June 16, 2014 – Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, NED

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 32
  • Show Length: 2:20


Main Set: Pendulum, Nothingman, Breakerfall, Corduroy, All Night, Animal, Got Some, Mind Your Manners, Given To Fly, Who You Are, Lightning Bolt, Even Flow, Swallowed Whole, Sirens, Light Years, Evacuation, Wishlist, Porch

Encore 1: Low Light, Thin Air, Sleeping By Myself, Footsteps, Come Back, Jeremy, Better Man, Rearviewmirror

Encore 2: Go, Why Go, Supersonic, Sonic Reducer, Alive, Indifference

Pearl Jam Show Notes 6/16/2014:

Opening night of the European tour, and the band is in a great mood to open the night. Ed forgets some of the lyrics to Nothingman, but the crowd picks him up. He says that he “really fucked up his knee,” and a little wine would be “the best medicine.” He speaks in English, saying:

“you don’t want to hear me speak Dutch…I don’t want to be disrespectful. It’s only been two years since we have been here last. This was very evident when we got off the plane, direct from the United States, and we walked into customs and they just said ‘Oh, hey.’ That’s a good way to start a trip. We got here just in time to see you for the first game of the World Cup. So this song is off a record that at one time was called Five Against One. We are playing it now because that was pretty much the score in the game the other night,” 

The speech leads into Animal. Who You Are is played for the first time since 2011, and for the first time in Europe since 1996! Even Flow is prefaced with Ed:

“Alright, this here one features the guy on the right here. He’s a dad three times over now. And his youngest just got his passport stamped for the first time the other day. And the head of his penis cut off about 8 weeks ago…I digress, but Happy Father’s Day, Mike. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers…Happy Motherfucker’s Day. I mean it’s true. You can’t be a father unless you’ve fucked the mother…I’m sorry, don’t quote me on that. Especially in front of your kids…or mine. Ok, this song’s about baby bottles…”

Light Years is dedicated to “someone we know…the dear and lovely Antoinette.” Afterwards, he continues, adding

“this next song…the reason we have come up with to play this one is that most cities have one or two big bridges, but I believe you have 1,432 bridges here within the five circles…1,432 bridges. Most songs you see have one bridge, so this song which is written by the great Matt Cameron…his other group, the really good one, they, way back in the way back when, they played a festival and were introduced as ladies and gentlemen, Songbird [referencing the controversy over the use of the Soundgarden name]. Songbird kicked ass that day…can’t believe how intense this band was…what was the name of it…Songbird. Here is the drummer of Songbird and his incredible song that doesn’t get played very often. It’s got three bridges and it’s called Evacuation.”

It’s the first performance of Evacuation since the Spectrum shows in 2009. Wishlist lyric is “I wish I was the full moon shining off your bicycle’s hood…” After the break, Ed says he read that PJ was the first foreign group to play the Ziggo Dome, and said:

”we are really happy to be a part of the foundation of this place, even in a very small way…it could’ve been Shakira…it would have been equally important. I mean, I like Shakira. Well I don’t. I don’t really…one way or another. I mean I’ve watched enough where I can belly dance too.”

Low Light opens up the first encore, almost mirroring the opening of the main set with a slow and melodic tone. Before Come Back, Ed addresses the crowd:

“you know, we’ve wrote a few songs over the years that talk about life and how fucking precious it seems…it’s kind of incredible how you forget how fragile it is, and how we are able to take it for granted and don’t feel like we are going to be shot every time we go to school…well that’s America. Anything can happen and there might be…we’ve been through some things recently and it’s one thing to play the songs and to have written the songs and to have felt them, and it’s another to have just experienced it again in the last few days. We’d like to play this one for Johnny, for Tam, and anyone and everyone who might have felt the loss recently. We’re with you.”

There’s some symmetry in the second encore as Go leads into Why Go, then Supersonic is followed by Sonic Reducer. Ed wishes the crowd luck in the World Cup and picks his preference to win:

“We are actually going for the underdog…the Tibetan National team. The Dalai Lama…he supports it. I think he plays all forward positions and the goalie at the same time. One day, I hope they get to win.”

With the house lights up for Indifference, Ed signs off with:

“wherever you came from…local…or if you had to get your passport stamped to get here. It’s great to be here with you. It’s great to be alive. It’s great to be in a group still. From there, to there, to there. You look great from here all night. Have a great life…thanks so much for everything.”

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There is nothing better than PJ live (especially in the Northeast). I am still chasing It’s Ok and Red Mosquito after all these years ... one day they will happen.

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