Episode 58: Madison Square Garden – 5/2/2016

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Episode Release Date: December 11th, 2019

We’ve made it to the end of our 10-part MSG series and in this episode, Randy and Chris break down the latest Garden show to date from 2016. As both were in attendance on both nights, it was kind of impossible to judge this show without putting it up head to head with the first night, and when doing so, some of what you got from this night might be considered disappointing.

A huge list of songs from this night were doubled up from night 1 including many in the exact same spots and that led to some points of criticism. With this being the Garden, expectations were fairly high and repeating some of the first night’s set left a little bit of a lackluster feel. However, it didn’t disrupt it from being a good show with a lot of Ten-era heavy tracks, including the more uncommon Garden and Deep.

There were two big highlights from this night everyone remembers and they come from the special guests that joined them on stage. Cheap Trick accompanied them early in the set for Surrender and none other than Sting joined the band to sing Driven To Tears. These were the big time Garden moments that the first night might have been missing.

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