Episode 285: Los Angeles, CA – 7/9/2006

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Episode Release Date: May 22nd, 2024

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

Pearl Jam is playing two shows in the City Of Angels this week, so once again we’re back to cover another show from their history that they played in The Fabulous Forum. We’re going back to 2006, the Avocado tour. A tour that we can kind of connect to what they are doing now with Dark Matter considering the high representation that you’ll get each night from the album. This show in LA featured 10 of the 13 tracks while Dark Matter has consistently hovered around 8 of 11. We’ll talk a little bit about the impact of the setlists thus far on this tour and where they intersect with Avocado.

A great crowd show here (which is disappointing when you look at the ticket sales for both Forum shows for this week) and we’ll get into how they made what could be considered a standard setlist to many feel exciting. The crowd came to participate on songs like Release, Corduroy, Even Flow, Small Town, Last Kiss and Alive, but also reacted well to the brand new songs. The highlights of this set that we’ll get into come from Rearviewmirror, Crown Of Thorns, Gone, Big Wave and Inside Job, and we’ll get to see an appearance from Tim Robbins joining in on a modern take of a song by folk musician Phil Ochs.

Javier will join us to talk and teach about the Dumble amps that they’ve been using all tour, and he’ll do a breakdown of Big Wave as well. Stay tuned as he’ll join the show next week in preparation for Seattle!

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