Episode 140: Alpine Valley, WI – Lollapalooza 8/29/1992

About the Episode

Episode Release Date: July 28th, 2021

Episode Guests: Patrick Boegel , Dani King

This episode we head back to summer 1992 for a Lollapalooza afternoon set at Alpine Valley. Two of our Patrons join us to break it all down, Patrick Boegel and Dani King. Dani was there and gives us the inside story, and, for the second episode in a row, we have an EPIC post-show story that you’ll want to stick around for!

We’ll talk about some classic Ten songs that were hitting their peak, an early tease of a fan-favorite Lost Dog, why the studio recording of Baba O’Riley is still in the vault, and one of the craziest Porch climbs Ed’s ever done!

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