November 14, 2015 – Estádio do Morumbi, São Paulo, BRA

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 33
  • Show Length: 3:10


Main Set: Long Road, Of The Girl, Love Boat Captain, Do The Evolution, Hail, Hail, Why Go, Getaway, Mind Your Manners, Deep, Corduroy, Lightning Bolt, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Even Flow, Come Back, Swallowed Whole, Given To Fly, Jeremy, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Rearviewmirror

Encore 1: Footsteps, Imagine, Sirens, Whipping, I Am Mine, Blood, Porch

Encore 2: Comatose, State Of Love And Trust, Black, Alive, Rockin’ In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter

Encore 3: All Along The Watchtower

Pearl Jam Show Notes 11/14/2015:

The band takes the stage less than 24 hours after the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris during an Eagles of Death Metal concert where 89 were killed. Ed is wearing his traditional peace sign shirt, Jeff’s shirt reads “Unfuck the World” and there’s a picture of the Eiffel Tower drawn with a sharpie on Matt’s bass drum. They open with a soaring version of Long Road that sets the tone for an emotionally charged evening. Following Of the Girl, Ed addresses the crowd in Portuguese. Although later claiming his Portuguese sounds like “pieces of shit,” his words loosely translate to “love goes out to the people in Paris right now, there is healing we need to do together.” A powerful Love Boat Captain follows, with the lyrics being changed to “lost many friends we’ll never know, just only yesterday.” At the end of the song, the crowd sings along with Ed, repeating “love” back and forth. The crowd does a tremendous job of singing the lead guitar parts on Do the Evolution. Ed remarks on the incredible crowd size, saying if the entire band went into the crowd to shake their hands, it would take a few years to complete the job. During Lightning Bolt, the harsh wind and rain and wind forces the GA area to be evacuated. With the conditions being so poor, the crew gets the band to briefly exit the stage so they can lay tarps over the equipment. Ed makes sure the crowd is okay and blames himself for the incident. Without the rest of the band on stage, Ed calls an audible, picking up an acoustic guitar and playing a version of Elderly Woman with a beautiful intro. As the crowd sings along with every word, the rain dies down enough for the band to come back on stage, with Ed saying “come on Mikey, fix this shit!” before a blistering Even Flow. Come Back is another emotional dedication to the Paris attacks. The rain pours down again during Better Man, but the crowd and band play through it with a strong performance. The RVM jam is short but stellar, Matt leading the way. After the break, Imagine, Sirens and I Am Mine continue the theme of healing. During the intro to Porch, Ed plays a bright green guitar that depicts the Brazilian flag, and then later makes his way into the crowd. The crowd sings the guitar melody at the end of Black, and it’s “We didn’t belong together” tonight, Ed adding in the “hey hey, it’s ok” lyrics from Sonic Youth’s Androgynous Mind. Alive, Rockin’ In The Free World and Yellow Ledbetter seemingly end the night, but after the band leaves the stage, Ed calls them back out for one more song, and they treat the crowd to All Along The Watchtower in a 3rd encore to officially close this emotionally charged evening.

Randy Sobel

Concertpedia Managing Editor & LO4L Host

The first time I heard Yield, I didn’t know it at the time but it changed my life. 10 years later, I saw Pearl Jam for the first time at Madison Square Garden and haven’t looked back. I’m still holding out hope that W.M.A. will one day be played as a full song more consistently in setlists rather than just as a tag off of Daughter, and you won’t ever find a bigger homer for the band’s Hartford shows than me. Top 10 Pearl Jam crowd, fight me on it!

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