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Chris Warne

Favorite Album: No Code

Favorite Show: Brisbane 11/10/2006

Fandom Defining Song: Insignificance

A fan since my pre-teens down here in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The first PJ notes I ever heard were Wishlist on a TV advert for Yield, and I was drawn in by the melodic guitar solo and the open-endedness of the cover art. Skip forward a few days to putting the album in my boombox and Brain of J blowing my mind; it seemed to combine my enthusiasms for both classic rock music and the Epitaph punk bands I was digging deep into at the time. Today at 36 years old, my PJ fever still hasn't let up. I even have a podcast 'Ventricles Pumping' dedicated to exploring and sharing live PJ highlights; reap the benefits of my obsessive live listening!

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