Wrigley Field Week with Special Guest Steven Hyden

About the Episode

Episode Release Date: June 29th, 2020

Welcome to a month’s long celebration of the band’s five performances at Wrigley Field! Before we cover each individual show’s setlist, we’re inviting a special guest in from the either the music industry or the Pearl Jam community to tell their Wrigley stories. This week we have music journalist and host of the Rivals podcast Steven Hyden joining the show.

Steven will talk about his experience at 2013 and how it reinvigorated his love for the band after not seeing them live for 15 years. We’ll talk about the weather’s effect on the day and how shows like this have lifted Pearl Jam into the conversation of one of the best American live bands in history. We’ll get his thoughts on Gigaton and where he thinks it belongs among the 2020 album releases.

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