Patreon Exclusive: JC Dobbs – Philadelphia, PA – 7/12/1991

It has been nearly EIGHT months since we have properly covered a show from 1991 for Patreon, so now is the time to head back in that direction. All that being said, this show might be the best possible choice to select from the bunch. JC Dobbs in Philadelphia marks their first ever show in Philly, and there’s a lot of history that comes with this. For a long time, this stood as the earliest boot that you could get your hands on where the band was using the name Pearl Jam instead of Mookie Blaylock. Along with that, it was the earliest boot where you could hear songs like Oceans, Jeremy and State Of Love And Trust. That all kind of changed when the Citi show from Boston was unearthed in the last decade. However, this is one of very few shows where we have Matt Chamberlain making an appearance on drums, so there’s a lot of eye opening conversations that we get to have here. Enjoy the episode and let us know what you want us to cover as an exclusive episode next!

Episode 183: Burlington, VT – 11/2/1991

Surprise! It’s a bonus episode to kick off a new series for June, we’re covering shows in states that Pearl Jam has only played one time, one time only. Randy gets a break for this one, as John is joined by Hallucinogenic Recipe host Brian Horwitz to discuss the band’s only show in Vermont, Burlington 11/2/91. Brian talks about going to college in Vermont in the mid-90’s and some shows he attended in this historical venue. The show itself is only 7 songs, but there’s plenty to talk about, including a Wash opener and all of the side A Ten rockers. Stick around to find out what gift Eddie brought for the crowd!

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Patreon Exclusive: Cow Palace – Daly City, CA – 12/31/1991

Happy New Year everyone! What’s a better way to kick off 2022 than to relive one of two occasions where the band has played on New Year’s Eve. As a matter of fact, the 1992 NYE show was the first Patreon exclusive we ever did so it makes sense that we tackle the 1991 show for this year! This was one of the very few shows where Nirvana was on the bill instead of the Smashing Pumpkins on the RHCP tour. If you were wondering if there were a rift between the bands having to deal with each other backstage, you wouldn’t be wrong. We’re gonna spend a good chunk of this episode discussing how Pearl Jam and Nirvana’s trajectories at this point in time were very different, yet Pearl Jam would end up rising faster than you’d think. It’s a 7-song set with a ton of energy, possibly the largest crowd PJ had played in front of in their year and change long existence.

Patreon Exclusive: CBGB’s – New York, NY – 11/8/1991

This episode covers the band’s lone appearance at the pinnacle of New York City club venues. In November of 1991 while touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam took a quick detour to play the legendary CBGB’s for a short, low attended set. It was their only appearance at the famed punk venue. It’s an 8-song set with a very unique opener in Black along with the standard fare off of Ten from 1991. Check it out to hear our coverage on the show, and maybe a quick word from a former member of Pearl Jam? You’ll just have to find out.

Episode 111: Mural Amphitheater – 8/23/1991

This episode begins our 2021 year-long series featuring important shows from the band’s hometown in Seattle. We kick it off with a great show from the Mural Amphitheater right outside where the Space Needle resides. This show is notable for so many things. It’s their final show they played before the official release of Ten, it’s the first show that drummer Dave Abbrusezze joined up with them and it’s the first performance in an outdoor venue. In this episode we’ll talk a little bit about this time period and has the turbulence of going through two drummer changes within a 3 month span didn’t seem to deter them from going out and playing shows. Although this might’ve been Dave A’s debut, you would’ve never been able to tell by the way the band presented themselves. It’s a Ten era show and maybe the unofficial kickoff of the Ten era, but it felt like the band was destined for bigger things at this point. Getting their own spotlight on a stage right in front of the Space Needle was exactly what they needed in order to grow and evolve into the superstardom that would develop in the following year.

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