Episode 292: Lisbon, POR – 7/14/2018

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Episode Release Date: July 10th, 2024

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

As we plan to bid farewell to a rocky European tour this week, we’re prepping for the final show of the run in Lisbon, Portugal by covering their performance at the NOS Alive Festival from 2018. This is the same festival that they’ll play this week that they’ve played two other times in previous years. We’ll get to talk about a very special guest who appeared on this show to partake in Rockin’ In The Free World, the legendary Jack White!

The theme of this episode will circle around the stigma that festival shows get for being way too run of the mill setlist wise and too casual crowd wise. For a crowd in Portugal who goes through extended stretches without seeing this band, this show absolutely bucks the trend of being what some may consider a more generic set. This crowd has a few big moments that transpire here like Low Light being used as an opener with Better Man as the follow up, big crowd participation moments on Daughter, Black and Rearviewmirror, a few deeper cuts thrown in like Rats and In My Tree, and a song that we barely get to talk about on this podcast, Can’t Deny Me.

Check out the usual rundown of the setlist, but at the top of the episode we’ll do a quick reaction to the recent shows that took place in Barcelona!

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