Episode 203: Dublin, IRE – 6/22/2010

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Episode Release Date: October 12th, 2022

This episode focuses on the last show to date that Pearl Jam has played in Ireland, taking us to Dublin for a performance from 2010. We thank our Patron, Clare O’Leary, for pitching a request from her one and only Pearl Jam show, and we’ll tell her story on the episode.

This show is widely known for one massive moment that takes precedent – the debut of a song called Of The Earth. Of The Earth is an epic, almost cinematic song that the band never seemed to figure out how to get it done in the studio. But the song’s legacy mirrors something similar to Falling Down, a very rare track to be utilized solely for the live stage. We’re gonna talk about why this song is so important, what makes this version special and why we may never see something like this again.

As a tour leg opener, the band came out with the songs they were most familiarized with. Aside from two debuts and Long Road, every song played in this set was played at either the first or second night of MSG, the last shows of the US leg. The other pretty notable debut on this night was Arms Aloft, a song from late era Joe Strummer project, The Mescaleros. We’ll get to hear a story about Strummer’s connection with Pearl Jam, and how before he passed, some big plans were in motion for a tour with the two bands.

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  1. 33:25 You’re wondering what Ed says in the middle of Nothingman. It’s just an audible to the sound engineer. He says “High end, back up.”

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