July 17, 2016 – Pemberton Music Festival, Pemberton, BC, CAN

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 27
  • Show Length: 2:25


Main Set: Release, Footsteps, Daughter/(Dream Baby Dream/Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)), Thumbing My Way, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Present Tense, Once, Mind Your Manners, Spin The Black Circle, Given To Fly, Dissident, Do The Evolution, Lightning Bolt, Dream Baby Dream, Wishlist, Corduroy, Even Flow, Of The Earth, Porch

Encore 1: Oceans, Go, State Of Love And Trust, Comfortably Numb, Black, Jeremy, Alive, Yellow Ledbetter

Pearl Jam Show Notes 7/17/2016:

A throwback to the early 90’s as a staggering 8 songs are played from Ten and another 2 from the era! The band begins the show seated for Release and Footsteps, echoing the relaxed feeling of the setting.  Daughter is initially tagged with the song “Dream Baby Dream” by Suicide, before “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2” takes over, with a lyric change: “leave your fucking guns at home.” Present Tense begins with Ed pointing out a tree as “that one” in the first line. Ed makes an impassioned speech about evolving prior to Do the Evolution.

Following Lightning Bolt, Ed toasts Alan Vega, a founding member of the 70’s New York band Suicide, who had passed the night prior, saying that he “influenced everyone from Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Ramone I know talked about them a lot, and I bet Jack White with his two piece band…so I’m just thinking about him and thanking him for leaving such good things behind for us to keep forever,” leading to the one time, one time only full cover of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream,” perhaps inspired by the previous Daughter tag. Ed fumbles the last lines of Wishlist, offering “I let you down,” and then doesn’t do the familiar E-bow ending. The unreleased Of the Earth is played for only the 12th time.  Out of the encore break, Ed dedicates Oceans to “my good friend Margaret and her good man Daniel.” Funny moment during State of Love and Trust as Ed tosses the mic to the crowd but misses, and has to retrieve it himself and finish the song. The crowd helps out on Comfortably Numb and Ed plays the piano at the end.

Black features Ed singing “Goodnight moon” during the outro. After Jeremy, He wishes Stone a happy 50th birthday, which leads to a rendition of “Happy birthday” for Stone from the crowd. The cake is then inevitably smashed into Stone’s face, then Ed’s, and then the crowd! Ed adds, “Thank you Pemberton, you’ve made it all great. Take care of each other underneath the stars,” which leads to Alive.  During the solo, he takes a trip around the stage to view the crowd, adding “Look a baby, hey baby. Dream baby dream.”

Nick Smith

Writer & Contirbutor

I still remember the night as a 14 year old when a friend gave me a CD to listen to and the first notes of “Once” were so powerful it took hours to move on to “Even Flow.” Needless to say I was hooked for life. Since the age of 18, when I skipped school twice to get tickets, my never ending quest to see the band that changed my life as much as I could was on. Pearl Jam has been the constant companion on this crazy trip called life. Still hoping for a swig off the wine bottle, Bugs, and to be at a Buenos Aires show. I’d totally give the tambourine away to a kid, maybe mine someday.

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