July 17, 2022 – Lollapalooza, Longchamp Racecourse, Paris, FRA

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 21
  • Show Length: 1:55


Main Set: Why Go, Mind Your Manners, (Interstellar Overdrive)/Corduroy, Daughter, Satan's Bed, Even Flow, Dance Of The Clairvoyants, Who Ever Said, Wishlist/(Waiting On A Friend), Not For You, Given To Fly, Untitled, MFC, Amongst The Waves, Jeremy, Do The Evolution, Black, Go, Porch

Encore 1: Alive, Baba O'Riley

Pearl Jam Show Notes 7/17/2022:

Why Go kicks off a blistering start, a tag-less Daughter indicating that they’re going to try and keep things tight. Lots of little changes tonight, Ed adds the “…absolutely everything’s changed” line in Corduroy, and changes the line to “…can’t buy what I want because it’s clean air, man…” Lots of call and response during the bridge, with mixed participation from the crowd. Continuing the let’s-play-a-super-rare-one streak, Satan’s Bed appears for only the 39th time in 28 years! Ed is being very emotive, it sounds great and well-rehearsed. As Mike starts the Even Flow solo, Ed exhorts “Red rover, Mister McCready take over!” After the line “…every tomorrow is the same as before…” in Dance of the Clairvoyants, he yells “…fuck you COVID!” Wishlist line is changed to the geographically dubious “…wish I lived in a country as fortunate as…Paris” (pronounced Par-EE). Not For You is a standout performance, Stone has an outstanding night at this show, stabbing the air with his guitar during Jeremy and dancing and strutting around the stage during Evolution. Go finally returns to the set for the first time since 2018. Long main set means a short encore, only 2 songs. Mike’s Alive solo is loose and relaxed, Jeff and Stone have a moment jamming together and then Jeff goes to the side of the stage with Ed and plays for the crowd there. The crowd is projected on the screen behind the band live during Baba, people with flags from Mexico, Chile, and Portugal are seen.

John Farrar

Content Editor & LO4L Host

I was obsessed with Pearl Jam in the early 90's, and then became a collector of their live bootlegs in the 2000's. I’ve seen them 12 times in 8 different states. I’m continuously blown away by their ability to create transcendent moments in concert. I owe them for my love of vinyl, live music, and so much more. I’m happy to have the podcast and this website as an outlet for that obsession.

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