July 2, 2012 – O2 Arena, Prague, CZE

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 30
  • Show Length: 2:23


Main Set: Sometimes, Animal, Given To Fly, Got Some, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Gods’ Dice, The Fixer, I Am Mine, Corduroy, Even Flow, Setting Forth, Not For You/(Modern Girl), Push Me, Pull Me, Garden, ½ Full, Unthought Known, Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted, Why Go

Encore 1: Of The Girl, Just Breathe, Crazy Mary/(Angie), Once, Do The Evolution

Encore 2: World Wide Suicide, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Black/(We Belong Together), Alive, Baba O’Riley, Yellow Ledbetter

Pearl Jam Show Notes 7/2/2012:

Ed greets the crowd in Czech: “Dobrý večer” (good evening), and he encourages the crowd to “…let me hear ya…” as Sometimes opens. Given to Fly lyric is changed to “…made it to the river, had a smoke on a bridge…” Ed again makes special mention of openers X, introducing all the band members by name. They play Elderly Woman and afterwards, Ed says that while X were playing earlier in the night, he saw a vision of a god’s eye, and “this next song we’re going to call ‘Gods’ Eye’” before they launch into Gods’ Dice. Jeff is bouncing all over the stage during Corduroy. Matt lets loose on Push Me, Pull Me, which is followed by a haunting Garden. Ed asks to see all the flags in the crowd, saying it is a “multicolored flag audience,” and thanks everyone for having them visit. Ed yells “…what the FUCK?” after “…the haves be having more, yet still bored…” line in ½ Full, and uses his guitar to reflect a beam of light from one of the stage lights out into the audience and around the arena during Mike’s solo. Unthought Known is dedicated to John Doe of X. During Why Go, someone throws a Turkish flag up on stage which Ed drapes over the low speakers in front of him and it stays there for the rest of the show. The first encore begins with a beautiful Of the Girl, played for the first time since 2010. Just Breathe is played as a solo acoustic number by Ed, who dedicates it to two people Stone met: Xavier and Martha, who are about to “engage in a voyage of love together” and get married. Stone cruises around the stage for Crazy Mary, taking time to jam with everyone, and Mike saunters across to jam out with Boom for a fair chunk of the solo section. A brief “Angie” tag is added in at the end. Evolution closes out the first encore, and when the band leaves the stage, the audience keeps singing quietly until they walk back out and Ed joins them for a quick “whoa oh oh.” He tells the crowd that X’s lead singer Exene told him they were “a great fucking crowd tonight,” and thanks her for “starting the dance party.” To kick off the second encore, Ed introduces the band members using his loose version of Czech, saying “kytara” for guitar when he introduces Mike, “basa” (bass) for Jeff, and “bici’” (drums) for Matt. Boom is introduced in English, and because Stone holds Eddie’s notebook for him while he reads out his notes, he says “kytara and paper holder” when he introduces Stone. The crowd joins in and takes over parts of Better Man after Ed requests that they give him a break from singing. The lyrics at the end of Black are changed to “we didn’t belong together…” The crowd goes nuts when Ed starts throwing tambourines out during Baba O’Riley. Ed calls out “…alright Mikey, it’s all you buddy!” for Ledbetter and Mike delivers the goods. Good energy from the crowd and the band is in high spirits.

Nadene Roff

Writer & Contributor

I first heard Pearl Jam played at a school social event in 1994 when I was 15 and it blew my mind. It was a song from Vs and I was instantly hooked. My first show was in 1998 but seeing them play Tremor Christ live in Boston in 2018 was truly a twenty year dream come true. Pearl Jam is not just a band, they are a way of life.

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