Episode 227: Bristow, VA – 5/13/2010

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Episode Release Date: April 5th, 2023

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas , Branden Palomo

Most shows that go down as some of the greatest in Pearl Jam’s history are usually remembered for having an excellent crowd feeding off their energy. There are some shows that may not get discussed as often due to a crowd not living up to expectations. Bristow, VA 2010 fits into that latter category. On a cold night in an outdoor amphitheater just outside of Washington DC, the band had a challenge at hand when difficulties connecting with the crowd let to a few rough performances. As professionals, they kept pushing and pushing, and the crowd slowly but surely started to give them the reaction they desired. It was all good in the end, but this week’s episode talks about some of the struggles that this show presented.

Right off the top of the show we’ll run our interview with the host of The Better Band Podcast, Branden Palomo. After four years, his podcast that features a song-by-song run through of every Pearl Jam track will be going on hiatus. We bring him on to thank him for his work and get a little introspective on how his time with his show gave him a new outlook on this community.

Our question of the week stems from the theme of the episode. We read your answers on whether or not you’ve ever been to a Pearl Jam show where the band and crowd had a difficult time connecting. In our Gear Guru segment this week, Javier discusses the change in set-up for the Backspacer tour, including how shows from this era sound way more condensed than they did in the past.

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