August 20, 2018 – Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL, USA

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 29
  • Show Length: 2:30


Main Set: Given To Fly, Why Go, Go, Last Exit, Mind Your Manners, Do The Evolution, Rain, Throw Your Hatred Down, Even Flow, U, In My Tree, Immortality, Daughter/(It's O.K.), Unthought Known, Jeremy, I Am A Patriot, Lukin, Porch

Encore 1: We're Going To Be Friends, Come Back, Corduroy, Black, Lightning Bolt, Rearviewmirror, Smile, Evil Little Goat, Leash, Alive, Baba O'Riley

Pearl Jam Show Notes 8/20/2018:

Ominous weather all day culminates with a 2 hour rain delay, bringing back memories of 2013. Ed enters wearing swim trunks, says “Good evening,” and asks the crowd to give themselves a big hand. Given to Fly lyric is altered to “made it out to Wrigley felt the rain in the breeze.” Right on cue, rain begins pouring harder and continues through the next four songs. After Mind Your Manners, Ed asks to see the crowd and plays call-and-response. He refers to Boom and a Hawaiian expression that rain is a blessing, and explains that this night is the answer to his childhood dilemma: “it rains in heaven.” Do the Evolution lyrics are flubbed, Ed asking the crowd during Stone’s solo to “sing in the rain.” Rain is wonderful and appropriate. Throw Your Hatred Down is dedicated to the South Side, “with love.” Even Flow gets extended due to another blooper (to the dismay of Stone) and Ed improvises lyrics to make light of the situation. He praises Mike who, in his plaid pants, had his behind-the-back solo moment, shouts out Buddy Guy, and spots a “The Incredible Matt Fucking Cameron” sign, trying different versions of the phrase. “Goodbye Girl” intro to Immortality. Jeff, with “META-PHOR” still on his amps, referencing the Missoula controversy, shines during ‘Jeremy.’ After Lukin, Ed plays a reprise with “I’m going to Wrigley” lyrics. After the break, Ed comes onstage wearing a Chris Chelios jersey and announces that the band will no longer tour from April to October because he’s been offered a dream job to “smoke some pot and put up some numbers” in the scoreboard. White Stripes’ Lots of Chicago references during We’re Going to Be Friends. Chelios then appears with the late Stan Mikita’s jersey, and Come Back is played in his family’s honor with the 2016 World Series trophy in the background. “Go Cubs Go” call-and-response during Corduroy. Ed asks the band not to leave the stage during the “encore” transition due to approaching extended curfew. Smile is played by request. Dirty Frank chants are answered with the first live performance of Ten-era rehearsal track Evil Little Goat. Baba closes, with Danny Clinch playing harmonica and Ed destroying his blue telecaster. Poor Stone misses the band photo, and Ed thanks each section of the field by Cubs player name.

Joey Goodsir

Concertpedia Writer & Horizon Leg Patron

I may be the youngest PJ superfan you’ve come across, but from my first home directly across the street from the Vic Theatre, discovering “Alive” to begin my high school life, and Gigaton’s release on the day of my college decision – I was built for this.

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