Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 19 – Vienna Cancelation

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Episode Release Date: July 20th, 2022

Nobody ever wanted this. Especially twice during the touring year. But here we are. We were so close to the finish line, only four more dates left before closing the chapter on this European run, and as we saw in California, the van broke down on the way to the arena. They actually let people in the building this time before an announcement was made. It’s heartbreaking, but furthermore, you now have to put into consideration that this is part of the deal moving forward. We know that they aren’t getting younger. Bodies wear down after a tour like this, and it makes it all the more difficult that families couldn’t attend this time around.

This reaction is an honest discussion of what the future may look like for Pearl Jam. How can they prepare a tour moving forward that isn’t going to cause them to cancel mid-way through? What options could they consider to make it work? Who will be effected in the long haul? We’ll also talk a little about the fan reaction and how YOU should prepare for shows and traveling moving forward. It’s not a happy one, but it had to happen. Hope to see some good news for Prague.

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