April 28, 2016 – Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 32
  • Show Length: 2:45


Main Set: Once, Animal, Gonna See My Friend, All Night, Mind Your Manners, Low Light, Wishlist, Love Boat Captain, Given To Fly, Even Flow, In The Moonlight, In My Tree, Jeremy, Education, Unthought Known, Do The Evolution, Lightning Bolt, Porch

Encore 1: Picture In A Frame, Oceans, Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns, Why Go, Got Some, Rearviewmirror

Encore 2: Save You, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Crazy Mary, State Of Love And Trust, Alive, Fuckin’ Up, Indifference

Pearl Jam Show Notes 4/28/2016:

The show starts hard and fast, the band doesn’t come up for air until Low Light. A tight, pulverizing version of Gonna See My Friend is an early standout. An extended jam serves as an intro to Love Boat Captain, similar to what they had done in Tampa. In the Moonlight is rusty but amazing, and it leads right into a thumping version of In My Tree. Matt Cameron has a great night, from Even Flow to Education he is just totally spot on.

Ed opens the encore with a solo cover of Tom Waits’ “Picture in a Frame,” played for the first time since the Vic Theatre show in 2007, and dedicates it to a couple, Pat and Eden, who got married during the show. False start for Oceans, and the band turns it into an impromptu snippet of the Rolling Stones’ “Angie,” before Oceans is restarted. Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns is an emotional highlight of the night, with Ed saying after the song that “Andy would have loved this, here, tonight.”

The RVM jam is triumphant, Who-esque. Somehow the second encore is even more raucous, with the band seeming to not tire as the night goes on. They return with a vicious Save You, and Small Town is played for the people in the back. Boom and Mike take no prisoners on Crazy Mary, Boom continuing the Stones theme with some riffs from “Paint it Black.” Fuckin’ Up belongs to Stone Gossard, he absolutely shreds the final solo in a way that would make Uncle Neil proud. Indifference ends the show on a joyful, but haunting note. Often overshadowed by what happened the next night, this show stands on its own, great crowd, great energy.

Gabe Spece

Concertpedia Writer & Horizon Leg Patron

I’m fortunate to have been following Pearl Jam for 30 years. I love to study setlists and watch the band’s old late-night TV performances online. Some of the best times of my life have been at Pearl Jam shows, unforgettable nights with family and best friends. And with all respect to Mike, nothing grooves more than a Stone Gossard solo.

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