November 30, 2013 – Spokane Arena, Spokane, WA, USA

Show Covered by Podcast

Show Notes:

Pearl Jam visits the second most populous city in Washington for the first time since 1993. Helping curate the setlist for this show is Steve Gleason, who also created the setlist for Voodoo Fest in New Orleans earlier this tour.…

Show Notes: 

Pearl Jam visits the second most populous city in Washington for the first time since 1993. Helping curate the setlist for this show is Steve Gleason, who also created the setlist for Voodoo Fest in New Orleans earlier this tour. Mike is sporting a Defend Team Gleason t-shirt. Gleason must like Sirens early, it’s played in an unconventional spot third in the set, and it had opened the Voodoo Fest show. Corduroy and Once are where the crowd really gets to shine, Ed gives them a chance to sing a little of the verse in Once. Ed gives a nod to Jeff, saying he was the one who made this show happen. Holding a normal bottle of wine, Ed comments that this is a “Portland bottle of wine” and needs something more substantial for Spokane. He is handed a novelty-sized wine bottle that he says is “a full glass in every sip” as he and Jeff partake. Soaring version of Lightning Bolt with an emphasis on the “…towards the great northwest” line. Faithfull and Tremor Christ are played next to flawlessly, Tremor Christ especially sounding reminiscent of 1995. Ed gives a nod to Mudhoney, who opened, and notes they should’ve played there together back in 1992. He also addresses a music documentary about the local punk scene called Spokanarchy. Present Tense is a mid-set highlight with great crowd participation and an excellent build, and after the performance the crowd makes their request for Stone to sing. As Ed eggs him on, he promises that it’ll happen tonight, he just needs to “sharpen the sword before slaying the dragon.” Daughter has Ed attempting some vocal call and response droning, but it doesn’t really come off like he planned. Following, Ed references a couple of signs in the crowd. One reads “Jeremy Spokane class today” which was allegedly a joke referenced in their 1993 show. The other sign says “Will Shave Head For Brain Of J,” which Ed reads as:

“…will shave head…for a spanking? You’ll shave your head if we play that song? I can’t see you, do you have any hair? [fan shows their dreadlocks] Oh shit! I have to think that you’ve been thinking about shaving that shit off for some kinda time, and you’re just thinking how can you make it kind of a dramatic way to end this…dedication and test of your friends’ will to hang out with you…alright, let’s keep that in mind…”

Ed references the Velvet Underground and how their records were the first they listened to that made them feel like they were on drugs. He plays a very nice solo rendition of After Hours as a tribute to Lou Reed’s recent passing. Push Me, Pull Me is teed up as a serious collector song, only the 11th performance. A big trio ends the main set with Jeremy, Evolution and Porch. During Porch, Ed reflects the stage light into the crowd off his reflective pickguard before chucking his guitar in the air and catching it. In the encore, Ed is tossed a mega joint that has some words scribbled on it and calls it a one-hitter these days. Gleason and his family are mentioned as being extraordinary people, they are introduced to the crowd to a massive ovation before playing I Won’t Back Down for the first time since 2006. Nothing As It Seems bursts with electricity from Mike right from the start, and Footsteps follows with more of a moody presence. The crowd gets their wish from earlier as Stone, somewhat reluctantly, gets on the mic to sing Don’t Gimme No Lip, also for the first time since 2006! The dreadlocked fan from earlier, Sean, is invited on stage, Jeff has an electric razor and Mike takes some polaroids. Ed says:

“…this is a professional operation up here…this ain’t the first time we’ve given a haircut on stage, if you remember the infamous mullet episode in Detroit, 1993…”

Sean asks Ed if he can headbang just one last time to Brain Of J. The request is fulfilled, and as they get into the bridge, Ed takes the electric razor and begins to shave the dreads off. After the song ends, the band starts playing a bluesy jam as Ed continues to shave the massive locks of hair off his head, with one being nearly impossible for him to get off. They send Sean off stage with parting gifts (pieces of his hair and polaroids) and Go is introduced as the first song he can headbang to “without all of that weight” on his head. A Van Halen tribute section takes place in the 2nd encore as Mike blows the crowd away with Eruption before segueing into the first Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love outside of Hartford, CT. The night ends with Mike walking off the side of the stage and serenading Gleason with the final notes of Yellow Ledbetter.