Episode 228: West Palm Beach, FL – 4/11/2003

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Episode Release Date: April 12th, 2023

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

As is the theme for this year, we’re back to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Riot Act tour for the next few weeks looking into some of Pearl Jam’s most notable shows from April of 2003. We’re talking about a show from West Palm Beach in this episode, which may not stand out to you on paper, but it features significant moments that define some of the themes for this entire tour year. Three themes are prominent from this era – 1) is of course the political aspect as the country had just gone to war with Iraq and Ed had put President Bush under scrutiny every night. 2) is the aftermath of Roskilde still in ways effecting this band three years later. And 3) is the return of old songs into the setlist that had been missing since the mid-90s. Thanks to our Patron Jared Schaffer for requesting this under the radar show.

To hit all three of these topics specifically, one thing we’ll discuss is a version of I Am A Patriot that was re-constructed strictly for this era and talk about the political nature involved, as well as Ed’s invigorated speech that followed. We’ll get deep into the topic of Love Boat Captain, which is featured as our brand new Evolution Series episode that will be out to Patreon very soon, to talk about how the incident at Roskilde helped them create music through the process of grieving. And on the subject of returning songs, this show’s Glorified G performance was the first in 188 shows since November of 1996. We know that Ed sang a glorified version of I hate this song, but what band member here didn’t seem to take it as seriously as the others on it’s return?

Other big highlights we’ll discuss are Ed singing into a fan’s cellphone during State Of Love And Trust, and an excellent call and response section of Daughter that led to a rare tag of Sleater-Kinney’s Dig Me Out. We’ll also answer this episode’s question of the week which asked you all on social media what your favorite moments from the 2003 tour were, and our Gear Guru segments will discuss Stone’s gear during this tour year and some of the effects that came from his guitar and Ed’s vocals on Daughter.

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