Exclusive Episode: Piss Bottle Men at Moore Theatre – 2/5/1995

About the Episode

Episode Release Date: April 7th, 2021

Hello one and all and welcome to the first episode of a two part mini-series where we break down both shows from the Moore Theatre in 1995 where the band took on the moniker of the Piss Bottle Men. If you have selected to listen here first, good! These are meant to be listened to linearly. This night one show we’ll talk a lot about how Jack Irons’ influence was starting to grow on the band and that these shows, considered a warm up before heading to Asia and Australia, would be Jack’s introduction to the hometown Seattle crowd. This show gets off to a hot start and almost never lets up. Get ready for incredible versions of Last Exit, Not For You, a full W.M.A., the debut of Lukin and Let My Love Open the Door, and a version of Rearviewmirror that maybe got caught speeding on the highway.

Check this one out and then hit up the regular feeds to listen to our night 2 episode where we get a little guest appearance from a certain Uncle.

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