PJ20 Festival’s Top Side Stage & Opening Lineup Performances

By: Paul Wirt | September 3, 2021
PJ20 Festival's Top Side Stage & Opening Lineup Performances

PJ20 weekend was highlighted by Pearl Jam’s shows at the end of each night, but the side stage and opening acts provided the members of the band with plenty of guest appearance opportunities that didn’t go to waste.

These “guest” spots throughout the weekend helped establish a communal and celebratory atmosphere that gave fans a first-hand glimpse at the band’s diverse musical influence.

Although a rain-soaked Saturday spoiled their first chance to entertain the contingent of Strangest Tribe members in attendance, they took advantage of a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to help make the weekend extra special for those who attended.

Here are the best side stage and opening lineup moments from PJ20 weekend:

Wolves In Disguise

Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs feat. Mike McCready

PJ20 Lineup Side State Performances

In The Sun

Joseph Arthur feat. Mike McCready, Jeff Ament & Matt Cameron

PJ20 Alpine Valley Lineup


Liam Finn feat. Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder & Liam Finn PJ20

Falling Slowly

Glen Hansard feat. Eddie Vedder

Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder Falling Slowly @ PJ20 Alpine Valley

Golden State

John Doe & Cindy Wasserman feat. Eddie Vedder

John Doe w/ Eddie Vedder Golden State PJ20 Lineup

Little Sister

Queens of the Stone Age feat. Eddie Vedder (on Cowbell)

Eddie Vedder & Queens of the Stoneage @ PJ20 Alpine Valley


The Strokes feat. Eddie Vedder

PJ20 - The Strokes with Eddie Vedder Juicebox Alpine Valley, WI

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