Episode 269: Columbus, OH – 5/6/2010

This episode is a very spiritual affair that will have us look deep into the depths of Pearl Jam as a “religion” of sorts. We’re discussing Columbus 2010, and during one of Ed’s speeches he talks about it being national prayer day and considering turning the band into a religion in order to be tax exempt, and have Stone as their Jesus! So the episode is somewhat molded around the theme of the fanbase celebrating the band as if it were a religion, and how our experiences with the music also creates a common bond with others throughout our community. They even tie performances into this theme such as Faithfull, Marker In The Sand, and of course Alive.

While we read from the old testament of Pearl Jam, we are visited by a holy spirit in this show in the form of Mike McCready. During the pre-set, Mike came out and played a two-song solo set, something that he almost never does. Digging into a Stones cover of Dead Flowers and an original song written for his son, we’ll talk about his efforts and why a solo record could work really well for him. Another big topic from this show stems from an unsolved mystery of a fan local to the Columbus area. Brian Shaffer disappeared while out with friends in April of 2006, and 18 years later this has remained a cold case. Ed raises awareness to the situation, and it’s something that has remained a pinned thread on the Ten Club forum to this day. The band plays a haunting version of Come Back in his honor that makes for one of the most powerful moments at this show.

Thanks to our Patron, Travis Howell, for requesting this show and joining us to tell his story. Javier will join this episode to talk about how much he loves the sound of the 2010 tour (which is not very much at all) and will focus on Amongst The Waves and Marker In The Sand.

Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 16 – Saturday Night Live 2010

This is the fourth and final time to date that Pearl Jam has been the guest performers on Saturday Night Live. We all know that there are some legendary performances from Porch to Rearviewmirror and Not For You which have made their history at SNL so special, but midway through the Backspacer era it felt as though some of that magic couldn’t be replicated again. But with that being said, we have two performances of Just Breathe and Unthought Known here that will get to having a few good conversations about.

Also, Pearl Jam made an acting cameo in this show! In a skit that parodies a famous Twilight Zone episode, Pearl Jam makes an appearance with Bobby Moynihan. Find out what their bit role was as we’ll dig into it in this episode!

Episode 227: Bristow, VA – 5/13/2010

Most shows that go down as some of the greatest in Pearl Jam’s history are usually remembered for having an excellent crowd feeding off their energy. There are some shows that may not get discussed as often due to a crowd not living up to expectations. Bristow, VA 2010 fits into that latter category. On a cold night in an outdoor amphitheater just outside of Washington DC, the band had a challenge at hand when difficulties connecting with the crowd let to a few rough performances. As professionals, they kept pushing and pushing, and the crowd slowly but surely started to give them the reaction they desired. It was all good in the end, but this week’s episode talks about some of the struggles that this show presented.

Right off the top of the show we’ll run our interview with the host of The Better Band Podcast, Branden Palomo. After four years, his podcast that features a song-by-song run through of every Pearl Jam track will be going on hiatus. We bring him on to thank him for his work and get a little introspective on how his time with his show gave him a new outlook on this community.

Our question of the week stems from the theme of the episode. We read your answers on whether or not you’ve ever been to a Pearl Jam show where the band and crowd had a difficult time connecting. In our Gear Guru segment this week, Javier discusses the change in set-up for the Backspacer tour, including how shows from this era sound way more condensed than they did in the past.

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Episode 203: Dublin, IRE – 6/22/2010

This episode focuses on the last show to date that Pearl Jam has played in Ireland, taking us to Dublin for a performance from 2010. We thank our Patron, Clare O’Leary, for pitching a request from her one and only Pearl Jam show, and we’ll tell her story on the episode. This show is widely known for one massive moment that takes precedent – the debut of a song called Of The Earth. Of The Earth is an epic, almost cinematic song that the band never seemed to figure out how to get it done in the studio. But the song’s legacy mirrors something similar to Falling Down, a very rare track to be utilized solely for the live stage. We’re gonna talk about why this song is so important, what makes this version special and why we may never see something like this again.

As a tour leg opener, the band came out with the songs they were most familiarized with. Aside from two debuts and Long Road, every song played in this set was played at either the first or second night of MSG, the last shows of the US leg. The other pretty notable debut on this night was Arms Aloft, a song from late era Joe Strummer project, The Mescaleros. We’ll get to hear a story about Strummer’s connection with Pearl Jam, and how before he passed, some big plans were in motion for a tour with the two bands.

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Episode 191: Heineken Open’er Festival, Gdynia, POL – 7/1/2010

After a memorable show in Krakow on the 2022 European tour, we’re set to go back to Poland to cover the Heineken Open’er Festival show from 2010. The show was a day after the Berlin show from that year, which had a touching tribute to the Roskilde victims being the 10th anniversary of the tragedy. That theme was on their minds at this show as Ed has to deal with some early crowd rambunctiousness that he had nearly no patience for.

This was in the middle of touring for Backspacer, so we’ll be able to catch up on songs from that album for the first time in about 6 months. This is including The Fixer, where we try to make sense of the recent infatuation that blew us away after it was crossed off a setlist earlier in this tour. Great versions of Hail, Hail, Even Flow, Amongst The Waves and Rearviewmirror are all discussed, but perhaps most importantly, we get a version of Just Breathe with bass!

Joining us to tell her story is our Patron Anita Stelmasiuk who had a long journey before making it to her first show. Get to hear her stories about joining the Ten Club at an early age, the challenges she faced in order to get to this show and some of the moments that impacted her that night.



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Episode 143: Boston, MA – 5/17/2010

Batting second in our Murderer’s Row lineup is this tremendous show out of Boston from 2010. Shows in the Boston or Massachusetts area are usually notable in this band’s lineage, but what made this stop on the Backspacer tour important was the myriad of rarities they brought to the table that night. With every album accounted for, the band dug deep into their catalog to pull out songs that some may have thought they’d never play again. And some they haven’t! A song like Undone that hasn’t been played since that date has only five performances, songs like Rival, Push Me, Pull Me and Bee Girl also find their way into the setlist. We’ll spend time on these as well as the Backspacer tracks that might be a little stuck in that area. Is it weird eleven years later to see tracks like The Fixer and Got Some in highlighted roles? We’ll answer that question!

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Episode 93: Newark, NJ – 5/18/2010

Who out there loves a show featuring a ton of back catalog? Well, if you’re someone who does then you’re gonna really like this show. Newark from 2010 on the Backspacer Tour was sandwiched in between shows in two major cities, so the band was able to play around with the setlist to bring in some of the more obscurer tracks in their history. It all starts with the opener to set the mood for the night and Of The Girl into Brain of J accomplishes that right away. This show takes from all eras of the band’s deep legacy, but one of the most profound from this show are the Ten era songs that almost never get played. Alone and Brother are a part of that grouping and this night being the last they have played Brother to date, and even Footsteps makes an appearance to fit in with the 91 era rarities that didn’t make the album. They also go back to Yield and Binaural quite a few times in favor for some of their all-time hits like Better Man, Black and Porch. We also get to make fun of people from New Jersey a wee bit and how when the band played Jersey Girl, the crowd chanted for hometown boy Bruce Springsteen instead of the original writer of the song Tom Waits. It’ll probably be a cold day in hell before Tom Waits gets any arena chanting his name, but as the incredible song writer that he is he certainly deserves that credit.

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Episode 52: Madison Square Garden – 5/21/2010

When you start a conversation with a Pearl Jam fanatic asking them what the best show of all time is, there are a few answers that immediately come to mind. Pinkpop 92, Soldier Field, Randall’s Island are all shows that people speak of with the fondest of memories, but in this episode we’re covering a show that hangs among the pantheon of the best shows ever. MSG Night 2 2010 was an instant classic with too many incredible moments to count. Randy and Buckley host the show this week and both of them were there that night. The recap and love for this show tells the story. Coming from two different perspectives, this was the first show Buckley attended with very little knowledge of the band prior. He’ll talk about how the crowd and the passion from the stage that night turned him into a lifetime fan. Right from the bat with Corduroy, you could tell that something special was in the air. The set list is an array of rarities mixed with strong versions of the big hits. For anyone that’s listened to this podcast before and enjoys the song bytes added in, there will be no lack of clips on this episode! From Evolution to Nothingman, Push Me Pull Me and the W.M.A. Tag on Daughter to all of the juicy encore moments such as Lukin II, Black Red Yellow, Sweet Lew, Better Man, Hunger Strike and Kick Out The Jams. Holy bleep, there’s a lot of bleepin’ good shit on this show!

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Episode 47: Madison Square Garden – 5/20/2010

We are back to our 2019 long MSG series taking a look at every show the band performed at the World’s Most Famous Arena. This episode we cover Night 1 of 2010 – a show that gets overshadowed by the magic of the following night, but in its own right has its memorable moments. Randy was in attendance on this night, and although it was over nine years ago and the memories have faded a bit, there are big moments that still stick out to him as some of his favorite live moments to this day. Most of the moments were courtesy of the red hot crowd that poured their heart and soul into this show. Renditions of Elderly Woman, Once, Crazy Mary and Indifference as the closer have incredible crowd participation, so much so that you can hear the crowd better on the boot than you can Ed. But with all of this show’s ups there were also some downs from this night. While the crowd and overall performance of the band was a huge strength, the meaty part of the first set left a little to be desired. They got off to a hot start, but after Even Flow the set lacked a powerful punch and defining moment. As John mentions in the episode, it felt like they randomly chose tracks from different albums and blindly placed them in the set. Lots of topics to cover here for all you set list nerds!

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Episode 35: Hartford, CT – 5/15/2010

If I were to wager a bet, I’d take a guess that not every American citizen, or American Pearl Jam fan, would be able to locate Hartford, Connecticut on a map or be able to give one distinction about the city that sets it apart from others. Hartford? Well, if you know your US capitals you may certainly know it. Remember the Hartford Whalers? Breakfasts come and go but The Whale only beats Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime. Outside of that, there’s really not much else that distinguishes this random New England city from its counterparts. So why would we cover a Hartford show before we cover cities enriched in music history including the band’s hometown of Seattle or London, England? It’s this simple – when the band comes to town, it feels like the biggest city in the world. There’s a very special reason for that that I can’t reveal in writing, you’re just gonna have to listen and find out. Sure, I lived in Hartford County for nine years but when the band came to town back in 2010, I thought they’d treat this like any other random city without a professional sports franchise. Maybe no rare songs, no special crowd moments. Basically play the hits and peace out. But boy was I wrong. I was so wrong that the band on multiple occasions talked about how much they loved the XL Center and how much they were feeling the crowd. The crowd on this night was so special that they’d get to hear a song that would be played one time, one time only (until their return 3 years later) just because they had a good feeling about it. Their cover of Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” on that night is living proof that if a crowd is gonna give the band all they got, the band is going to give you that much more in return. So I guess Hartford doesn’t seem so random anymore, does it?

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Episode 27: Belfast, UK – 6/23/2010

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! This is our first episode covering a show on the Emerald Isle. However, this is Northern Ireland, and apparently that’s completely different from Ireland? We’re yanks, we don’t know better. Anyway, if you can believe it, nine years ago was the last time they made a stop in Ireland, at this very show in Belfast, and to date this has been their only performance in Northern Ireland. It’s kind of surprising, as you’ll hear us talk all throughout the episode the crowd was on fire all night. Why wouldn’t they go back when they’ve frequented Europe multiple times since Backspacer? This episode has some fun moments including where we get to cover a Pearl Jam wedding. Yes, an actual wedding took place at this show. I repeat – PEARL JAM WAS SOMEONE’S WEDDING BAND. Just let that sink in. Eddie plays a first dance for the happy couple, a lovely rendition of Amongst The Waves. We also get a few uncommon performances at this show such as No Way and Tremor Christ.

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Episode 5: Berlin, DEU – 6/30/2010

We’re on a road movie to Berlin! In this episode, we add our 5th and 6th legs to the podcast – Stephen Maytan! He talks about his experience traveling from New York to Germany and what it was like to be in the crowd on a very emotional night. This night in Germany was the 10th anniversary since Roskilde Festival tragedy. They poured all of their emotions into renditions of Black and Come Back as the crowd responded with a heartfelt appreciation for the band. We talk about how a beautiful summer night in Germany banded a crowd of strangers together bonded as family.

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