Episode 131: Montreal, QC, CA – 10/4/2000

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Episode Release Date: May 26th, 2021

One of our promises for 2021 was more Canadian shows for the listeners up north and this episode stays true to that. We continue to dig into the Deep streaming catalog tour years featuring this Montreal show that kicked off the final leg of the 2000 tour. In this episode, we’ll talk a little bit about how important the retail released bootlegs from the 2000 tour were to the fandom expanding and growing and their live act getting some more recognition. The bootlegs from the European tour were released only a week before this leg began. We’ll discuss whether or not the bootlegs had anything to do with bringing back some of the older, more rare songs from Ten and Vs. that were played in the years following this tour. We’ll also get into a discussion about whether or not the popularity of Last Kiss led for a change up in how the Binaural record was produced and written. As for the show, while dealing with some first night technical difficulties, the band came through with some big performances at this show including a Corduroy with a riveting solo similar to ones you hear on Even Flow. The show really kicks in toward the middle of the set as a nasty Do The Evolution sets the tone for a hard rocking section with MFC, an improv and Habit. Other highlights from this show are Porch, Off He Goes, Of The Girl and Leaving Here.

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