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Scott Hetherington

Writer & Contributor

Favorite Album: Yield

Favorite Show: 4/3/94 Atlanta at the Fabulous Fox Theater (first time seeing them)

Fandom Defining Song: Alive

I bought Ten in 1992 from Blockbuster Music. It was the first album (CD) I bought with my own money when I was 11 years old. My friend's older brother worked at HMV in Lenox Mall when we were kids and he was able to get us tickets for the show at the Fox in 94. It was only my second concert ever but the first time I really cared about music and solidified that Pearl Jam was my favorite band. Fast forward 6 years and Yield came out 3 months before I graduated high school. Twenty years later I am still as big a fan as ever and will never stop listening.

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