Fan Profiles: Freddie Blood

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Episode Release Date: December 3rd, 2022

Episode Guests: Fred Blood

Welcome to another edition to the Horizon Leg Profile series! In this one we get the chance to talk to one of our good friends Joey Goodsir about his fan experience. He joined us for the Chicago 2003 show this week and talked about how that bootleg made him appreciate their live catalog in the very beginning of his fandom. As a young fan, we’ll chat with Joey about his intake of the band and how quickly it took to digest the catalog. We’ll also talk about his early Beatles fandom, Wrigley 2018, St. Louis 2022, and a classic moment from our Deprogrammed episode that has gone down in infamy.

Hey have you not had a profile episode yet? Well, stop wasting time. We’re ready to catch up with you! This is for Horizon Leg members only!

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