Episode 93: Newark, NJ – 5/18/2010

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Episode Release Date: August 19th, 2020

Who out there loves a show featuring a ton of back catalog? Well, if you’re someone who does then you’re gonna really like this show. Newark from 2010 on the Backspacer Tour was sandwiched in between shows in two major cities, so the band was able to play around with the setlist to bring in some of the more obscurer tracks in their history.

It all starts with the opener to set the mood for the night and Of The Girl into Brain of J accomplishes that right away. This show takes from all eras of the band’s deep legacy, but one of the most profound from this show are the Ten era songs that almost never get played. Alone and Brother are a part of that grouping and this night being the last they have played Brother to date, and even Footsteps makes an appearance to fit in with the 91 era rarities that didn’t make the album. They also go back to Yield and Binaural quite a few times in favor for some of their all-time hits like Better Man, Black and Porch.

We also get to make fun of people from New Jersey a wee bit and how when the band played Jersey Girl, the crowd chanted for hometown boy Bruce Springsteen instead of the original writer of the song Tom Waits. It’ll probably be a cold day in hell before Tom Waits gets any arena chanting his name, but as the incredible song writer that he is he certainly deserves that credit.

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