Episode 127: Hampton, VA – 4/18/2016

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Episode Release Date: April 28th, 2021

We’re back to a more recent era in this episode as we look back at a show from the 2016 tour from Hampton, Virginia. While a great show with many moments to take out from it, this show may be remembered most for happening on the day where the band had to cancel their Raleigh, NC show due to the state’s LGBTQ discriminatory HB2 law. We’ll go into full detail about the band’s decision to cancel the show as well as John’s original plans for that week and how he almost tried for Hampton. However, thinking that the Raleigh and subsequent Columbia shows would be enough, there is a certain song that John missed on this night that we’ll discuss at length. This show has a very unique setlist with some throwbacks to past Virginia shows. For those who remember the Virginia Beach show from 2000, it was their first show since the Roskilde tragedy. Two major moments that came out of this show were the It’s OK tag off of Daughter and opening with Long Road. Both moments were called back to in this show, including a version of Long Road in the middle of the set that is almost unprecedented. We’d also hear songs that are less common in the modern day era of Pearl Jam including Brain Of J, Habit, Sad, Breath and Inside Job.

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