Forever Faithfull: Memories From The Road featuring David Ritter

By: David Ritter | March 3, 2023

David Ritter Retraces Pearl Jam Memories From The Road

Forever Faithfull is a series derived from daily Facebook posts on the Pearl Jam Podcast Community group. These tour stories were shared by David Ritter, and feature memories of his favorite moments, especially those shared with his daughter, Sarah.

10/1/2014 – Nothingman – Cincinnati, OH

So, here’s the story. We had plans to go to Chicago the day after the Cincinnati show for Sarah’s fall break. Everyone backed out on me for the show, so I texted Sarah, who was in high school mind you, and told her she was going to the show with me and she’ll have a ball. We arrived at the US Bank Arena and it was like magic for both of us. We were having fun, and she kept encouraging me telling me to “get another beer Dad!” OKAY!!! So, we met many cool people, and Mathew and Lindsey (who we’ll mention again in the next song) were two of them. We all hung out in the pit! What a fun night ahead. The first notes of Pendulum are played, and I looked at Sarah and she was hooked! Here we go! Nothingman is next, and I start crying. Sarah grabs my hand and she was crying too. This is our show, my favorite show. It might not be the greatest but it is to me. Nothingman is one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs played and listened to with my daughter, one of my favorite people in the world.

4/26/2016 – Just Breathe – Lexington, KY

My hometown show. This was actually the second home town show I attended with 2003 being the first. Before the band played Just Breathe, Eddie went into his lead-up chat with a story about Matthew who was “going through some shit.” Sarah and I met Matthew and his sister Lindsey in Cincinnati two years earlier. The shit he was going through was terminal cancer, and Matthew passed away the week before the Lexington show. Eddie was not informed, but still gave a sweet talk about Matthew and Lindsey (who is not his wife). He made a huge impression on both Sarah and myself, and we still have a hard time listening to this song.

8/22/2016 – State Of Love And Trust – Wrigley Field

My first trip into the friendly confines of Wrigley Field was a solo event for me. Sarah was in her college dorm, but I was texting her the setlist. What a show for me!!! There were so many highlights, and even though I’ve seen SOLAT before it was my holy shit moment of the show. It is one of my go to songs, so when the riff was starting I knew it was going to be amazing. This show had my first Footsteps as well, but this made my night.

8/18/2018 – Wash – Wrigley Field

My second time in Wrigley Field, and my daughter Sarah’s first. I was going back and forth all day long trying to guess what I thought the night’s opener was going to be. Not long before show time I said “Wash” out loud. My wife Kathy goes “what?!?!,” and I told her I thought Wash would be the opener. So, that’s what we got! To me the groove is so gritty and sexy.

9/16/2022 – Rats – Nashville, TN

Sarah and I drove down to Nashville from Lexington. We really weren’t sure what to expect that night, but we were very happy with the outcome. Rats was a huge surprise and a rocking version. Thank you Jeff for the request that night!

David Ritter

Concertpedia Writer & Horizon Leg Patron

Been a Pearl Jam fan from the start, but it was really watching the Unplugged show when it first aired that hooked me. Saw them for the first time in Lexington in 2003, and 11 years later I was able to bring my daughter Sarah to a show and convert her into a fan!

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