Episode 143: Boston, MA – 5/17/2010

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Episode Release Date: August 18th, 2021

Batting second in our Murderer’s Row lineup is this tremendous show out of Boston from 2010. Shows in the Boston or Massachusetts area are usually notable in this band’s lineage, but what made this stop on the Backspacer tour important was the myriad of rarities they brought to the table that night. With every album accounted for, the band dug deep into their catalog to pull out songs that some may have thought they’d never play again. And some they haven’t! A song like Undone that hasn’t been played since that date has only five performances, songs like Rival, Push Me, Pull Me and Bee Girl also find their way into the setlist. We’ll spend time on these as well as the Backspacer tracks that might be a little stuck in that area. Is it weird eleven years later to see tracks like The Fixer and Got Some in highlighted roles? We’ll answer that question!

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