pay homage to Pearl Jam’s history. This one is the second disc of Lost Dogs. Arguably for me the better disc of the two. The first tier is going to feature a very strong five, but perhaps there may be a tough conversation about what the ‘S’ tier song is going to be. Just a hint, it isn’t Sweet Lew!

What’s great about this band or anything that you have an opinion on is that your opinion is yours and you’re well within your right to have one. Same goes for me. So screaming about me not placing a song where you want it to be adds absolutely nothing to the conversation. Be civil about it, you’re not the only person that loves this band and the songs don’t revolve around you. Peace and thanks!

Pearl Jam Song Tier Lists: Ep. 13 – Lost Dogs Disc 1


All opinions are subjective, but my purpose in these videos has always been to dig as deep into an album as humanly possible and rank each song based off of three things. 1) It’s overall popularity. 2) How it’s utilized live. 3) My personal interests. Those ingredients together make up a tier list ranking that I attempt to be as fair and balanced in order to pay homage to Pearl Jam’s history. This one is the first disc of Lost Dogs. I enjoy the second disc more, but one of my all-time favorites is discussed in this version. Will it be the ‘S’ tier song?!

What’s great about this band or anything that you have an opinion on is that your opinion is yours and you’re well within your right to have one. Same goes for me. So screaming about me not placing a song where you want it to be adds absolutely nothing to the conversation. Be civil about it, you’re not the only person that loves this band and the songs don’t revolve around you. Peace and thanks!

Pearl Jam Song Tier Lists: Ep. 12 – Covers

In this episode you’ll get to hear me break down the best of Pearl Jam’s covers and put them into tiers. I selected 16 songs that are some of the most important that the band has ever done. Tune in to find out which ones rank highest and check out what the S tier cover song will be!

Episode 216: Toronto, ONT, CA – 10/5/2000

It’s been a while since we’ve revisited the Binaural tour, and now is as good a time as any to talk about it. We’re covering the Toronto show, the second show from the second leg of the North America run. While this one may get lost in the shuffle compared to other big shows from this leg such as Vegas and Seattle, there is a lot to talk about within the little pieces that made the songs sound the way they did in 2000. For the first time on the podcast, we’ll hear from our friend Javier Hervas, an expert on guitars and gear who’s studied all of the band’s different set ups throughout the year. I guess you can call him our Gear Guru! He’ll be helping us recognize moments in Sometimes and Brain Of J where both presented a distinct sound of the era, but he’ll let us know how that sound develops through pedals and distortion techniques.

That’s not the only guest we’ll hear from. This episode is a Patron request from Gaby Mockenhaupt who has come to appreciate this bootleg in recent years. We’ll tell her story about her intake of Pearl Jam living in Germany, and listening to this show on holiday. We’ll also invite to the show our friend Steve Bennett, the host of the Sports-Casters podcast, to discuss his story of traveling to multiple dates on this tour and giving us insight as to what was happening in the building on that night.

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Episode 215: St. Paul, MN – 10/19/2014

This episode is about breaking a stigma. No show could ever be at fault for following a marquee night where the entire No Code record was played on a whim. Nor can it be at fault for not being the show in Milwaukee the next night where the entire Yield record was done. But if you ask anyone that was in the building on October 19 of 2014 in St. Paul, Minnesota, they’ll tell you that they got a near perfect show. Pearl Jam hadn’t played in Minnesota (aside from some Target corporate party that doesn’t count) since 2006, but it was two shows where they were the opening act for Tom Petty. So for a full Pearl Jam experience? 2003. This crowd waited 11 years, and although they didn’t get an album show, there were enough moments here that this crowd holds special.

There are a few things to take away from this night. Although the setlist on paper may look like a pretty average Pearl Jam set, the performances are all delivered with a sense of purpose. This was the first instance where Ed spreads awareness for a rare skin disease called EB. Something he and his wife have raised millions of dollars for in order to find a cure ever since that day. He invites a doctor on stage who specializes in bone marrow treatment named Dr. Yakub Tolar, and the result is an inspirational moment where he relates what the band does to his own work in the medical field. Performance wise? It’s hands down Love Boat Captain as the best moment of this show, and it’s a must listen.

Thanks to our Patrons Kirk Walton and Ben Dwyer both for pitching this show. You’ll get to hear their stories during the episode.

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Episode 214: Self Pollution Radio – 1/8/1995

It’s our first show for 2023, and right off the bat we’re gonna take a shot at something we haven’t done before. After the Atlanta show in 1994, Ed took to the airwaves to DJ a show out of a van. It was such a success that he wanted to do it again, but this time feature live performances from the band as well as some other special guests in between spinning records from his personal favorite bands. This is famously known as Self Pollution Radio.

The broadcast took place shortly after the release of Vitalogy at a home that Ed owned in Seattle. He invited all of his friends over, meaning that at least one person from the big four (five if you include Mudhoney) Seattle grunge bands were all in attendance. While Pearl Jam performed some of the best songs off their new record, we also got to hear performances from The Fastbacks, Mudhoney, Soundgarden and the world premiere of Mad Season.

Many of you may remember flipping cassette tapes while listening to this show back in high school or college, so we attempt to bring you back to that moment where you had to stay up late during a 4+ hour broadcast to make sure you recorded the entire thing. We’ll talk about the Vote For Choice benefit that happened a few days after this, the Home/Alive compilation record, guests such as Mike Watt and Krist Novosellic and the ramifications of Ed giving out his phone number over a live broadcast.

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2022 Pearl Jam Live Show Hall Of Fame Induction

It’s the end of the year and time to relive the things we’ve accomplished in 2022. Last year we introduced our inaugural Hall Of Fame of Pearl Jam shows. How does a show go about getting into the Hall Of Fame? The ones that get inducted are from episodes that we’ve done this past year that were rated a unanimous 10/10 by Randy and John. There were ten shows that earned that distinction this year, plus two shows that were ‘veteran’s committee’ picks from episodes of shows we’ve done that we did not give a perfect score to that honestly deserved it. This is our version of a clip show, it’s kind of new content, but we’re pretty much recapping the entire year while spinning some records for you guys. Enjoy!

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Episode 213: St. Louis, MO – 9/18/2022

We’ve made it to the last episode of the year and we’re tackling the one that everyone is still raving about after 3 months – St. Louis! With Randy and John both in attendance, we’re going to relive some pretty good memories of not just the show itself, but being around friends and getting the rare opportunity to see the community come as one in person. John will relay the tale of how pessimistic he was about Ed’s voice after playing the third night in a row, while Randy shares his journey that almost took him backstage.

This show was for all types of fans; old school fans who love the Ten era days were treating to an encore of songs that were written before 1992, serious collectors got to witness a few more uncommon songs to hear these days such as Of The Girl and Sad, and then the fan who just loves the buzzsaw of a rock n roll show got exactly that. On a Sunday night set, they took the stage in great spirits and made connections with the crowd throughout the duration of the show. The crowd more than did their part for this and we’ll talk about how on top of their game they were all night, especially with a newer song like Retrograde.

We have a very special story to share in this episode as well. You may remember that Ed dedicated Sad to a woman named Debbie. Debbie is a friend of ours, and she was kind enough to share her story that led to her request. It’s a must listen.

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Pearl Jam Stories w/ Richard Stuverud

We had a very special guest attend our annual Live On 4 Legs Holiday Party this year – Mr. Richard Stuverud joined us to talk about his dream moment playing in Pearl Jam on the live stage. It was the largest crowds that he’d ever performed in front of. We got to have a very open conversation with him about the experience and all that’s happened after, especially if his own solo career has changed since it went down.

Evolution Series: #20 “Dirty Frank”

Happy holidays everyone! Just like last year, we’re dropping a surprise Evolution episode right in the middle of the holiday party. Chasers, shut yo mouth! We’re just talking about Dirty Frank! Since Frank had a big revitalization with the Earthlings this year, we thought this would be as good a time as ever to tell the story. We’re breaking down one of the most requested songs in their history and telling the story of why and how this became a cult classic. Enjoy!
Hoping to do many more of these for 2023!

Episode 212: Frankfurt, DEU – 6/28/2022

After Pearl Jam had to cancel the final two shows of the west coast run in May, there was a bit of a concern as to the state of the band when the European tour started in June. There were a few shows at the beginning of the tour that felt like pretty average, safe setlists. So on the fifth night of the leg, the band opened up the vault a bit and led way to fans experiencing some deeper cuts in Frankfurt. Thanks everybody for voting this in as the episode representing the Europe tour as we finish off the year recapping some of the best from 2022!

A beautiful 100+ year old building with amazing acoustics is where the band set camp for their first show in the city in 30 years. As mentioned, the big crowd moments were spread all throughout this night, and one of the biggest opened the show in Inside Job. That made way for more fan service performances such as Last Exit (being played for the first time in 2022), Fatal and In My Tree. The crowd did their part to give love back to the band as they treated this show like a big celebration. We’ll talk more about Gigaton songs, the Ukraine war and some of the songs that had an important run this year.

Question of the Week: When Pearl Jam goes with a set filled with songs more uncommon to hear than others, what songs make you gravitate to that set?

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2022 Pearl Jam Fantasy Setlist Draft Tournament Edition – Round 4

Welcome to round four of our first bracket in the 2022 Fantasy Setlist Draft! We now have three winners who made it to the finals, and we’re looking for our final competitor here. For round 4, we go to battle with Mike, Kieran, Amy and Jeremy to see who has the setlist to garner the most votes!

If you missed the past three episodes, here is the basic foundation for the rules:

– Everyone is drafting a set in order of where they want their songs to be played. So opener would be the first pick, closer would be the last. Once a song is taken, it’s no longer available to draft.

– Everyone gets a 24-song setlist to curate, 18 main set tracks and 6 encore. The song options for the draft are based solely off of the songs that were played during the 2022 tour this year. The only other restriction is within the first 5 songs that must consist of songs done in the sitdown section as they did on this tour. Drafter can choose to pick 5, or pick and Ed pre-set song to begin and pick 4.

– There’s a lot of chaos happening! Especially So when we’re done here, head to our social media pages to check out the voting, because YOU pick the winner!

Facebook – Pearl Jam Podcast Community group

Twitter – @liveon4legspod

Let’s see how this one plays out! See you in next week for the Championship Livestream!

Episode 211: Fresno, CA – 5/16/2022

With a full year of touring finally under their belt, the last three episodes of 2022 will feature a few of the best from each leg. We start off with an interesting one that took place on the west coast leg emanating from Fresno, CA. The band was in a tough spot with Matt Cameron still being sidelined due to Covid, but sometimes unfortunate situations can breed special moments. With Josh Klinghoffer and Richard Stuverud still back behind the kit to help out, they also recruited their original drummer, Dave Krusen, to take the stage for ten (double meaning there) songs for the first time at a Pearl Jam show since 1991. This performance was like comfort food for the old time fan who loved Dave’s groove off of Ten from the time they were a teenager. They played nearly every song from the record and gave Dave his moment to shine, something that he always deserved as a founder of the band.

Drummer drama isn’t the only hurdle they had to jump in Fresno. Ed was dealing with a bout of food poisoning that he claimed to be one of the worst he’s had aside from the infamous Polo Grounds show from 1995 where Neil Young replaced him in the set. Most of the songs prove to be a challenge for Ed vocally leading to some clunky performances in the beginning. But there is a certain movie character we compare him to once Krusen steps in and Ed suddenly seems much better. Can you guess who?

Question of the week we ask here is what songs do you think that Krusen could have been a good fit on if he had stuck around for later records.

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Evolution Series: #19 “W.M.A.”

It’s Evolution Baby! Time to dig real deep into a Pearl Jam live track, but more importantly it’s time to dig into one that made an impact in 2022, and that’s W.M.A. There are a few stories to be told here. There’s the origin story which clearly stems from police officer bias, that gave them one of their first true socio-political songs out of the many that would follow. Then there is the story about the scattered full versions in the early nineties that of course had the original identity when featuring Dave A, and even three better than excellent Jack Irons performances. And then for 13 years the only way we’d hear this song would be through Daughter tags. But the song had it’s redemption arc, even if it was broken down into shorter lifespans, and that will lead us all the way to Oakland and Amsterdam this year where the song was brought back to the high caliber level that we remember it being. 
“It’s the best thing they/we do” – you and us on this episodic series. See you real soon for another.

Fan Profiles: Freddie Blood

In this profile episode we’re talking to Freddie Blood who requested the Detroit episode that ran this week! He’s got a lot talk talk about, including going way back to where he didn’t know who Pearl Jam was (because no one did) in 1991 where he saw his first two shows. He’ll talk about his time as a fan, some of his favorites from the records and the trip on a whim that took him from MSG through Denver this past September.

Hey have you not had a profile episode yet? Well, stop wasting time. We’re ready to catch up with you! This is for Horizon Leg members only!

Episode 210: Detroit, MI – 10/16/2014

In this episode, we put a Stranglehold on Detroit Rock City as it’s time to Kick Out The Jams on this Elephant of a show with tons of Raw Power that emanated from Detroit in 2014. A 32-song set with an excellent crowd that took place in the middle of their Heartland Tour during the Lightning Bolt era, this show was dominated by Motor City Easter eggs, local sports legends and some things you’ve never witnessed before. Big thanks to long-time Horizon Leg Patron, Fred Blood, for requesting this as he’ll get to tell his story in the episode.

Though it was the show that preceded the wildly popular Moline No Code performance, people still talk about this one eight years later. There’s no shadow hanging over it, and it’s because it was an excellent mix of fan favorites, rarities and tons of memorable speeches. It was the sixth all-time performance of Black Red Yellow, the first instance where Release and Oceans opened up a show back-to-back and includes a highly emotional version of Light Years dedicated to Ikey Owens from Jack White’s band who had recently passed away.

Listen in if you want to find out what happens when you challenge Chris Chelios to a fight, and discover the reason as to why Get Right hasn’t been played in nearly 20 years. But stay until the end if you want to know which 2022 shows we’ll be covering during the month of December!

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