Setlist Draft December 2019

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Episode Release Date: December 17th, 2019

Episode Guests: Patrick Boegel

Have you ever tried to create your dream Pearl Jam set list that you’d love to hear some day? Have you ever tried to create it while 3 of your friends are battling with you to come up with the perfect set list? Well we did that in this episode! Randy and John are joined by Patron Patrick Boegel and host of the Better Band Podcast Branden Palomo as they draft their ultimate Pearl Jam set.

The rules are as follows – every pick is a choice for that spot in the setlist, so unlike in fantasy sports where you pick the top player #1 overall, here you are selecting your opener as your first pick, so on and so forth. Once a song is taken, its off the board (outside for one free pass pick) For 18 songs in the first set, 7 in Encore 1 and 5 in Encore, we do our best to get in our favorite songs and a set list that flows together and is something we crave to see live.

This week on our social media pages you’ll be able to vote for your favorite setlist, the winning setlist will get to pick a charity where the fans can donate in order to get an opportunity to win an original vinyl press of No Code! Stay tuned for that!

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