October 8, 2014 – BOK Center, Tulsa, OK, USA

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 29
  • Show Length: 2:40


Main Set: Pendulum, Hard To Imagine, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Breakerfall, Last Exit, Animal, Mind Your Manners, In My Tree, Lightning Bolt, Dissident, Marker In The Sand, Even Flow, Sirens, Given To Fly, Jeremy, Let The Records Play, Spin The Black Circle, Rearviewmirror

Encore 1: Just Breathe, Black, Crazy Mary, I Believe In Miracles, Blood/(Atomic Dog), Porch

Encore 2: Do The Evolution, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Alive, Baba O’Riley, Indifference

Pearl Jam Show Notes 10/8/2014:

The night begins with an eerie Pendulum. This leads into the only performance of Hard to Imagine on this tour. Small Town has some tuning issues with Stone’s guitar and is quickly switched out midway through. “Everybody good? Everybody ready to bring it?” from Ed leads into another tour rarity, a raucous Breakerfall. Matt doesn’t miss a beat in the transition to another album opener, Last Exit, which Matt absolutely stars on. The crowd answers Ed’s query, singing full-throatedly in Animal and In My Tree, which has a stellar outro jam, highlighted by Jeff’s bass. Ed notices someone sitting and jokes about “going Kanye on your ass to make you stand up,” then notices he’s on crutches, adding “I got Kanye’d on that. You Kanye’d me.” Lightning Bolt is introduced as “a Seattle rain dance to green the place up.” Sirens ends with an almost spiritual crowd singalong. An excellent, hard-driving, 7-minute RVM closes out a great first set. Out of the break, Ed talks about how they aren’t going to come to Tulsa and only play an hour and a half, plus there’s more wine. He jokes about a sign requesting Garden, and dedicates “Just Breathe” to all the newlyweds including “men married to men, and women married to women,” and specifically calls out seat numbers for the couple who requested the song. Ed improvises at the end of Black with the lines:

“…somebody save me…we didn’t belong together…now I’m here, now I’m there, now I’m gone.”

I Believe In Miracles is dedicated to a newborn baby, Imogene, who was born under “intense circumstances” today. Ed recognizes the back of the arena for rocking out, and asks since they are 100 miles from Oklahoma City, can he talk shit about them stealing Seattle’s basketball team? He then jokes that if he’s pissed, imagine how Jeff Ament feels! Baba O’Riley is prefaced by Ed saying “Hey, this is Nevan right here, it’s his 13th birthday” (Nevan was recognized earlier with a Who shirt and a sign saying he was entering his “teenage wasteland”). Nevan even played some tambourine games with Ed earning a “nice job, man” from Ed following the song. Following an Indifference singalong, Ed’s parting words are “beautiful night…thanks so much…we’ll remember this one…miss everyone so much. See you brothers. Cheers, much love.”  

Nick Smith

Writer & Contirbutor

I still remember the night as a 14 year old when a friend gave me a CD to listen to and the first notes of “Once” were so powerful it took hours to move on to “Even Flow.” Needless to say I was hooked for life. Since the age of 18, when I skipped school twice to get tickets, my never ending quest to see the band that changed my life as much as I could was on. Pearl Jam has been the constant companion on this crazy trip called life. Still hoping for a swig off the wine bottle, Bugs, and to be at a Buenos Aires show. I’d totally give the tambourine away to a kid, maybe mine someday.

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