Episode 29: Madison Square Garden – 7/8/2003

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Episode Release Date: March 30th, 2019

A legendary performance in a legendary venue that turned into a legendary concert DVD. We continue our year long MSG series focusing on the band’s 3rd time playing the famous arena and it’s one of their most iconic shows of all-time.

Randy and Matt have a lot to discuss in this episode, including how this show was one of the first live exposure that Randy had to the band. From the moment the DVD showcased the black and white photos of NYC landmarks and dissolved into the piping organ of Love Boat Captain, there’s a certain aura you can feel. It paved the way for a night chock full of amazing moments.

Of those moments, none may be more memorable than the appearance of long time Pearl Jam friend Ben Harper. His rendition of Indifference and the tag of With My Own Two Hands on Daughter go down as two of the best collaborations that have ever happened on a Pearl Jam stage. We talk about how Harper captured two major emotional moments from this show and how people still talk about them to this day.

Also, lest we forget that this was the night they SHOOK the stage at the Garden during Do The Evolution! Legend be told at the time, they shared this distinction with only the Grateful Dead, Iron Maiden and Bruce Springsteen. Was this the moment that turned Pearl Jam from great band into legendary band?

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