Episode 48: Fenway Park – 8/7/2016

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Episode Release Date: September 18th, 2019

This episode takes a look into the Fenway Park Night 2 show from 2016, but if you’re looking for set breakdown and song analysis you won’t find it in this episode. For this show I’m joined by my wife Jillian who I was lucky to attend this show alongside. As Jillian and I prepared to wed on the weekend of this recording, we talk about how this show bonded us closer as a couple.

She knew what she was walking into – a baseball park full of diehards who made a weekend event of the show. As it was her first Pearl Jam live experience, she was able to witness first hand this crazy lifestyle that I was living as a massive fan. A lot of what we talk about in this show is her intake at the time and how much she has grown to love and appreciate the band since that night.

Most of us who live and die with the band have friends, relatives and significant others who don’t quite understand this universe, but when you expose them to the live atmosphere their perception changes. One thing that we bring up is how this show helped her understand why and how this band and this community have made such an impact on my life, and knowing this grew us even closer together.

Also, we usually have rabid fans on this show, so this episode brings in a unique experience from someone who was once on the outside and is still learning new things to love about this band every day.

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