Episode 85: Verona, ITA – 6/20/2000

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Episode Release Date: June 24th, 2020

Ciao! This Episode our Around The World series takes us to Verona, Italy where Pearl Jam performs in the historic Roman amphitheater the Verona Arena – a Coliseum that was built way back in 30 AD. We all remember the Immagine en Cornice DVD that documented all of the amazing scenery and culture of Italy, but it was actually back in 2000 where they played this incredible building for the first time.

At a time where, unbeknownst to the band, they were about to hit a major career and life changing transition due to the Roskilde tragedy, this is a rare time in the Binaural era where they are feeling pretty upbeat and positive on stage. The Binaural tracks were continuing to hit their stride – Grievance and Insignificance being two that the allowed Ed to tap into something that brought the anger out of him, and Nothing As It Seems being played with Mike’s original pedal brings a special kind of sound that makes the song feel like it’s lifted into the atmosphere.

This show had other great moments such as a ‘f it’ moment during Habit where a light was blinding Ed and they’d finish the song with a fury. The band was also doing something uncommon for the time in playing a full 31-song set, but the gap between the stage and the crowd left a little bit of the interaction feeling a bit empty.

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