Pearl Jam 2024 Tour Reaction: Ep. 8 – Los Angeles Night 2

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Episode Release Date: May 23rd, 2024

Tuesday’s night 1 show featured a fun setlist alongside an energetic crowd. How could night 2 live up to that? How about having a fun setlist alongside an energetic crowd? Last night’s show kicked off with an audible as Footsteps was cut from the set in favor of a highly emotional Long Road. How often have we seen Ed stop the band to share something on his mind mid-song in the opener? He pauses for a second to pay tribute to his Uncle John who had passed away 10 years ago yesterday.

Speaking of yesterdays, one of the big talking points of the night are three songs played in the middle of the main set representing Yield – Untitled, MFC and All Those Yesterdays. What was the level of excitement for those songs in a bit of a shock moment? Mike Mcrib, Lori and Becky join us from outside of the Forum to give their insight on everything that happened here, including an update on the Felicity’s Surprise sign. Also, hear the outcome from a Twitter comment gone wrong in reference to Go. See you back for the wine festival on Saturday! And then, it’s off to the motherland!

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