October 1, 2021 – Ohana Encore Festival, Dana Point, CA, USA

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 21
  • Show Length: 2:00


Main Set: Low Light, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Dance Of The Clairvoyants. Never Destination, Do The Evolution, I Am Mine, Buckle Up, Even Flow, Seven O'Clock, Nothingman, State Of Love And Trust, Who Ever Said, Sweet Lew, Better Man/(People Have The Power), Rearviewmirror

Encore 1: River Cross, Garden, Why Go, Alive, All Along The Watchtower, Yellow Ledbetter

Pearl Jam Show Notes 10/1/2021:

Low Light opener is a little unexpected, after Gigaton-heavy opens both shows prior. Matt drives a gentle rhythm. Ed mentions how getting back out playing has taken a little getting used to the last couple of shows, but seeing everyone has made them feel comfortable. Dance of the Clairvoyants is the first Gigaton track of the night and continues to groove, with Stone playing fluid bass, Mike’s guitar riff sounding electrifying, and Josh adding color on synths and backing vocals. The band sounds crisp and in sync on Never Destination, with Ed delivering a passionate vocal. After a strong Do the Evolution which featured two succinct, funk-flared solos from Stone, Ed talks about being concerned for everyone’s well-being and safety, remarking how great it’s been to see everyone again, and how well everyone has been treating one another and how reassuring it’s been to them. He introduces the next song as being written by Stone, saying both he and Mike just had anniversaries, and it’s a rare occasion that all the spouses are in attendance, and Buckle Up is debuted. Even Flow is paced well by Jeff and Matt, leading into a blistering Mike solo, which has him playing with his pick in his mouth. Seven O’Clock is next, as the Gigaton songs are more sprinkled throughout the set tonight. Nothingman is a crowd pleaser, with everyone singing at the top of their lungs during the “into the sun” chorus. SOLAT follows with Stone, Jeff, and Mike delivering a classic performance.  Mike stretches out the solo when Ed misses his entry point to the final verse. Who Ever Said is the second debut of the evening, and sounds crisp and well-rehearsed. Ed is animated throughout, and reaches a fervent peak in the second verse. The deep cut of the night is next, with Ed saying “every once in a while, with a little push, Jeff can be persuaded to sing this one,” leading to Sweet Lew. Jeff is decked out in a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Western Conference All-Star basketball jersey. Ed and Josh alternate between providing backing vocals on the chorus and dribbling basketballs. Better Man is tagged with People Have the Power again. The main set is punctuated by an absolutely ferocious Rearviewmirror, Mike throws himself to his knees at his pedal board for the bulk of his solo as Jeff, Matt, and Stone gather at the drum riser to set a groove-filled pocket for him, just a thunderous show stopper. The encore begins with Ed mentioning that we were picking out a few songs, and we think you’ll really like them, but first we ask for your indulgence on a little prayer. Ed waltzes over to the pump organ as the rest of the band takes a seat, and River Cross is finally debuted, played by the full band. Garden is a surprise setlist addition and sounds wonderful, tight and full, Mike colors his solos in spectacular fashion. Alive is next, met with a mix of excitement and confusion as it was still early in the evening. As the last verse is delivered, Ed says “…it feels different singing these words than it did before…” Mike starts Yellow Ledbetter before Ed waves him off, Josh joins at the front of the stage with his guitar, and the band launches into All Along the Watchtower. Yellow Ledbetter closes the night with Mike providing a thoughtful, less bombastic solo.

Patrick Boegel

Concertpedia Writer & Horizon Leg Patron

When Pearl Jam first rose to prominence post Unplugged and during Lollapalooza it was their live tapes that indicated something more, something real was happening here. The first "bootleg" I owned was a great sounding board tape from 10.6.1991 at the Hollywood Palladium, I was captivated by the passion in the bookends of the short set, Wash and Porch. Then it was 3.2.1992 from Den Haag which included the incredible jam on I've Got a Feeling. The original bootleg actually edits a big portion out, around 1999 the tape trading community rectified this with a complete patched copy of the show. There were lots of us back in the day, stamps, padded mailers, tape trees, then CDR trees. Ah the good old days. If I had known then what I know now.

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