Episode 91: San Francisco, CA – 7/18/2006

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Episode Release Date: August 5th, 2020

Episode Guests: Sean Rashkis

We’re taking a request from not just one, but two of our Patrons! We welcome Sean Rashkis and Brian Anderson to the show to talk about a rare occasion in Pearl Jam’s live catalog – a night 3 show, this one from the batch of San Francisco shows in 2006. Surprisingly, these set of shows were the first time the band played the bay area city since the infamous Polo Fields show from 1995 where Ed was struck with a bout of food poisoning and led to Neil Young jumping in as a replacement.

To say this stint went better than the last would be a massive understatement. They gave the bay area fans three nights filled with 90 songs in total and 50 different tracks spanning their entire catalog. Night 3 was no exception as the main set dug into some brand new Avocado tracks along with some deep cuts that you may not hear as much nowadays. Songs like Untitled, MFC, Sad, Light Years, In Hiding, Down and the very appropriate Red Mosquito all filled up the main set.

We’ll talk about the set and the songs, but we’ll also discuss the entire 3 -day experience with our guests who recall GA lines being super long and the GA itself being smaller than most venues, leading to some challenges down in the pit. We’ll also talk about a few moments from the previous nights including Ed completely forgetting the lyrics to Sometimes and performing Last Kiss from the crowd.

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