Predicting Pearl Jam’s 2021 Sea.Hear.Now Setlist

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Randy Sobel

Concertpedia Managing Editor & LO4L Host

The first time I heard Yield, I didn’t know it at the time but it changed my life. 10 years later, I saw Pearl Jam for the first time at Madison Square Garden and haven’t looked back. I’m still holding out hope that W.M.A. will one day be played as a full song more consistently in setlists rather than just as a tag off of Daughter, and you won’t ever find a bigger homer for the band’s Hartford shows than me. Top 10 Pearl Jam crowd, fight me on it!

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  1. I love these kinds of posts. I am a huge music and setlist nerd myself but i’m still a complete rookie when it comes to Pearl Jam and understanding their “Habits” when making their setlists, which songs are rare, which are not, and just having a pretty good grasp of all of the discography like i have with other artists already like Metallica and Rammstein. It’s so nice to have found such a community that’s as enthusiastic about fantasy setlists and real setlists from bands as i am. I love it.

    I decided to make my own prediction as well:
    Main Set:
    1. Release
    2. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
    3. Who Ever Said
    4. Corduroy
    5. Hail, Hail
    6. Mind Your Manners
    7. Why Go
    8. Red Mosquito
    9. I Am Mine
    10. Quick Escape
    11. Superblood Wolfmoon
    12. Never Destination
    13. Take The Long Way
    14. Even Flow
    15. Animal
    16. Daughter
    17. Dance Of The Clairvoyants
    18. Lukin
    19. State Of Love And Trust
    20. Rearviewmirror
    21. Alright
    22. Black
    23. Rockin’ In The Free World (Cover)
    24. Do The Evolution
    25. Alive
    26. Yellow Ledbetter

    I would love to hear some feedback and opinions on my setlist so please let me know!

    1. Hi Nick! Obviously this is in hindsight now since we kind of know what’s actually happened. Sets are shorter, Gigaton is squarely in bigger focus and the overall setlist vibe is different. But this just being a setlist as it is is good, but you said you wanted feedback so I wouldn’t mind providing. I think your 3-7 is a little too much big arena stuff without balancing them with a different energy flow. MYM wouldn’t get the spotlight next to all of those other ones. Hindsight is that the early set rocker section seems to be a thing of the past, so I wouldn’t expect too many sets to have that. 4 Gigaton in a row in the middle is a lot and you have it sort of descending in value where you start with the most and end with maybe the least recognizable one. It might kill a bit of buzz on your crowd. It worked to kick off SHN because those 3 songs were so different that everything was able to stand out. I wouldn’t open an encore with Alright I don’t think, but I’m sure if they band did it they’d make that work. Evolution after RITFW is ballsy and no one ever thinks to move RITFW at all and maybe it’s time to. Good job predicting Red Mosquito!

  2. Incredible post and gave me goosebumps standing outside in the 108 degree Arizona heat reading this article. Great way to build excitement for the show and love the thoughts you’ve shared! Incredibly well written. Can’t wait for the event!

  3. Hey you guysssss! Love the passion as always. So you waited all the way until the end in the editor’s note, but I give it at least a 80% chance Bruce shows up and they do “Growin’ Up”. With or without Bruce, I say 90 %! The evidence is glaring: The Clinch Connection, a Stone Pony’s throw from the Stone Pony (Dad joke layup right there), they played growin up at a PNC Arts Center Show which is the closest venue to this one, and we have had more than 1 Bruce-Ed encounter on stage in recent memory both E Street Band Shows at Wrigley and Key Arena. As a Godfather of the live stage, Bruce is itching and will return the favor.