Episode 191: Heineken Open’er Festival, Gdynia, POL – 7/1/2010

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Episode Release Date: July 20th, 2022

After a memorable show in Krakow on the 2022 European tour, we’re set to go back to Poland to cover the Heineken Open’er Festival show from 2010. The show was a day after the Berlin show from that year, which had a touching tribute to the Roskilde victims being the 10th anniversary of the tragedy. That theme was on their minds at this show as Ed has to deal with some early crowd rambunctiousness that he had nearly no patience for.

This was in the middle of touring for Backspacer, so we’ll be able to catch up on songs from that album for the first time in about 6 months. This is including The Fixer, where we try to make sense of the recent infatuation that blew us away after it was crossed off a setlist earlier in this tour. Great versions of Hail, Hail, Even Flow, Amongst The Waves and Rearviewmirror are all discussed, but perhaps most importantly, we get a version of Just Breathe with bass!

Joining us to tell her story is our Patron Anita Stelmasiuk who had a long journey before making it to her first show. Get to hear her stories about joining the Ten Club at an early age, the challenges she faced in order to get to this show and some of the moments that impacted her that night.

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